Volume II, Issue 20                                                                                   December 17, 2008

The Forums
and Galleries
are Back Online!!!

After a longer than planned outage, our Forums & Galleries are back online and we're still counting down to Christmas!  As part of our special gift to our readers, we've added a special video to our gallery:

Please note:

With the downtime we lost a few days of posts and new memberships.   If you joined up in the month of December, you may need to re-join the Forums.

We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank everyone for their patience.


In case you missed it:

The Parachuter's Perch
is in our Spotlight!

The video links have been updated and are live again,
just in case you missed them!

There's just one week left before Christmas!
Great ADVENTure Calendar
Counting down our wishes for the park each day leading up to Christmas

Click the image below to go to the Great ADVENTure Calendar!


Thank you all for making GreatAdventureHistory.com a huge success in our first year!
We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions any time: