WE ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!  Your presence at the Harp on Saturday is MANDATORY!  Let’s hope the game goes as well as it did the last time we played Houston in the playoffs.  Maybe let’s not cut it so close though...mmkay?!


🎉The Harp is opening at 10am.  There is a Bruins game at 1pm so there will be a wave of Bruins fans coming in to grab food and drink before heading into the game.

🎉Until 1pm, tables will be sat by a host/door staff.  After 1pm tables become first come first served.  The Bruins crowd will head into the game likely around 12:30pm freeing up tables.  If you choose to sit at a table please order food from the menu and as always be generous to our servers who work so hard to provide a great experience.

🎉If for some reason the Harp is at capacity BEFORE the Bruins game starts we will be allowed to form a line outside and door staff will let people in as Bruins fans exit.

🎉HURRICANES WILL ALSO BE SHOWING THE GAME WITH SOUND AND THE SAME GAMEDAY EXPERIENCE.  Once the Harp reaches capacity after Bruins fans have left, the chances of Bills fans leaving will be slim and you will be directed to Hurricanes.  It will be an equally fun spot with plenty of fans.

Whatever time you arrive, PLEASE be patient as neither the Bills Backers nor the Harp has control over the Bruins’ or Bills’ schedules.

All that being said...WE CANNOT WAIT FOR SATURDAY!!!  Plan according for what time you want to arrive.  The last playoff game we filled the Harp AND Hurricanes!


We will have a limited game day menu on Saturday due to the expected crowd.  Wings, pizza logs, and plain tots will be available as well as the beer specials.  As always the full Harp regular menu will be available as well.


Bills vs. Texans

Kickoff:  4:35pm

Doors open at 10am


Your Bills Backers Committee