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- November 2001 -

Newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association   Volume 2, Issue 23; November 2001








Water safety is always on our minds. Those who commute daily between the Point and our homes  are conscious of the need to check our running lights and to make sure we comply with the other legislative requirements of Waterways NSW. As the silly season approaches, and the level of partying increases, can we all hope that restraint is shown when it's time to carouse and commute! Too many lives have been lost in recent years as a result of over celebrating. Take it easy this season.

In this Issue:

Church Point Jetty Proposal

Councillor Vicki Dimond from Pittwater Council is seeking your views about the new plans for the jetty at Church Point. She is considering opposing the current plan but wants to canvas your opinion. It would show our concern as a community if you were to spend a couple of minutes replying to her request, and you can do so quite easily by clicking here and writing her a brief message.

Commuter Boat Insurance

It has been brought to the attention of a local resident that their commuter tinny may not be insured, even though they thought it was!  Your editor checked this month with three major insurance companies as to whether they would insure vessels used for commuting purposes. Each advised they would not, and that in future, at the time of renewing the policy, the question would be asked of policyholders as to the vessel's primary use. You may want to check with your insurance company. Are you wasting your precious dollars?

Scotland Island Fair - THIS weekend!

Sunday, 25th November, promises to be a fabulous day and we welcome families and friends to visit the Scotland Island Fair. Bring a picnic blanket and set yourselves up to enjoy the relaxed offshore atmosphere at the Fair. It’s a great day out for the whole family with lots of stalls, food, entertainment and activities all day for young and old. These include kids face painting, a jumping castle, three-legged races, bands, dancing and an art exhibition showcasing the many talents of our offshore artists. The Scotland Island Fair is an annual non-profit event organised by volunteers to raise money for local community groups.
All the fun of the Fair!
Date: Sunday, 25 November 2001
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Place: Catherine Park, Scotland Island (near Tennis Wharf)
Transport: Parking is available at Newport and Bayview. From 10.00am and regularly all day, ferries will run from Newport Public Wharf (end of Queens Parade, next to the Newport Arms) and water taxis will run from Bayview Public Wharf (next to Gibson's Marina, Pittwater Road).
Questions: Call Jenny on 02 9979 3777
Bring: A hat & sunscreen. A picnic rug to set up under the trees. A bottle of wine or beer if you feel the inclination (alcohol is not available for purchase at the Fair this year).

Neighbourhood Watch - Marine

 Remember "Micro Dots", a product of Datatag in Newport? Well they have just updated their product in the most spectacular way.  Previously a coded micro dot was pasted to whatever product needed  an identifier, and then if stolen and the item came into police hands, they had to process the number through Data Tags bank of numbers to find the owner. The latest refinement has sprung from co-operation with the motor industry.  Dots are now available with any number that you or a dealer specifies, and they are using dots with the vehicles Chassis/VIN number inscribed, and better still they can be "sprayed" on!!  So new Porches, BMW'sBrmmm! and HSV's, etc are sprayed all over with around 10,000 dots, making re-birthing, and erasing and replacing; of numbers; virtually impossible. So what does this mean to us Islanders? Well, by the end of this month, private individuals will be able to purchase dots with their Driving licence number inscribed. These can then be pasted on to all your valuable items, giving the Police a very much simpler task of identifying the rightful owner! Spray cans are on the agenda for later next year. We will have all the latest news on this intriguing product on our stand at the Island Fair on Sunday 25th November, or contact me on 9997 8820. [Brian Cross. Chairman ]

Message from the Mayor

Congratulations to our Federal Ministers Bronwyn Bishop and Tony Abbott on their re- election last Saturday. Thankfully they both agree that the Northern Beaches Peninsula needs two hospitals, not one - a very important community issue.

Wanted To Buy

House wanted. I'm wanting to move onto the island with my partner and three small kids. We'd like three bedrooms and good water access. If there are any people with such a house they want to sell, they can phone me on 0417 062 061. Thanks heaps, Peter.

Scotland Island Directory Supplement 2002

If you wish to be part of this supplement please click here to view and print the application or phone or email for your application form at the address or number below.

Artwork deadline 15 December 2001
Michele Irwin 9979 1139 Email:
This supplement will be in circulation for 12 months before further updates.


What's happening with the Pasadena?

In discussion with Matt Edmonds, Council Officer responsible for the handling of the DA application, he confirmed that the developer had appealed in the Land and Environment Court, appealing against the deemed refusal of the DA.This has necessitated the Council preparing a draft statement of issues – giving Council’s position to the Court.
Council is proceeding to firm up the issues within the next 2-4 weeks.
Any court proceeding that eventuates would occur next year. If this does happen, then representatives from the community would be invited into the proceedings and, Matt advises, would play a significant role.

We will keep you posted.

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