IAHF List: See my thoughts below Aaron Russo's message, please join me in listening to Aaron's mssg tonight on the George Noory show and please forward this alert!

----------- MSSG FROM AARON:
Listen to Aaron Russo LIVE on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory!

Monday, May 15th from 11pm-2am (PST) Midnight- 3 am Mtn, 1 AM- 4 am Central, 2 am- 5 am eastern, 7am-10 am England, 8 am- 11 am Europe, rest of world figure accordingly- will be archived.

Tune in to the show and call in to support Aaron as he discusses his new film, America: Freedom to Fascism. Aaron will cover subjects such as the IRS, RFID Chips, the National ID, the Federal Reserve, Fort Knox and the gold that belongs to Americans and other themes from the film.

Check the Coast to Coast website, http://www.coasttocoastam.com, to find an affiliate station in your area or listen on the web!

We'd also like to announce the new America: Freedom to Fascism website! http://www.freedomtofascism.com Visit the site for screening information, important news about the state of our nation, make yourself heard with our discussion boards, watch new trailers and clips from the film and spread the word with an eCard.



IAHF List: Russo knows all about CODEX, we discussed it at length and he's watched We Become Silent http://www.welltv.com
He envisions a movement much like the one Martin Luther King started, a Ghandi like resistance movement to every single aspect of the N-W-O.

Last week I called and emailed George Noory's producer urging Noory to put Aaron Russo on the air. I also put Aaron in touch with her, so I'm glad to see he'll be on the show tonight!

When you have a driving force, GO with it! Russo needs all of our support to advertise this film because none of the huge movie studios would go anywhere near it. I donated $100. and I urge you all to visit http://www.freedomtofascism.com to view the trailer, participate in on the BBS discussions where you'll see an entry I made about the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program which Russo is trying to stop along with many other N-W-O scams including the Federal Reserve and IRS.

This is a man who was so fed up with this country and the increasing loss of freedom here that he and his family moved to Tahiti, but he began hearing about people fighting back, and he decided to return to assist in the fight back himself. We're all very lucky to have a leader of this magnitude stand up for us the way Aaron has, and we all must help him, here is why:

I know what its like to stick my own neck out so have no illusions about the huge personal risks Alex is taking on behalf of us all, and that makes me want to go the extra mile for him. His best protection is a huge following. Please grasp that this guy has the resources and visibility necessary to smash a huge hole in the N-W-O wall, a hole big enough to give us all some breathing room.

Every day I go to my email and along with all of you contend with an onslaught of depressing news as we witness the planned destruction of America and all nations as the N-W-O goes into overdrive with their plans to enslave us.

It helps to counteract this onslaught of depressing news by tuning in to programs like the one tonight where Noory will help Russo in a huge way to get his message out about the film and about the fight back which it is already catalyzing! We all need some good news right now and this is the BEST news we've had in quite a while!

Russo refuses to accept Codex, he refuses to be microchipped, and we must all refuse along with him. He refuses to accept the lies we've been told about the Federal Reserve or the IRS and we must also refuse to accept these lies. He refuses to be enslaved, and we must strategically refuse right along with him.

He envisions a massive rebellion, catalyzed by his film with groups such as IAHF and others all playing integral roles.
Despite Kevin Miller's being sued by the so called Natural Solutions Foundation, we're going to make an expanded, updated version of WE BECOME SILENT, and we're going to stop CODEX via mass rebellion against the plan to force us into the planned North American Union.

The momentum is building against the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter, the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, Illegal Immigration, and everything else the New World Order is doing in their efforts to enslave us, and this film of Russo's is going to trigger an explosion of awareness that will help the sleeping masses to WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION!

A rising tide raises all boats. Russo's film is helping the pro freedom tide to rise in a huge way, but he needs our help, and we need his, so please folks: tune in the George Noory show tonight and hear what he has to say!! Visit his NEW site http://www.freedomtofascism.com and view the trailer, donate to help him advertise the film, participate in the discussion on the BBS, and TELL MORE PEOPLE!

Please also urge more people to visit the new IAHF website at http://www.nocodexgenocide.com and to sign the petition for congressional oversight on the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

IAHF and NHF are working to try to get a member of the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee to send a letter to the FDA Commissioner regarding their illegal charter with Canada & Mexico and this is the first step towards getting oversight.