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Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy  
Exhibition & Conference for South-East Europe 
7 - 9 March 2017, Sofia, Organizer: Via Expo
The beginning of the new year also marks the continued preparation for the 13th Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy forum for South-East Europe 7-9 March, 2017.
In our first newsletter for 2017 we would like to present one of our exhibitors offering industrial and home heating - NIBE Energy Systems, as well as some of the event's partners.
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Via Expo wishes you success in 2017!
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Contact for EE & RE:
Ms. Ivelina Yordanova - T 00359 32 512 902,  E
Interview with Mrs. Ralica Marinova – Commercial director of NIBE
Mrs. Marinova, the products of NIBE enable an individual solution for each client depending on the conditions and needs. Give us more information about the product portfolio of NIBE.
NIBE Energy Systems is a leading manufacturer of heating appliances on the market in Europe, with respective companies in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, as well as in the Scandinavian countries. Our production range is exclusively diversified, but on the Bulgarian market we emphasized the supply of various types of thermal pumps (geothermal, air pumps and such for used air) and naturally on all necessary accessories for assembling of reliable, high quality heating systems by the Swedish standard.
What makes NIBE heat pumps different than others offered on the market?
The high quality, reliability and high efficiency. When installing a heating system with a thermal pump, it is mandatory to select a high quality and reliable product in order to secure trouble-free operation in cold days, even at temperatures below   -250C. The investment in the thermal pump at the same time is intended to reduce the operational costs and that depends on its efficiency. NIBE thermal pumps have proved and demonstrated those characteristics on all European markets.

Partners of EE & RE 2017
  ThinkGeoEnergy is the leading geothermal news website and network, covering the complete value chain of the geothermal power sector and industrial scale direct use sector globally. It is the key news source for all major players in the industry, as well as financial players, government organizations and related players, e.g. in the oil and gas sector. It provides business intelligence, news, a global geothermal power plant map and a weekly newsletter. ThinkGeoEnergy also runs a Spanish and Turkish platform for geothermal news.
More about the event partner at:
The magazine FuturENERGY launches with the aim of becoming the benchmark publisher of Projects, Technologies and News in the energy sector, with emphasis on our international coverage, use of new technologies and direct contact with the sector as our key differentiators.
FuturENERGY provides information to developers about the companies best suited to carry out their projects, and for suppliers the specifications of on-going projects, with particular attention paid to those markets with the greatest business expansion possibilities.
FuturENERGY publishes 10 issues a year, providing full coverage of everything going on in the energy sector. With a flexible editorial program, completely adaptable to cover all areas of interest: from production with renewable sources (wind, biomass, marine energy, geothermal, and naturally solar, whether thermal, photovoltaic or solar thermal), to energy efficiency, whether in industry or building: cogeneration, trigeneration and microgeneration, efficient and sustainable construction as well as energy management and refurbishment. Smart Cities are also examined in depth, as is everything to do with them (district heating & cooling, sustainable mobility, etc).
Technical articles and opinion pieces, market reports on specific technology and activity groups and feature articles of plants, are important editorial aspects of FuturENERGY, thanks to which energy sector professionals will be kept abreast of the latest news.
FuturENERGY is also available online on its web, the most comprehensive, rigorous and updated information about everything going on now in the energy sector.
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