How to Wire Wrap a Pendant, Bead Fairs & New Beads

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Thank you to all those who visited us at a UK bead fair, I look forward to seeing you in the spring. Below is a summery of our last four fairs.

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New Beads:
Small Silver Hematite Heishi Disc Beads
AB Hematie Heishi Disc Beads
Lucky Crossed Finger Black & White Pony
Large Starfish Pony Beads
Colourful Dice Cube Pony Beads
Graduated Rainflower Viewing Stone 18inch String - 6mm to 14mm
Devil Black Natural Obsidian Beads - 6mm or 12mm
Lucky Carved Chinese Blue Fish Turquoise Bracelet

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Wire Wrapping Pendants

Wire wrapping is a fun and easy way to make great pendants to use as originally-designed classy necklaces. All you need is some craft wire, a few pliers and something to wrap.

Almost anything can be wrapped, from river and beach rocks, sea glass, tumbled stone to more-expensive gemstones. With a little imagination you will be able to produce stunning jewellery.

At first it will take a while, but as you gain experience you should be able to wrap a stone in just a few minutes. Practice with a roll of cheap wire from your local hardware store. Then when you get the hang of it, buy 18-guage craft wire online.

Most people start using wire cutters and needle-nose pliers - but flat-nose, nylon-jaw and round-nose pliers are better. Invest in a pair of good nylon jaw pliers, because they are especially designed for shaping craft wire and wire wrapping. The nylon jaws protect the surface of the wire, avoiding rebuffing the wire after forming.

Google 'Wire Wrapping' to get some ideas for design and style, but really you have endless possibilities twisting and turning. The raw simplicity of the technique and the satisfaction of creating original designs make it so much fun.

Picture is of wire-wraps crafted by Colin Lansdell, Secretary & Editor of Norfolk Mineral & Lapidary Society.

Autumn Bead Fairs

These were the last of our UK Autumn fairs this year:

Stafford Bead Fair - Stoke-On-Trent
This is historically slow, although last year we did well. However, in 2014 turnout was once again low. Shame, as it's a nice venue in the Holiday Inn and MiMi and I had a great Saturday, the day before the show, at the nearby Buxton County Fair.

Anyone going next year would do well to make a holiday of it and spend a day in the Peak District to make the trip worthwhile. There is more to life than beading!

The Big Bead Show - Sandown Park, West London
As usual, we made a killing! This is always the busiest and largest bead fair of the year in the UK, and 2014 felt even busier than ever. We struggled to serve everyone in a continuous stream that didn't slow until after 3pm, and then only slightly. This easy-to-get-to spacious hall, close to the M25 and Esher Railway Station, held over 80 exhibitors.

Norwich MrBead Bead Show
We got to Norwich from Sandown Park surprisingly fast at 9pm, then to bed at midnight. After just 6-hours sleep Friday, and an 18-hour work day Saturday with zero breaks! However, Norwich proved as popular as ever with another day of record takings. Flat-out until well after lunch. Sorry about the crowds - next year we plan to rearrange the tables so more customers can view the beads at the same time.

Norwich is a fine city, that's why I brought a flat there! So why not combine a visit to see us next year, with a day or two around the city and the Norfolk Broads - there's so much to see. I'll even give newsletter readers a discount if you stay in my riverside cottage at Wroxham: Bure Cottage Check availability, then e-mail me.

Gem 'n' Bead Fair - Newton Abbot
Despite the boring M4, it was fantastic to be in Devon. We used to holiday in the West Country often, appreciating the quaint culture and sea views - so different to HongKong. This is why we arrived Thursday, staying in a Brixham B&B to enjoy a seafood meal and a day off Friday to take the ferry to Torquay.

The two day show was busier than expected. Although I did have a hunch local shop owners would be looking for beads to make up summer jewellery. This was the first time we ventures this far west for a fair, but are sure to return. A long way from Norwich, but only 4-hours back to Luton, including a stop on the M4. Seafood platter was only £29 and more than enough for two!

This year we attended 16 bead fairs, but in 2015 we hope to spend longer in the UK and do even more shows. You will find a link to them at the bottom of our UK front page.

See a video of our past September & October bead fairs here

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For Free Shipping off anything enter WIRE in the box at checkout, and click "Redeem Coupon". Use NOW - as expires Friday 21st November 2014.

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