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IAHF List: I've challenged Bill Jackson here to respond with solid factual data to back his position, or forever hold his peace. In this response I reference a new Congressional Bill which attacks DSHEA, HR 3377 by Davis, Dingle and Waxman. Along with S.722, this bill has no chance to pass and poses no threat, the real threat is posed by international harmonization.

Some people who were in Bonn are going around proclaiming "Codex Victory" right now because a move to restrict to RDA levels was scrapped in favor of so called "scientific risk assessment."
I'll have much more to say about this in an article I'm working on now, but the people who are proclaiming Codex "Victory" have no grasp of the Hegellian Dialectic, and how this manipulative "bait and switch" technique is used to con us. There is nothing "scientific" about a "safe upper level" of 35 miligrams on Niacin, and there is no NEED to impose "safe upper levels" on already safe substances.

The National Health Federation and others who are currently proclaiming a "Codex Victory" need to read Brian Leibovitz, PhD essay "The ABC's of Confusion as a Weapon" in the Leibovitz section at http://www.iahf.com and they need to read Rick Malter, PhDs rebuttal to the biased, pharmaceutically funded National Academy of Sciences Paper titled "A Risk Assessment Model for Establishing Safe Upper Levels of Nutrients" (both can be seen at http://www.iahf.com)

The National Health Federation and other groups who are currently proclaiming "Codex Victory" need to read the "Letters from Congress" at http://www.iahf.com including the letter signed by Congressman Ron Paul, Burton, and De Fazio to FDA telling them NOT to put this biased, unscientific, pharmaceutically funded paper on the table at Codex- that to do so would violate current US law, but FDA did it ANYWAY, and now supposed "health freedom fighters" aren't even crying foul or grasping the way the game is being played.

Its apparently not even raising a red flag with these groups that Australia has developed the white paper currently being used at Codex to develop their "policy" on Risk Assessment, when Australia just yanked 1600 safe dietary supplement products off the market under false pretenses via the Pan Recall..... more later.....

Go ahead and lob your own two cents worth into Bill Jackson after reading my reply to him below, and let me know if he responds to you with anything even halfway intelligent, and I'll let you know if he responds to me with anything other than mere emotion.

To: "Bill jackson"
Subject: Re: Come Hell or Highwater....

At 02:39 PM 11/8/03 -0500, you wrote:

you stated, in error:

It all boils down to this: Our Creator gave us the healing nutrients to help us escape the tyranny of poisonous pharmaceutical drugs, and we have protection from the most powerful force in the Universe.
--would that be the same Creator whom provided us witht the abilities to manufacture Dioxin, Ebola, Malaria, and drop a bomb on Nagasaki? The mere fact we were provided something doesn't mean we should use it---case in point, herbs & DSHEA.

Happy travels,

JAMA has documented that properly prescribed Rx pharmaceutical drugs currently are the third leading cause of death in the world.
These drugs almost killed me when administered out of sheer ignorance by MDs who never had the chance to learn anything about
a far safer, far more effective approach to treatment:orthomolecular medicine, the suppressed alternative treatment mode that saved my life when drugs almost killed me.

The reason MDs have not had the chance to learn anything about orthomolecular medicine is because in 1973 the APA published a very biased
Task Force Report on Megavitamins and Orthomolecular Treatment in Psychiatry. The guy the APA picked to run this task force had a very well known bias
against orthomolecular medicine and he hand picked the rest of his committee to insure that everyone it thought the same way he did, so there was no one on the committee with any experience with orthomolecular medicine for the sake of debate within committee as had occurred on other APA Task Forces, including one held on electroshock treatments conducted that same year.

In fact, to illustrate the level of bias, one of the people selected to be on this all important task force was a social milieu theorist named Dr.Loren Mosher. Prior to being selected, Mosher had publicly stated that even if every single psychiatrist in the USA believed orthomolecular medicine worked, he would not believe it. In other words, no amount of scientific evidence, no matter how convincing, could possibly sway him. So, why was he picked to be on this task force? Simple- he was "safe" to be on it because the Chairman wasn't interested in objectivity or honesty, he was interested in doing a once and for all hatchet job for the purpose of attempting to bury this nutritional approach to treatment so that unpatented nutrients could not be used to treat patients or for people to use to treat themselves because their use cuts into the sale of patented Rx drugs.

This Task Force only reviewed negative studies on orthomolecular medicine, not positive ones. They did not make an honest effort to replicate Hoffer and Osmond's original research, as their mission was to bury this treatment approach "once and for all" in order to protect the economic interests of their pharmaceutical masters.

These people almost killed me during the 4 years they had me in their clutches in the psychiatric gulag.

You can read the story of my escape from the gulag via orthomolecular treatment here http://www.iahf.com/on_the_back_wards.html

As you can see, I had to sneak over to an orthomolecular practitioner during a weekend pass from the last hospital I was in. After doing a lot of lab work that the mainstream doctors didn't know how to do, he put me on an orthomolecular treatment regimine of specific nutrients to correct biochemical imbalances that the mainstream shrinks have no knowledge of because this information is actively suppressed for economic reasons.

The late Dr.Linus Pauling coined the term orthomolecular in an article in Science Magazine in 1968 to describe the pioneering work with nutrients that had been started by Hoffer and Osmond in Canada back in 1952. At that time, Hoffer and Osmond had been placed in charge of Weyburn Psychiatric Hospital in Weyburn, Saskatchewan because they were highly respected physicians, and this Hospital badly needed to be turned around- it was considered at that time to be the worst psych hospital in Canada, with the highest suicide rate, the highest rate of recidivism, etc.

Hoffer and Osmond were given carte blanche to do anything they could think of to turn things around, and because they were so far off the beaten path of medical officialdom, no one was looking over their shoulder monitoring what they did, so no one tried to tell them not to use vitamins, which they discovered were very helpful in successfully treating even their sickest patients, people who had been institutionalized for 20 years or more.

What Hoffer and Osmond did was to creatively examine the medical literature searching for new ideas. They discovered that in the southern USA in Mississippi there was a high incidence of pellagra, a B Vitamin deficiency that responded well to niacin, vitamin B-3. Many symptoms of pellagra are similar to schizophrenia, and they theorized correctly that there might be something similar going on in some of their patients. So they started putting people on niacin. Much to their suprise, many of their sickest patients began making full recoveries and were able to leave the hospital for the first time, and resume their lives, getting jobs, returning to school, getting married, etc.

Figuring they were on the right track, Hoffer and Osmond began incorporating other nutrients including Vitamin C and others into their treatment protocols as they began to biochemically map the complex syndrome of imbalances which the mainstream calls "schizophrenia" but has a very poor understanding of.

The developed a working hypothesis that led them into other areas of inquiry called the Adrenachrome- Adrenalutin hypothesis. They, and the other orthomolecular pioneers, including the late Carl C. Pfeiffer, MD, PhD, started discovering a number of distinct biotypes of this complex syndrom called "schizophrenia" including a problem with high copper levels which they call "Pyroluria" and a problem with high histamine levels, which they call "Histadelia".

I used to suffer from both of these imbalances and they rendered me unable to function- they forced me to leave college and into the psychiatric gulag where the mainstream doctors had never had the chance to learn anything about them- they didn't even know these problems EXIST, much less what to do about them. So, what they do is ignorantly assault people with a toxic approach to "treatment" by putting people on thorazine, haldol, Xanax, Prozac, etc and the toxic side effects from these compounds is just horrible. I know, I've experienced it first hand. Many of these pharmaceuticals are addictive, Xanax for example. Most cause horrible dry mouth. The neuroleptic drugs cause a neurological condition called Tardive Dyskinsia which induces loss of motor control, uncontrollable drooling, an impaired gate, contorted facial features---- "TD" is brought about by these toxic drugs stripping people of manganese, and its easily prevented by giving supplemental manganese, but doctors are never taught this in medical school, so again, they know nothing about it.

The Hippocratic Oath states "First, Do No Harm."

I find it very sad that doctors have turned their backs on this Oath that they all take, but most have, because they have sold their souls to satan by taking money from the Pharma Cartel in the form of research grants, all expenses paid vacations, etc. They learn early on in medical school that they either "toe the line" or they won't pass their classes. Fear of corrupt State Medical Boards which threaten to strip them of their licenses if they should attempt to practice any suppressed alternative treatment mode that "plays hob" with their flow of money causes most of them to act like moral pinballs and kill and injure people with toxic pharmaceutical drugs that are fraudulently approved by the FDA due to payola- the FDA collects billions of dollars from drug companies who pay them to get drugs through the "approval process." There is a revolving door between the FDA and these drug companies which many civil servants go to work for after first working in the FDA for a few years which makes them "valuable" to the drug companies who have a "good ol' boy" network in place to help "grease the skids."

The reason DSHEA was passed by Congress in 1994 is because a rebellion is occurring in our society against the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Every person like me who has recovered from a life threatening illness via a suppressed alternative treatment mode such as orthomolecular medicine shouts it from the rooftops, and no one on earth can stop the ensuing paradigm shift because its like a huge snowball gathering momentum, speed and size as it rolls- til it becomes unstoppable and the ensuing avalanche of rebellion results in passage of legislation such as DSHEA.

Since passage of DSHEA, the supplement industry has grown in size and in political power. They've hired people such as myself to lobby congress, write articles, do political organizing and public speaking to insure that the revolution is never stopped, and it won't be either.

Blood will flow in the streets if Congress ever repeals DSHEA, its just not going to happen. No one who has experienced the healing power of nutrients is ever going to tolerate a nanny state telling us what we can and cannot ingest into our God given bodies.

God did not create Dioxin, man did.
God did not drop the bomb on Nagasaki, man did.
God did not create Prozac, man did- and God never intended for us to use Prozac, He intended for us to use what HE gave us: the amino acid L-Tryptophan.
L-Tryptophan is a natural serotonin precursor, and unlike Prozac, its safe to use, our body only utilizes as much as is needed to keep our serotonin levels in balance.
L-Tryptophan never killed anyone, but Prozac has killed thousands- it drives people to suicide, and has caused people to become homicidal.

It was no surprise to me when the FDA did the bidding of Eli Lilly, manufacturers of Prozac when they banned L-tryptophan under false pretenses in the early '90s to keep it from competing in the marketplace with Prozac. At the time L-tryptophan was banned, it was the largest selling dietary supplement. Eli Lilly had spent millions of dollars developing Prozac and did not want the competition.

This is just one of many possible examples to illustrate why the FDA and the drug companies hate the dietary supplement industry. Senator Dick Durbin introduced S.722, a bill that only has 3 cosponsors and which has about as much chance of passing into law as a snowball has of surviving on a hot Atlanta sidewalk in August.

Durbin is from Illinois where AMA headquarters is. Guess who feeds him PAC donations in large quantities? Check him out on the website of the Federal Election Commission or on the Common Cause website if you'd like to see who pays off this whore.

There is some risk associated with taking ANY substance, even WATER. People have DIED from drinking too much water, but you don't see anyone rushing out to ban water. Drink too much and it can burst your stomach wall.

The risk of using dietary supplements has been documented by Ron Law of New Zealand to be thousands of times safer than using prescription and over the counter pharmaceutical drugs. The risk of using dietary supplements has been documented to be far less than the risk of dying from a bee sting, being hit by a car or being hit by lightening. Far more people die from allergic reactions to common foods such as peanuts than die from ingestion of dietary supplements. You can see a graph which illustrates this at http://www.laleva.cc

The sheer numbers of people in the USA taking dietary supplements (80% of the population) poses a formidable political obstacle to any politician who would seek to back a bill such as Durbin's S.722, which is why only 3 people are cosponsoring it (none recent). Waxman has just introduced HR 3377 The Dietary Supplement Access and Awareness Act in the House, but its not going anywhere either, and for the same reasons S.722 won't go anywhere.

If you honestly think you can make a good case for repealing DSHEA in order to protect the public health, by all means go ahead and attempt to make it, but the logic you have attempted to put forth above leaves much to be desired- its extremely twisted and nonsensical, no politician is going to buy it, especially when huge numbers of his constituents threaten to vote him or her out of office if they step over the line on this.

IAHF fully intends to tar and feather any politician that dares to step over the line and cosponsor Durbin's, Waxman's or Sweeney's anti dietary supplement bills. During the campaign to pass DSHEA, even Waxman, an arch enemy of the supplement industry signed off on DSHEA, and he did so out of political FEAR.

I was hired by a vitamin company in '92 to work on a Congressional Campaign in Waxman's district in California. Waxman was a deeply entrenched incumbent and we had virtually no chance to unseat him, and we didn't, but we succeeded in sending him a message by using the health freedom issue to cut his winning percentage down to the lowest of his career, and we riled up a sizable number of his constituents, turning them into rabid opponents of Waxman who are prepared to work tirelessly for his political demise. Politicians are whores. They do the bidding of whoever pays them the most money. Go rent that movie with Eddie Murphy called "The Distinguished Gentleman", it really does depict the way Congress actually runs.

There are only two things that sway politicians: money, and votes.

The drug companies have a ton of money, but its not easy to get away with messing with 80% of the American people over any issue no matter HOW much money is stacked up on the other side.

Thats why Durbin's bill has no support and thats why it never will. Ditto for Waxman's bill.

The biggest threat posed to American consumer access to supplements comes not through domestic politics but via international harmonization because we have far less power to stop international harmonization.

That is why I created IAHF- to educate people regarding the immense threats posed to ALL of our rights stemming from international harmonization stemming from our whore politicians selling us out by signing off on such Trade Agreements as NAFTA and GATT.

Most people don't understand the way the game is being played, but in time, they will come to understand these matters far more clearly.

Due to the amount of time I have just spend responding to your email, I have decided to post it publicly.

I welcome any questions you may have.

Apparently, you feel that people's access to dietary supplements poses some huge "threat" to the public health.

I respectfully disagree, and challenge you to present factual data to back your assertion which I contend you are unable to back up with any evidence.

Where are the bodies? Where is the harm? Either present solid evidence to back your assertions or forever hold your peace.

John C. Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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