Sage Hill Gardens

Spring's Promise

Here at Sage Hill-located at the base of the Cumberland Plateau, we are still bouncing between winter’s reality and spring’s promise.

Regardless, the Herb Gardens don't wait …obviously taking direction from somewhere beyond. It’s time to grow and growing they are!

If you don’t know the goodness of herbs in culinary, make this the year to invite something new to your world of food creations.

I'm often asked “what does it taste like?” when in conversation about most any herb.

Cilantro... is an herb many don't even want to try. At some point in time someone said it had a soapy character. This description stuck and has followed it down through the culinary ages.

Actually it has a bold citrus overtone and a slightly sharp character. The aromatics are a blend of pepper and mild rosemary or pine.

It does well in any dish with squash, eggplant, red bell peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes…well, you get the idea.

French Tarragon... is another not so common on the dinner table herb.

Mint, anise, and licorice all merge with a mild numbing effect when tasting true French tarragon.

I’ve been known to steep this herb in a small amount of Jack Daniels- then add that to the sauce for “Old Fashioned Bread Pudding.” Until you’ve had it…don’t even think about saying no!

Fenugreek... over 4,000 years ago this herb was grow for the feeding of livestock. Over time it has graduated from barn to the kitchen.

The fresh leaves taste spinachy (not a word-I know) with distinct slightly spicy notes of peanuts and caramel.

Dried, the green essence is muted and nutty flavors dominate. I like the leaves tossed into a Fruit salad.

I view the over-all use of this herb as better suited to medicinal use over culinary.

Turmeric Root... fresh turmeric has intense, mustard-like overtones and a light peppery character.

Dried forms exhibit these flavors when fresh, but tend to lose potency quickly.

Tumeric Root… has a host of health benefits…get to know it and make it a staple in your kitchen.

Gilroy Garlic... if you haven't had this garlic roasted you are missing a delicious event.

Notably more pungent than other sources, Gilroy can be sharp, almost hot, when eaten raw. The sweetness blossoms when roasted.

Most of us are very aware now of the negatives that reside within our food options…none are immune, even if you are opting for organic, be cautious of organics coming from the larger companies who are entrenched in the food industry. Truth is a loose and often manipulated fact. Know the source and the history before embracing.

Now, if not already planted…you should have your soil, beds, planting areas cleaned, prepared, and set to ‘plant.’

I do trust that you are opting for Non-GMO seed/soil and plants…..this is important even in your non-edible gardens… because, what we put into the ground over here…will find its way into the ground over there …and it all finds its way into our environment and our bodies…no thank you!

I have no desire to end up looking like a frog

although…this one is a cutie…but they are so short!


“Love is In the Details” ~~ I know because when I don’t supply it, I feel the void.

Whether we are speaking of tea for a special friend, preparing the beds/soil for gardening, or making dinner for the family…it is truly the little touches that make it special, work better, and/or taste better. Take that extra step; add that extra bit that keeps the memory alive long after the fact.

While taking note of all the female flowers on fruit trees, Mother’s Day comes to mind…isn’t it awesome how these kinds of moments just find their own timing. A Beautiful Mother's Day to each and every one...and to my precious mother in Heaven....

Bea Rigsby-Kunz
Sage Hill Gardens

32 Old Petersburg Pike
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