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Fun had by all last weekend...
...and B-Day Bash this Friday!

Thanks for joining us for last weekend's triple play: Funky Monkey, Joe Pop's, and The Bull. We had our usual good times with the animals (Monkey & Bull), and are very happy to report an AWESOME evening at our new club, Joe Pop's, Long Beach Island. Thanks to everyone there for an awesome time: all our new friends that partied until the VERY END with us (y'all are F-U-N, FUN, FUN, FUN), as well as Joe Pop's management, bartenders and bouncers. Thanks for the great night, Pop's peeps!

Also, special Thanks to some of the folks helping us out SO MUCH, lately... most recently brother Shane (Live Sound By Shane), brother Steve (SouthBoy Promotions), and our creative friend Alison! You guys are making The WRECKS the Greatest Show on Girth! (L-e-n-g-t-h, too ;-)

Also, Please WRECK THE VOTE: Vote for your favorite bands at Colorado Cafe - http://www.coloradocafe.com/bandSchedule.php


FRI - SEPT 16th - 10pm
Corner of Washington Rd & Roosevelt Blvd
Sayreville (Parlin section), NJ

We'd played here regularly for a while, but haven't returned in about a year. Well... we're back, and better than EZRA! Sayreville's the hometown of Jon Bon Jovi, Dave Sabo (Skid Row), AND The WRECKS' own Vinnie "Boomer" D. If you remember, Bello's is wild & crazy on a slow night, but this time we'll be celebrating the Boomer Birthday, right back where all the fun began (no... not the back seat of his old Mustang). Come celebrate and inebriate, as you calculate, then matriculate, the date... it's your fate! (Thanks for the help, Don King)


SAT - SEPT 17th - 10pm
Colorado Cafe'
154 Bonnie Burn Rd, Watchung, NJ

What can we say? Every time we roam the range at Colorado we have more fun than the previous time. A few weeks ago we thought it couldn't get any better than the Bikini Bash Finals, then two days later we're back with 30 ladies getting crazy with us on the bar. Unbelievable! What's next? We're runnin' out of room, but DO, DO, DO (DA, DA, DA, DA) enjoy the CLOSE CONTACT! Time to do it all over again on Saturday.

Upcoming Schedule
Saturday - Sept 24 - Season's - Edison
* * * V A C A T I O N * * *
Sunday - October 2 - SPECIAL - to be announced


Wanna have more fun at the shows AND lend a "band hand" in the process? We're looking for folks to help keep the "WRECKS Train" rolling along. If you're interested in becoming part of the "WRECKS Train," please reply and let us know. We're looking for people to help with the waves of email sign-ups at the shows, as well as other behind-the-scenes promotional activities. Some positions and activities include expenses, and others may include pay.

See you in the clubs...

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