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Volume 2, Issue 15; May  2001



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Annual General Meeting Report:

The AGM was held on May 20th in the Community Hall and attended by around 30 residents, together with Simon Winchester, President of the Western Pittwater Community Association (WPCA).  There were 15 apologies. We welcomed 5 new residents. Questions and discussion were centred around the Newsletter items.  If you didn’t get one, then please let us know, so we can put you on our data base. Greg Roberts brought everyone up to date on the Mona Vale Hospital situation and the need to keep the pressure on the Northern Beaches Area Health Service to ensure that we both retain and upgrade Mona Vale Hospital. He referred to a fund raising evening to see the new film ‘Moulin Rouge’ (details are in this Newsletter).

The new committee was voted in, and it is pleasing to see that whilst 3 members had to drop out through pressure from their commitments, 4 new members were elected and welcomed – Shar Jones, Leicester Warburton, Dale Felton and Annette Ritchie. The members re-elected are Greg Roberts (President), Trudi Engler (Vice President), Shirley Page (Treasurer), Marion van den Driesschen (Secretary), Barry Haycock, Gillian Unwin, Jennifer Knox and Brian Cross. 

This team has very considerable collective experience and skills.  The number of members means that the load will be moderate and well spread. Mark Morgan is the designated representative from the S. I. Rural Fire Service, and Sharon Kinnison is representing Landcare. Behind this group is a significant assembly of talented Islanders involved in Emergency Water, Roads and Drainage, Island Communication etc.

Save MonaVale HospitalMoulin Rouge - Care to Attend?

By special arrangement with the Warriewood Cinema complex, the Save Mona Vale Hospital committee has pleasure in presenting:- 'MOULIN ROUGE' on Wednesday 30th May at 8.45 pm (film starts at 9.00pm) Tickets are only $15 each (the management is supplying everything at cost) All profits go towards our campaign to retain and upgrade Mona Vale Hospital. 

For tickets, ring: 

Greg Roberts 9979 9599 Ken Hughes 9918 9170 or 0417 287 320

(Already some 20 offshore residents are going. One theatre is already filled and the management has kindly arranged another theatre for us.)

Road Damage - can you help?

If you are concerned about the terrible state of our roads, and the very poor condition theyCrook Roads! were left in following the departure of the organisations who erected out new transmission poles, please respond urgently to this request. So that SIRA can evaluate the cost of the road damage caused by the installation of new equipment in recent years by Energy Australia and Telstra, it would be appreciated if you could let us know of evidence of such damage by replying to the editor by clicking here

Neighbourhood Watch - Marine

Keen observers of the Island Newsletters, may have detected very little action in the last year!  Do not despair, the organisation has not foundered, hibernated maybe, but still alive & kicking. We have had no General Meetings or Co-ordinator get togethers for some while, and for this I can only apologise, however, during these months I have, accompanied by Greg Roberts, (until he became heavily involved with "Saving Mona Vale Hospital") been attending the Public Meetings of the Pittwater Region Marine Neighbourhood Watch, at the Royal Motor Yacht Club, as your representative, thus ensuring that all concerned do not forget that we exist!
Most of the newsworthy items, in recent months were dominated by the Olympics, and the strain that the Games put on Police resources, but they did get some shiny new Police Boats out of it, and are now undoubtable better equipped than they have ever been.   There have been quite a few changes in the faces of your favourite Force.. Brian Friend has retired, and Dave Molloy has moved on to greater things in the Special Ops. Group in Sydney. Glen Finniss has returned to run the show, and we still have Dave Buchanan, whereas most of the other guys seem to be transferred in and out as staffing levels change. Waterways have also had a few changes, most notably the retirement of Ian Sinclair, and so Paul Scurry, Steve Nugent & Peter Chessil, are names to look out for. 
Thefts of Boats, Outboards, Fuel tanks etc. continue to be a problem, and with the loss of Daylight Saving, un-lit boats are a major worry! During March and April, Police have issued around 40 infringement notices to owners who are not displaying the correct lighting, so:   BE WARNED!
The one thing that we need, if we are to be of any real help as Neighbourhood Watch, is INFORMATION, SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO RING US, if you spot anything, or persons that you consider suspicious, or just for information. IF WE DON'T KNOW, WE CAN'T HELP!
Our number is   9997 8820  and the other Contact numbers are in the Island Directory.
Finally, if you would like to enrol, in N.W.M. (it's free!) - you can use the form at the back of the directory, or give us a ring . Brian and Audrey Cross

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Quays Marina Pump Out - Good News!

The Federal Member for Mackellar, Bronwyn Bishop, recently announced a $100,000 funding grant to help the Quays Marina at Church Point establish a pump-out facility which will contain untreated sewerage water waste from recreational boats in Pittwater. This will help enormously to prevent pollution and improve water quality in our beautiful waterways.  

Household Chemical CollectionChuck it out!

Sydney Water is are holding a Household Chemical Collection at Rowland Reserve, Pittwater Road, Bayview on the weekend of 14 & 15 July 2001. The collection will assist householders to dispose of chemicals which may be hazardous to the environment, your family, garbage collectors and operators of the sewage system. Collection times on both days are from 10am to 3pm. A maximum of 20 litres or 20 kilograms applies unless prior arrangements have been made by calling 1800-814-719.

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Free Legal Advice

The legal system is often daunting and difficult to understand, but some simple and practical advice can often help to resolve problems. The Pittwater Legal Advice Service operates between 10am and 12noon every third Saturday of the month from the Early Childhood Centre in Pittwater Road, Mona Vale (behind the Library). It is staffed by solicitors from local Northern Beaches law firms, who are all experienced, qualified practitioners, with wide-ranging expertise. For more information please contact the Northern Beaches Neighbourhood Service on 9982 3044  

Journey of Healing

Everyone is invited to participate in the Journey of Healing event, which focuses on bringing home the Stolen Generations and commemorates Sorry Day. A lakeside ceremony including performances, stories and music will be followed by supper. The event will take place from 4.30-6.30pm on Saturday 26 May at the Elanora Scout Hall on the northern shore of Narrabeen Lake, at Billarong Reserve on Wakehurst Parkway, North Narrabeen. Please bring a candle to light, a plate of supper, a reading to contribute and a chair/blanket.

Enquiries: 9913 7940 - 9913 9388.

Pittwater Business Database

To assist the Pittwater business community, we are compiling a database of businesses in Pittwater, which will be published on the Pittwater website. If you wish your business to be included on this list, please send all contact details, including Managing Director, company name, address, telephone and fax numbers and email address, to Nicki McLachlan at: or c/- Pittwater Council, PO Box 882, Mona Vale 1660. Enquiries: Nicki McLachlan, Tel: 9970 1114.

The local guide

As our newsletter continues to grow (now more than 310 readers) we are including some links to other nearby organisations and events that may be of interest. If you would like to contribute, please send a message to the electronic newsletter's editor.

Local Real Estate Agents:

Government Organisations:

Local Transport:

  • Buses and Ferries: Sydney Buses and Ferries
  • Water Taxi: Pink Water Taxi
  • Church Point Ferries (02) 9999-3492
  • Scotland Island Community Vehicle 1800-069-592
  • Land Taxi Manly Warringah Cabs (02) 9997-9111

Airlines, Buses and Railways

Sydney Airport: Arrivals and Departures

Qantas Information

Ansett Information

Impulse Airlines and Virgin Blue Airlines

NSW Railway Timetables and Information.

Sydney Buses information.

Tides for this week and month for Scotland Island:

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