August 2021
Dates For Your Diary
Group Meeting
Drone Fest Monday 13 Sep - see main below for details
AGM 11 Oct Lydington VIllage Hall - 1930

First Aid course
Being planned for 24 Oct and  full (Tutors have priority).  Peter Genet will take names of interested parties for a rerun in March 22 

3 Sep 1000 at Three Trees Farm Shop Chiseldon SN4 0HT

Monthly Ride-Outs

Bike Ride-Outs  on the 3rd Saturday of every even numbered month and the 3rd Sunday of every odd numbered Month. Email will be sent out to Bikers and added to the Forum.

Do you have a topic you would like discussed, or know of an interesting speaker?  Please contact Les Brown at 

Congratulations to the following members who have passed their Advanced Tests recently:  
Car Tutors - Tony Chalkly and Mark Whittingham.
Bike Tutors - Ruth Mitchell and Greg Smith
Neil Lloyd - Bike retest -  Silver
Please welcome the following to the Group:
Kieran Wichall - Car
Jasper Knox - Car
Callum Murhpy - Car
Sarah Montague - Car
Jonathan Roberts -Bike
Gary Taffurelli - Bike
Paul Adams - Bike
Andrew Rutherford -Bike
Don’t forget that we have a range of clothing available to purchase. We also offer a range of books, such as Roadcraft, Motorcycle Roadcraft and the Highway Code, and these are available at discounted prices.

For more information visit the Merchandise page of our web site at
We are always looking for more articles, ideas and news for the newsletter. Have you been somewhere interesting recently that would make a good story? If you attend any group events then take a camera and send us your pictures!

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The Summer (?) Newsletter
Chair's Ramblings
I am really pleased to hear things are moving again and I particularly want to congratulate our 4 new tutors, Tony Chalkly and Mark Whittingham as car tutors and Ruth Mitchell and Greg Smith for the bikes.  I hope you enjoy tutoring as much as I do and thanks for giving up the time to help the Group fulfil its aims.
Whilst it all feels a little more free I encourage all of us to remain careful.  The use of regular lateral flow tests and appropriate use of masks and social distancing will help us all to stay safe and healthy.
I am looking forward to seeing some of you at the Drone Fest on 13 Sep  - Peter Milner has a great set up and it will be a very interesting evening.
Please do support the AGM – this is not only an essential part of our Governance but it also allows you to shape how the Group is run.  Please bring ideas of how we can improve and be prepared to support any initiatives – please do not leave it all to the Committee.  We desperately need a new membership secretary.  The role is not too onerous and requires a few hours per month.  It is also rewarding and you really understand what is going on – very good for the more nosey of you out there
Help  - we need a new Membership Secretary
Gary Franks needs to relinquish his role as Membership Secretary; his work is taking him away from home much more than expected.   Please consider taking on this role to help the Group prosper.  It is not too onerous ( Gary has streamlined the process to make it very straight forward) and he is willing to offer all traiing and  suprevision.
Please if you can provide a few hours per month do volunteer and do not leave the running of the Group to the same old faces.  If you want to find out more please do get in touch with Gary ( he promised not to talk exclusively about Driven Ohm racing!).
Gary is the only car member on the Committee so here is a chance to influence how we operate as well.
Bob Fram
AGM - Monday 11 Oct - have your say

Our  AGM is scheduled for 7:30 pm Monday October 11.
Following several years in position doing sterling work for the group, a number of committee members will be standing down from key positions. 
Whilst Bob Fram is happy to continue it may be time for another to take the helm as Chair by all means plot a coup but there will not be much of a rear guard action from Bob so give him a call!
Please consider if you would like to contribute to the running of the group by volunteering a couple of hours a month.
Drone Fest - Monday 13 September
Something different to get us all together again! Drone Fest will take place on our first group meeting in 18 months or so down at Phoenix UAV Centre at Norton St Philip, BA2 7NG near Bath.     
Current outline
  • 6:30pm arrive, tea/coffee and chat.
  • 7:00pm presentation in the training room on drone history, types of drone, how they fit in to the aviation sector as a whole and their ever improving technology.
  • 7:45pm Tea/Coffee & a few nibbles.
  • 8pm Trial flights for those that would like a go
  • 9:30pm Drone Night Flying Demonstration for those that would like to hang around that late
  • 10:00pm Finish, say our good byes and depart.
Forum entry in members only section here:-
Regards - Mark
Members' Activities
Have you been up to anything to do with Riding or Driving lately? If so, then please let us know as we would love to include it here; photos would be great too!
 Driven Ohm Racing

With the last race on the 4th of July marking the start of a 7 week break from racing I have been very busy with instructing work, split largely between Porsche at Silverstone and Mercedes at Brooklands.
Alongside this, Tom has had his work cut out at race HQ with a growing stable of Formula Ford drivers, and maintenance work on my race mini.
The July meeting was mixed for me. We did a day tyre testing a week or so before the round, and had found a good set up from there. We were confident of a strong performance. Tom and I have been discussing my need to get my elbows out a bit more in the races.
The first race went well, with me in a good battle amongst the other Cooper S cars. I gained another 4th place finish, but a much more confident performance, with some robust moves to overtake people and stick close on the heels of the 3rd place finisher.
The second race started well, with me more determined not to yield quite so much pace especially when the leaders came by to lap us. However, as I gained confidence and pace, I allowed myself to get a little greedy. Chasing another R53 Cooper S I was pushed a little wide going into Camp, as another car made a late lunge to overtake. This is racing, and I continued on, but I had lost ground to my nemesis in the other R53.
At the next lap I watched the car who had passed me line up the other Cooper S in exactly the same way as he had lined me up a lap earlier. I knew what he would do, and that the other Mini would lose pace as I had a lap before, so I tried to close up to take advantage of what was unfolding in front of me.
Sure enough, as they turned into Camp, the other car dived inside the Cooper S and pushed him wide, as I expected. Unfortunately I mis-judged my corner speed and ran wide onto the grass on the exit of Camp. After a few hairy moments trying to control the car over the grass I rejoined the track, having lost touch completely with my opponent. 
I didn't notice the engine temp race up as the radiator was blocked with grass that I had picked up, but Tom signalled me to pit and we retired the car. 
Unfortunately the engine was seriosuly damaged, subsequent investigation has revealed a warped cylinder head.
The summer break has been put to good use though, as we sourced a younger replacement engine and expect to be ready as planed for another race on Bank Holiday Monday, August 30th. Tom and Paul from Cotswold Motaquip have done a great job in getting my race car back up and running.
The final round will be on September 18th. I am on course to complete the season and have a top 3 finish in class firmly in my sights. I am happy with this prospect in my debut season in this class.
After the last Combe round we plan to enter the Walter Hayes Trophy at Silverstone late in October, perhaps with both Minis.
We already have an eye on 2022, with a few interesting developments we hope to play out. The quest for sponsorship continues, and we hope to host more arrive and drive customers in the spare car (or cars) as well as hosting guests at track days where normal licence holders can sample our race machinery under professional instruction.
Exciting times ahead, onwards and upwards!
Follow our progress on Facebook @Driven.Ohm.Racing.
Please check the series website for the lastest details:
Dates are as follows (all at Castle Combe):
Saturday 18th September 2021 Grand Finals Day
1500 miles 2 punctures and a lesson in choosing recovery companies

I knew I was due to cover a lot of miles as I was marshalling at Donington Park World Superbikes and then BSB in Knockhill (fortunately I have relatives in Scotland to provide a comfy bed!).  I fitted new tyres to my bike to be on the safe side.  400 miles in and walking back from a lunch stop I noticed what I thought was a stone trapped in the tread of my tyre - no such luck this was a 4 inch long screw and my tyre was flat.  No bother says I, the puncture repair kit which has lived under my seat for 4 years will save the day.
Plug fitted as per the instruction’s  and ready to inflate the tyre with the small gas bottles supplied only to find a leak in the connector tube and tyre pressures at 5 psi!.  Having watched you tube videos since my return it seems you need about 7 CO2 cannisters to get a decent pressure in a tyre anyway.  Thankfully the good people of Kirby Lonsdale came to my rescue with an electric pump and the use of a compressor to get to 42 psi.  Regular checks over the next week or so proved there was no loss of pressure and I was pleasantly surprised how well the roadside plug repair had worked.  Lots of great riding and home with no further problems.
The "Office" at Knockhill - 20 visitors to the gravel at the hairpin over the weekend!
Back at Donington Park for BSB ad having just packed away my wet tent and ready to go home after 3 days of great racing.  Riding off the camp site the bike felt a bit unsteady (I put this down to wet grass) but sadly not; the cause was a completely flat back tyre.  A piece of lock wire had inserted itself right next to the previous repair so no chance of another plug being used.
"home" at Donington with the tyre slowly deflating!
No bother I have recovery and duly arranged for my bike and me to be recovered home.  I thought I had read the small print on my recovery policy but clearly not sufficiently well.  I was contacted by the recovery company who said they will only recover to a tyre repair location for punctures; not much use at 8 pm on a Sunday night and moreover, the companies they wanted to take me to only fitted car tyres.  Thankfully the BSB Marshals are a friendly bunch and I was offered a bed in a caravan for the night (was not looking forward to re-erecting my wet tent) and then arranged a new tyre with the excellent Racing lines in Derby the next morning and the recovery company were great for this trip.
So what?
  • The puncture repair kits work for tubeless tyres but you need a lot of CO2 cannisters (and a non-leaky tube!).
  • Punctures happen to me on new tyres! (this one cost me 11.6p  per mile – ouch (normally 2p))
  • Be sure to read the small print of your chosen recovery provider - being potentially stranded of an evening was not fun.
  • A proper POWDDERSS check before moving off would have identified the flat tyre (not a good example I know – Abuse to the usual address please!).
Bob Fram
Please let us know of any plans you may have; any road trips, any places to drive/ride to; maybe you have plans to unicycle the length of the UK - if you are planning this, please let us know as this would be great to read about!
Books!   Updates to Roadcraft are here!
Motorcycle Roadcraft is the police handbook for rider training. It’s used by all the emergency services and forms a key reference for riding instructors.

Updates for this new edition include a new overtaking chapter with separate sections on passing stationary vehicles, single stage overtakes, and multi-stage overtakes and new explanations of advanced concepts, such as limit points on left-hand bends. Guided by a working group of experienced instructors, Motorcycle Roadcraft is essential learning for police officers preparing for the demands of operational riding.
Roadcraft is the police handbook for driver training. It's used by all the emergency services and forms reference for driving instructors.

Updates for this new edition include a new overtaking chapter with separate sections on passing stationary vehicles, single stage overtakes, and multi-stage overtakes and new explanations of advanced concepts, such as limit points on left-hand bends.

Guided by a working group of experienced instructors, Roadcraft is essential learning for police officers preparing for the demands of operational driving.
See here for more info: 
We do have a few of the old Roadcraft books for both Cars and Bikes - if you would like one, please get in touch with the membership secretary. For these books we would appreciate a donation of £5 to the group which is less than half price. 
Group Meetings and look ahead - September Drone Fest

We will be holding our next monthly meeting on 13 September see Drone Fest above!
New Speakers
Les is working hard to identify. speakers who will be able to attend meetings when they resume.  if you have any ideas please let him know at
Promotional activities

BikeSafe Dates for 2021
Wiltshire Police have proposed dates or BikeSafe:
August 29th
September 12th
October 3rd
We will be supporting Wiltshire Police with BikeSafe both with tutors to make up the instructor numbers and to help promote the Group.  We do this in conjunction with WABAM so it is a great way to reinforce advanced riding and to gather new members.
Proposed Promotional activities 2021

Outline events for next year are below, all of which will need member support so please do help us promote our Group:
  • Promote the Group at Castle Combe race circuit - Bikes and Cars.  Make best use of Gary's RoADAR Wiltshire Racing antics to spread the word.
  • We will continue to seek support from Wiltshire Council Road Safety Committee.
  • Attend the Emergency Services Show should it go ahead.
If you have any ideas for events, then please get in touch with the committee using the committee email address :
Look forward to hearing and discussing your ideas.
Presentation material

A generic set of slides has been created for use if you are asked about Wiltshire RoADAR and have the opportunity to present. This could be at a local club, workplace etc. Please send a mail to   and the slides will be sent over to you.
We also have flyers and business cards so ask for these via the same means
First Aid Training  
This will be held on 24 Oct and is full - we havei given priorituy to Tutors. 

There will be a re-run of the course next March so if you are keen to attend  please register your interest with Peter Genet.  Tthis does not commit you to attending but gives us an idea of the numbers for which we may be organising the course.
Media coordinator - Help us to broaden our reach
To help promote the group we have a variety of online media platforms, FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. To help make the most out of the opportunities that these outlets provide, we could use some help from someone who has experience of using such tools. Drop me a line at  if you would be interested in helping promote our group.
Committee minutes   
These are available from the Group Secretary if any member wishes to see them. If you are interested in reading the minutes, then please send a mail to the Group Secretary whom will promptly forward them onto you.

Please could all Members use the Forum on the Website which can be used for any purpose but particularly coordinating events, hints, tips and general conversation.  It is easy to register on the website so please do log on and chat away.
Test results 
Reminder to let the Membership Secretary and your tutor know when you have taken your Advanced Driving/Riding Test and result. This is so our database is kept up to date; there is no need or pressure at all to have the result published on the website or in this newsletter if you wish to keep your result confidential.  
Membership Secretary: Mr Gary Franks
Hon Secretary: Mr Mark Sealey
To make sure that you receive our messages we recommend that you add, and to your address list.