Dear Clients,


        This year, for the first time, I will be teaching exclusively private lessons, in the Ride In Harmony TM style. That is pretty much the same as you've experienced in our lessons together in the past, except that now it will be offered by name on a private basis.


        Though not an Aspen Skiing Company  product, you can now request the lesson from Olga Lawson at the Aspen Highlands private lesson desk.  Standard rates apply, as there is no premium above normal ASC pricing.


                                                  Advantages Of Private Lessons                                   



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    For info and to book private RIDE IN HARMONY TM style lessons at Aspen Highlands contact Olga Lawson:

                                                          Email form provided for your convenience.


                                            Phone: 970.544.3022

                                To discuss Ride In Harmony tm and coordinate schedules contact:


                                                                Phone: 970.274.0365


                    Come experience the great snow we've had in Aspen.

                    Thank you,


             Cary Thompson

             PSIA Level 3 Instructor

             Founder: RIDE IN HARMONY TM