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Mike Adams the "Health Ranger" interview with John Hammell

Health Freedom Under Siege------->   Just want to say I have huge respect for Mike Adams, and think you will too when you check out his excellent website. Mike is a person who has truly embraced health in his own life and he's a skilled educator as well as a talented journalist. I think you'll like Mike's no nonsense style and positive approach to fighting back against the pharma cartel. I felt honored to be interviewed by him recently, and hope you'll pass this on to more people.

IAHF TAKES TO AIRWAVES FRIDAY OCT 20 Bruce Collins Show -- 8-9PM Pacific-- 9-10 Mtn, 11-Midnight Central, Midnight- 1AM Eastern---- Web Based Show

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Bruce is on the IAHF list so he's totally up on all the issues I cover, and I want you to know that he really did his homework for this show and had me do MINE. He sent a very good list of questions which I responded to and which you can see, below these comments.....


Friends, yesterday I got my air tickets THANKS TO YOUR HELP!! Today I lined up a hotel near Capital Hill that has a High Speed Internet Connection. I don't have the $$ yet to pay for it, so am going on a wing and a prayer that you will COME THRU for me. PLEASE help me defend YOUR health freedom with a very timely donation which you can send either via paypal [Go to enter the site, see the paypal link on the top of the scrollbar] or via check or M/O to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

Road meals cost bucks too, so please dig deep so I don't have to subsist on Spam and crackers while on the road. (Been there, done that, got old! Ditto for sleeping on Maury Silverman's pullout sofa from hell!)


I am lining up meetings with the same staff I met with in July re the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, that blatantly illegal move to harmonize our food and drug laws with Canada and Mexico as part of the NWO's move to SCUTTLE AMERICA and force us into the planned North American Union....

I'll be entering that fray DIRECTLY AFTER a VICTORY here in Point Roberts where I just got finished THRASHING our local Parks Board which wants to stick a cell phone tower practically in my back yard. I organized a very successful public meeting at our local Primary School at which I had a professional speaker, a documentary film, and a debate with those on the other side of the issue. The local paper wrote a great article and our team has devised a plan to totally SHNOCKER the enemy if they dare to try to piss another inch with their misguided, dangerous plans.

So, I'm READY to descend on DC like some Biblical Plague, I'm geared up mentally to kick ass and take names because I am MAD AS HELL and I am NOT gonna take it ANY MORE!

I will ask these people POINT BLANK why they failed to sign our letter to acting FDA Commissioner Von Echenbach in July. (Only 5 congressmen signed, and FDA has not responded. FDA has ALSO not responded to my  Freedom of Information Act Request re their illegal Trilateral Cooperation Charter, so I'm going to go to FDA Headquarters in Rockville MD to raise hell about THAT ONE while I'm there.

Any member that fails to help us address this enormous attack on our sovereignty I will identify, and I will get a mssg out to the IAHF list with instructions to VOTE AGAINST them. I am also providing this issue on a silver platter, IN ADVANCE to several key challengers because we need to heave as many incumbents out as possible if they're ignoring their OATHS (and most are.)

You might wonder why I'm so ON FIRE to get in their FACES over this. The reason is SIMPLE. I have BEEN to the UK, and to Germany, and to Belgium, and I've WITNESSED the EU Dictatorship up front and personal while helping my pal Rob Verkerk from the Alliance for Natural Health

I sat in the High Court of "Justice" in Brussels where I saw ANH clearly win their case, but the EU is so outrageously corrupt that its as though they'd never even set foot in the courtroom. The EU is a communist dictatorship from hell- and now the ruling elite pondscum want to foist off a carbon copy on Canada/USA/Mexico???

No freakin' way. Its been said that those who have been locked up and gained their FREEDOM are forever pressing against unseen WALLS. That sure is true of me. I've never been convicted of a crime, but I was a prisoner years ago in the psychiatric gulag and this concept of FREEDOM is not some abstraction to me.  I fight because MY BACK is to the WALL.

Trust me, when I am FACE TO FACE with a Senator, Congressman, or aide, I DRIVE THIS POINT HOME HARD, VERY HARD and they LISTEN.

The reason they listen is they know I mean business, and they know I have grass roots support. In '97 the IAHF list flooded the Senate Labor Committee with so many calls when I wanted the FDA Modernization Act amended that STAFF were calling me wanting to know WHAT I WANTED, because they wanted to BLITZKRIEG of irate calls to stop so that they could conduct OTHER BUSINESS. Power flows from the barrel of a GUN and from a multitude of CALLS, emails, letters, personal visits flooding in to congressional offices!

WE have that POWER folks! There is STRENGTH in numbers, but you MUST ACT! Please see the phone script in yesterday's alert and ACT on IT, and urge your family and FRIENDS to- get to it HERE:

PLEASE help me, help you..... Dig Deep..... and help me on this trip to DC.... I'm leaving a week from tomorrow and I'll be there 10 days. My pledge to YOU is that I will work my ASS off while there. I'll be pounding the pavement wearing out shoeleather. I'll be feverishly making the rounds. When I get back to my room I'll be drained like a boxer whose just gone 10 rounds, and I'll be that tired because I want YOU to get YOUR MONEYS WORTH.

Thanks folks.... you know I really do hear your stories. They're just like mine. I hear you when you tell me you recovered from cancer via alternative medicine, or that you need some combo of supplements because they help your arthritis or whatever. I get how you all feel about this situation with the FDA looking to screw us. I feel your pain, and it motivates me. I take it and harness it and get the job done. I've been doing this work for 18 years. I thrive on it. After I click enter, I'm off to swim a mile, HARD, because it will help me sleep good and to have the stamina to pound that pavement in DC. Send lawyers, gun's 'n money, and get me outa this......,89252,lawyers-guns-and-money-warren-zevon.html

[Go to enter the site, see the paypal link on the top of the scrollbar] or via check or M/O to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA