The Bills and Jets kick off at 1 pm on Sunday.... we'll be there at the Harp cheering on the Med Squad, so come on down!

We'd just like to remind everyone of our gameday policies at the Harp, specifically:

1. The tables in the upper bar area near the stage are reserved for folks ordering food from the Harp's menu. If you're not interested in ordering food, there are other seating areas in the front and lower bar areas. If you're sitting at a table and not ordering from the menu, you may be asked to move for the benefit of others. Table tents will be placed on these tables as a gentle reminder.

2. No matter where you sit, don't forget to tip your waitstaff!

3. If you have any problems or concerns with anything at the Harp on a game day, please seek out Alison, Jeff or George first, and talk with us *instead* of going directly to the Harp staff. We might already be aware of the situation, and we will be better suited to address it. Plus, it's easier for the staff to deal with just us rather than a mob of folks.

4. No underage drinking will be tolerated. You'll be lucky if you're just kicked out for the day, if you're not banned for the rest of the season.

And here's a peek at things to come...

On October 28, the Buffalo Bills "Prize Patrol" will be visiting the Harp. Members of the Buffalo Jills will be on hand, along with JetBlue Airways, to raffle off great prizes, including a "trip home" to see the Bills take on the Dolphins in December. Prizes are compliments of the Buffalo Bills and JetBlue Airways.

The Prize Patrol was recently in NYC where one lucky Bills Backer won the grand prize. Check it out here:

Enjoy the game on Sunday... Go Bills!