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March 1, 2019

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*St. Patrick's Day Savings!*
  ~NEW Fragrance Introductory Sale!~
Try our 
BRAND NEW fragrances
at $1.00 off per lb.
this month!
   Choose from the following fragrances:   
*Persian Lilac
The most spot-on perfectly true Lilac fragrance you will ever smell! This fragrance packs a serious "WOW" factor! One of our very best new floral fragrances! We are so excited to be able to offer this to our customers!
Lavender Lullaby Type
Dreamy smooth lavender with a delicate touch of Eucalyptus. A very relaxing fragrance, perfect for a day of relaxation! Smells similar to Johnson's Bedtime Bath!
Eucalyptus Spruce
Colorado Blue Spruce joins with Pure Eucalyptus to create a wonderful clean and fresh combination. A slight touch of winter spearmint coming in from the background completes this woodsy fragrance.
Vanilla Rosemary
Freshly dried herbal rosemary with the slightest touch of lemon, swirled in vanilla to deliver a
smooth and luxurious finish.
Grapefruit Kiss
Tart Summer Grapefruit with the perfect amount of sweetness. A wonderful addition to any summer fragrance line! Smells very similar to Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser!
Hello Hydration
(Herbal Essences Type)
Dreamy Tropical Coconut sets the base for the popular fun fragrance! Sweet notes of Pineapple and Vanilla make for a smooth finish. A must-have for summer!
Lemon Spritzer
The delicious aroma of ice cold summertime Lemonade with a splash of Club Soda. Not too sour, not too sweet, but Oh-So-Refreshing!
Sagebrush & Pinion Leaf
(BNL Dupe)
An earthy fragrance with heavy woodsy and grassy notes. When I sniff this fragrance, I just get the image of John Wayne riding across the range with tumbleweeds rolling in front of him.
Coastal Redwood Type
Salty sea air blowing on a warm breeze through a forest of ancient Red Woods. Soft notes of green lime and cypress bring this masterpiece to life, while calming silk cashmere leaves you wanting more.
A must-have for any nature lover!
(WYW Dupe)
An exotic sultry fragrance from the far east. Asian spices, grassy notes, citrus, jasmine, cyclamen and lavender make up this amazing blend.
*This fragrance smells just like our WYW version,
but available at a lower cost!
Blue Sugar Type
Finally the brother fragrance to Pink Sugar! Our version of this dark, sophisticated men's cologne begins with a blend of caramelized sugar and vanilla topped with heady notes of cedar and tonka bean.
Christmas Tree
(FCC Dupe)
A #1 holiday scent- just like a decorated Christmas tree! This fragrance smells JUST like the FCC version, but available at a lower cost!
Love Spell Type
A perfect smell-alike of the popular Victoria's Secret™ fragrance! Described as a blend of Cherry Blossom, Muguet, Red Apple and Georgia Peach, with hints of Tamarind and Blondewood.
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
  ~"Clean & Fresh" Fragrances!~
The following 16oz
"Clean & Fresh"
Fragrance Oils
are $1.50 off!
Choose from the following fragrances:
*Cool Cucumber
This fresh, clean cucumber defines the word cool! Perfect on it's own or blended with any or all of our melons for a delightful combo!
*Cotton Blossom (BNL)
Inspired by the scent of pure cotton linen blowing in the breeze, this fragrance is clean, fresh and powdery soft. A perfect Bath & Body Works Dupe!
*Country Clothesline
Freshly washed laundry, just hung out to dry, on a fresh spring day!
*Eucalyptus Spearmint (BNL)
The fresh essence of pure Eucalyptus oil works in synergy with American Spearmint (renowned for its clarifying powers) and other comforting essential oils.
*Lemon Verbena
An amazing green leafy plant with an unusually pure, fruity lemon note.
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst   
  ~Shaker Bottles!~
7oz Shaker Bottles
 are 20%  off! 
Featured Product in this month's blog! 
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst
  ~Gel Tone Colorant!~
Neon Pink
Gel Tone Colorant
is 15% off! 
"I love this color! I made honeysuckle mini soap cupcakes and the color is wonderful."
-Melissa Dudley
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst
  ~Votive Flower Pots!~
Votive Flower Pots
are 25% off! 
3 Fun colors to choose from! 
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
Purple Flower Pot
Red Flower Pot
Yellow Flower Pot
  ~Square Green Votive Containers!~
Square Green Votive Containers
are just $10.00 per case! 
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
  ~Water Crystals!~
Water Crystals
are 15% off!   
~1lb bags only~
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
  ~Liquid Candle Dyes!~
Liquid Candle Dyes
are 15% off! 
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
  ~Pillar Candle Molds!~
Seamless Aluminum 
Pillar Molds
are 20% off! 
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst 
  ~Fragrance of the Month!~
*Zucchini Bread
is $3.00 off per lb. this month!
Grandmas homemade zucchini livened up with just a hint of spice. Golden, buttery, and utterly scrumptious.
Sale ends Sunday, March 31st
at 11:59pm cst
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Wednesday, Mar. 20th
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