It’s Week 2 of the football season so of course that means it's time for FREE T-SHIRTS! But first a week 1 recap:

The Bills stunk it up on the field (with a bright spot of CJ’s productivity), but unlike Mario Williams we’re not going to complain. With how many people who came out last week, how can we?! (okay yeah we wanted a win as bad as you did...) It was a record crowd for the group, and it was really great be in a bar packed with Bills fans after a long offseason. Welcome to all the new members!

A few fun facts about week 1 at the Harp:
- Over 100 lbs of wings were consumed in the first HALF!
- In addition to pop and other beverages, 8 kegs of Labatt were emptied!
- 100 Sahlen’s/Zweigle’s dogs were grilled up and enjoyed!
- Seinfeld creator, star of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Jets fan Larry David snuck in to catch the game at the lower bar!

We apologize for anyone who had longer waits for their food orders, or weren’t able to get wings before we ran out. We threw the Harp a few curve balls with exchanging the buffet for the bar menu this season, so there were some changes for the staff in the normal gameday routine and inventory. Combine that with the amazing attendance, there was a record number of orders going thru the kitchen, and high demand for popular items like chicken wings. We spoke with Harp management about this during and after the game, and they’ve promised they’ve made adjustments to address the order time and inventory issues moving forward. Thanks for your patience last week.

We also apologize to those of you downstairs who were unable to hear “Shout!” or the DJ. The Harp has a separate sound system for each floor, and they are working this week to patch the DJ audio in the lower level. Thanks to those who identified this issue!

Now onto week 2 vs the Kansas City Chiefs and the free t-shirts! Sunday’s game is not on local TV, so come on down to the Harp. Doors open at 11am.

Shirts: This week the first 120 fans to the Harp get FREE Bills Backers of Boston t-shirts! (see attached image for design) We’ve got a variety of sizes, but they’re going to go quick. So be sure to come out early to be sure you get a shirt in your size.

Hot Dog Vote 2012: Forget the other campaigns, we’re running a hot dog election! Last week we had both in stock but moving forward we’re going to keep it to one type a week to keep orders simple in the kitchen. As of right now, Sahlen’s is leading Zweigle’s in our hot dog vote on facebook. Check out the group page to vote, and we’ll let you know Sunday what we’re serving up. Don’t worry if your choice doesn’t win. We’ll have the runner up on the grill for week 3, and we’ll switch back and forth throughout the year.

Got your Membership Card? If we missed you last week or this is your first week of the season, find us by the front door during the shirt giveaway or at the lower bar during the game to get your 2012 Membership Card. It’s valid for a 10% discount off your regular menu food anytime you come to the Harp.

Thank you for making it thru this entire email! We promise we’ll try and keep it shorter moving forward, just wanted to address some of the comments and concerns people had about week 1.

Safe travels to those of you making the trip up to the Ralph for the game, and we can’t wait to see everybody else at the Harp on Sunday! Thanks again for your amazing support of the group.