Spring Is In The Air...It Must Be March~

With winter still lurking in so many places and ways all around the country, one might think it's premature, but in fact March is the month when gardeners start the process, both mentally and physically for the coming season in the gardens.

It is the perfect time to take a stroll around your grounds, be they acres or a backyard habitat.

Get a mental picture of what you would like to grow and where you think it will flourish and bring beauty to your area. Before you lose that image-transfer it to a piece of paper-a good layout that one can keep going back to and tweaking can help pull a project together in a perfect way.

Gardening is a relationship, not a recipe...but, a good recipe never hurts even if you know all the steps.

My hope is that each of you will become a "Keeper of the Garden"....large or small, a habitat where birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, frogs and toads will feel loved and safe.

March is the perfect time to check your checklist.

  • Make sure your garden tools are clean, sharp, and oiled.
  • Prune perennials before they start too sprout new growth.
  • Gradually remove mulch from beds to allow the soil to air and dry out a bit from winter holding.
  • Remove any herbs/plants that need a different location.
  • Turn the compost pile and sift if required.
  • Start adding compost to your beds/gardens.
  • Start seeds under a grow light for later transplanting.
  • Label plants and anything that might need proof of identity later.

And if you haven’t already, start a Garden Journal; it will bring you much pleasure and clarification on many levels.

Something New

"CowPots"....are planting pots made of biodegradable soil enriching alternatives to eco-unfriendly plastics and peat planters. Check it out here and let me know what you think. http://www.liquidfence.com/cowpots.html

Places and People we love~

A fine selection of heirloom, organic, and rare seed.
http://www.underwoodgardens.com .

Kevin and Lisa Owen - people working for the protection and betterment of our elderly and our children.

Caryn Gottlieb FitzGerald - Author, wife, daughter, mother, and beautiful friend. A very special lady embracing her journey and sharing so others may benefit and grow.

Bob Rand
"Buy Direct - the Virtual Farmers' Market"
North Hampton, New Hampshire
603 964 5001

Make it a Majestic March
Bea Kunz