Richard Herring Newsletter
May 2019
May News
Hello everyone
122 days booze and chocolate free today - it's a third of a year! And I've lost 2 stone (12.8kg) and can fit into all my nice clothes from 2015. Hooray!
And my BMI is now 30 which means I straddle the worlds of being obese and simply overweight. Which way should I turn?
Here's what's going on for me this month
Thanks so much if you backed the Kickstarter. We have hit our target and paid for all the RHLSTPs that we've already filmed this year. If we can hit £60,000 we'll be able to pay for all the shows til the end of June, so do chip in, if you have't already.
And we have designs for two of the four T shirts (the snooker ones are still on the old green drawing board). You can see one on this email and the stone clearing one is up in the updates on the kickstarter page.
These will not be available anywhere apart from the Kickstarter. Do feel free to up your bid so you can get one (or three) of them.
Thanks to the amazing Dave Thomas for the designs.
I am doing another tour programme for the RHLSTP tour. As always you will get your chance to donate to Scope, a brilliant charity dedicated to getting equal rights and access for disabled people (and much more) AND get your name in the programme AND be posted a signed and numbered limited edition of the programme when it is ready.
Donate at least £15 here  (the more you donate the bigger your name will appear), put whatever you want to appear in the programme as your donation name and then email your address to and I will get you the programme as soon as possible.
This bit is a mistake and I can't delete it. Sorry if it's ruined the formatting.
There are two RHLSTP shows in May, one in Leeds and one in Salford. There aren't many tickets left now
May 11th Leeds City Varieties with guests Mark Charnock and Dominic Brunt (Marlon and Paddy from Emmerdale) and Ricky Wilson from off of the Kaiser Chiefs
May 25th Lowry, Salford with guests Sarah Millican and Jimmy Cricket
You can see all the tour dates here. We've just added Canterbury on 17th July.
Sorry, not sure when Liverpool will be on sale, but the link will be up on the list as soon as I know.
I am on every day except Mondays from 2nd-25th August at the New Town Theatre at 1.30pm.
Keep an eye on that list, as the names of guests will be revealed there - but if you want to know first then become a monthly badger. The new badger website should be up soon.
I continue to recommend Bulb. Renewable energy with no contract, great customer service and probably cheaper than your current provider. Plus use my code and you and I will both get £50 credit and my £50 will go straight into the pot to make more podcasts. Use this link for this incredible offer.

Enjoy the month of May.
Richard Herring