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newsletter from Tina-M February 2012

Tina Mammoser

The 4 Year Itch

Cold Water - Chicago painting

Cold Water, acrylic on canvas 24"x36"  

I rarely stay somewhere more than 4 years, tops. Something from childhood - we moved often. 5 years was the longest that I remember in one place, my high school years home. So now going on 4 years in this house in Greenwich, I'm itching for change! Even the studio falls prey to the itch. Right now all I can think of is a change... a studio back at home is impractical, or another studio at home maybe (like a greenhouse in the garden) is disruptive for my housemates. So my mind roves to moving to the seaside, to anything new and different. A new home...

When I think of home two artists who always come to mind are Lisa Call and Tracy Helgeson - their lovely paintings included here. I'm drawn to their bright bold warm colours. But interestingly whenI paint "home" it's the landscape, while they create houses or buildings. My painting Cold Water is a "home" painting - Chicago by the lake in winter.

This itch is making me think of a building though - a static caravan! Having browsed them for years, bit of a distraction from London house prices, I realised that some areactually suitable for me. The right places, 10 months residency means I can travel the coast or home to Chicago for 8 weeks, and mortgage free if I can save up (because no one would give me one anyway, no doubt). And I'd actually own something. With my proclivity for moving, it means I can move again and still have it to move back for the next itch. Half the space would be the studio (rip out any living room fittings), a bedroom for me, a second bedroom for a sitting room. Call me crazy, but then I can do new "home" paintings of a bit of sea. And even have space to hang the Lisa Call artworks I own and hopefully buy something from Tracy!

So to kickstart the project I'm offering Cold Water, one of the few Lake Michigan paintings left, exclusively to you as a newsletter subscriber! Over 25% off - only £800 (instead of £1100) and that includes international shipping. Click here to buy.

Light and line

Since I'm drawing and drawing and drawing during this itch... I've set up a drawing "studio" at home. So that I can grab a bit of paper and charcoal or pencil any time! The studio is just a drawing board and little cupboard but it's enough to hold what I need.

And so that I don't become buried under ever-increasing stacks of drawings... I've started putting them on eBay every day.
A drawing a day: View all my eBay drawings here.



Shows on the list for 2012 so far:

  • 15 |16-18 |23-26 March
    Testing the Sublime Limits of Vision

    No Format Gallery
    Harrington Way, Woolwich, London SE18 5NR
    Opening night - Thursday 15 March 5-9pm
    Exhibition open: 16-18 and 23-26 March (two weekends including Fridays), 11am - 5pm
    NoFormat/SFSA website

  • Late April
    Early Summer Exhibition
    Blackheath Gallery
    34a Tranquil Vale, London SE3 0AX

  • 14-15 July
    Urban Art 2012
    Josephine Avenue, Brixton SW2


Apologies for any typos or really bad grammar today... I'm on a lot of flu medication! Another reason a bit of home studio is useful.

All the best,


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