Amber Beads & 2017 Bead Fairs So Far

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See us this weekend 12th-13th August at Harrogate Gem ‘n’ Bead fair, Pavillions of Harrogate, Great Yorkshire Showground, HG2 8NZ. Details here. Or the following weekend in Scotland, Sunday 20th August, Scottish Bead Fair, Perth Concert Hall, Mill Street, Perth PH1 5HZ. Details here.

We have many new beads just arrived in the UK – Say you’re a MrBead Newsletter Reader for free gifts!

We’ll be staying up-north between these two shows, taking a few days holiday in the Highlands and Islands of Western Scotland, so online orders will be delayed from Friday 11th August for a week.

We have over 30 shows this year, all with a bigger display. Click for details: all our 2017 beads fairs.

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Amber Beads For Late-Summer Jewellery
2017 Bead Fairs So Far
MrBead Bead Fairs

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Amber Beads For Late-Summer Jewellery

What took nature millions of years to create, can be yours in an instant! Our synthetic amber beads look and feel exactly like natural, but under 1/10 the price to make easily-sell jewellery.

What Is Amber?
Amber was once a mystery. Alchemists thought it was created from the rays of the setting sun, concealed in the evening sea and cast ashore in the form of stone.

True amber was formed up to 60-million years ago where seas were then forest. Resin from these trees dripped into puddles. When the land was replaced by sea, the weight formed this resin into amber which eventually floated to the surface. Usually yellow, brown, orange, or green, darkening to a rich red-brown with age.

Benefits of Amber
Its bright colour conceals the mystery, prompting some to call it “petrified sunlight” or “frozen gold”. Producing jewellery that makes the wearer both look and feel good. No wonder it’s so fashionable in the 21st century. Amber jewellery can create a more dramatic effect than diamonds.

Years ago, it was thought amber could magically draw energy into its bearer, so people started making amulets from it. This was because rubbing amber against a wool cloth made it electrically charged, attracting small objects. Originating the word electricity: “elektron”, the ancient name for amber. Amber was also believed to aid the intellect, and prescribed for memory loss and anxiety.

Amber Prices
Amber beads were fashionable, yet inexpensive, before the 1920s – when Amber was a popular girl’s name. Natural amber rose to around 50-pounds a string by the year 2000, but over the past decade the price has shot up. Many amber necklaces sell for ten-times their price 15-years ago.

This growth is because China has rediscovered amber. Traditionally Chinese culture believes amber is lucky and has medicinal properties. Similarly, Persian amber has become fashionable in Arab states, where it represents status, wealth, and aphrodisiac powers.

Therefore, amber with a certificate of authenticity is heading towards the cost of gold by weight. Cheap amber is not natural. Our amber, like most today – is ambroid amber, an immature variety of copal amber, mixed with synthetic resin. Giving the benefits of natural amber, yet allowing jewellery to be sold at prices customers’ can afford.

Imitation Amber
Amber has always been imitated. Some amber beads in Egyptian tombs were made from copal – which is also fossilized tree resin, but only thousands of years old. Ambroid, although known as pressed or reconstituted amber, is made from real amber scraps and shavings generated by amber carvers. These pieces are collected, heated, then pressed into large blocks.

Looking After Amber
Because amber is soft and wears easily, protect from heat and wrap in a cloth when not wearing. Clean with a soft cloth dipped in lukewarm water. You can put the shine back into today’s amber by spaying with Pledge.

Our Many Amber Beads: or

2017 Bead Fairs So Far

17 Down: 15 To Go!
Now we’re in the UK most of the time, we can attend more shows. Some bead fairs clash, and many weekends are empty – so we’re expanding our own shows on suitable dates. These are going very well. With Berwick-Upon-Tweed, Cornwall, Faringdon in Oxfordshire, and Essex added to our usual shows at Norwich, London, and Luton.

Help Us Out
Next year we’ll organise more at different locations. Please contact Nigel if you know of a suitable venue and would like a show in your area. Especially if you use a small hall for a beading group or know of a craft hall in a busy area.

Harrogate Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair – February
Our first show of 2017, held in the beautiful Pavillions of Harrogate Hall. There is always a good attendance at Harrogate with Sam & Pete doing a great job. See us again there this very weekend!

Kempton Park Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair – March & August
The London shows are always best for us, with many visitors and serious beaders. March was very good. Pity we missed June as it crashed with the Cheshire Bead Fair, and we prefer single-day shows. However, we’ll return to Kempton on 11th-12th November, which is usually the best show of the year there.

Brighton Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair – March
Always fun in Brighton, and interesting checking-out the next-door boot sale before the Sunday show. Not as busy as we hoped, but expect the show there in November to be better.

Norwich MrBead Bead Show – March & July
Norwich is the best of our own shows, with March being no exception. However, July was a little quiet at the start of the school holiday – next year we’ll arrange a different date. Because of the spring crowds, we now have more display area, totally filling the hall. See us in Norwich again on Sunday 8th October.

The Big Bead Show – April
Always our best show with the most visitors by far. Sandown Park Big Bead Show is a MUST for busy-selling beaders, because of the massive choice of beads from over 80 exhibitors. Arrive early and stay late! This year we have six-tables to allow the crowds to ‘get in’ to view our many new semi-precious beads just arrived from China. Don’t miss us at the Autumn Big Bead Show on Saturday 14th October.

Beads Up North! – April
Gordon does a fine job with his Bead Festivals. Always busy, always fun and always interesting! See us again at Haydock on 1st October. Shifting the second-of-the-year Bead Festival at Haydock from July to October is sure to be guarantee even more visitors.

Luton MrBead Bead Show – May
Last year Luton was quiet, so we planned just one show there in 2017. However, May attendance was good and things went well. Perhaps we’re return twice a year in 2018.

Great British Bead Show – May
Our first and last attendance of this Beadworkers Guild Fair. Disappointing! Could only book 3-small tables and not many visitors. Plus, most buyers were looking for tiny beads, rather than the larger semi-precious we specialise in.

Devon Bead Fair – May
Fantastic location at Exeter Castle and beautifully organised by Andrew of Monty’s Beads. Many quality visitors and a lot of fun. Have already booked for 2018.

Berwick-Upon-Tweed MrBead Bead Show
This was originally planned to be in Edinburgh or Southern Scotland, but because of inflated venue prices in the capital and difficulty finding a suitable hall nearby, we decided near Berwich. The village we choose was so small, I initially drove right through, missing in the hall!

However, everyone found us out, and the show went surprisingly well with visitors from bother Edinburgh and Newcastle. Sometimes these out-of-the-way locations are good because rural areas have many crafters, but lacking in bead suppliers. It was also nice to return to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne nearby. We will return for sure next year.

Wetherby & Cheshire Bead Fairs – May & Early-June
These two shows by Beady Fairs are getting quieter. Wetherby was not too bad, but the usually-busy Cheshire Bead Fair at Nantwich was terrible. It may have been the date, but Mark has changed for next year. However, we’ll return to Nantwich on 26th November in the hope just-before-Christmas will be back to normal.

Wood Green Animal Sanctuary Gem ‘n’ Bead Fair – June
This Cambridgeshire show was a bit of a gamble, with many exhibitors shying away. However, it was brilliant! Not so many visitors in the rural location, but all serious beaders and good buyers. It was also a lot of fun camping with other exhibitors at the nearby river-side site.

Cornish MrBead Bead Show – June
This went so well at the Craft House in Bodmin, we decided to book another in Cornwall for Sunday 3rd September. Because of the Craft House closing, we booked The John Betjeman Centre at Wadebridge, thanks to kind recommendation from other beaders. There were many visitors crying out for quality bead supplies.

It was so nice in Cornwall, we didn’t want to leave! Fantastic weather, and a lot of fun camping and joining Micheal & Sarah from Bead Buyer on their new boat.

London MrBead Bead Show – July
We were worried no one would come, hidden in a private estate in Highgate, after our usual Kentish Town hall double booked. However, everyone found us, thanks to the venue being close to Highgate Tube Station. The show went very well with a customer flying in especially from Germany! We’ll be back in London on Saturday 23rd September at our usual location in Kentish Town.

Oxford MrBead Bead Show – July
I expected this show at the beautiful Corn Exchange in the centre of Faringdon to be busy, but not so many visitors came. However, we done OK and will reappear there next year at a different Saturday. Faringdon is such a nice market town, closer to Swindon than Oxford. A good beader catchment area.

MrBead Bead Fairs

We will be at over 30 shows this year. Rest of bead fairs and full 2017 Bead Fair List

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We market for beaders making jewellery, rather than selling ready-made jewellery – so to attract your customers, you may need to market yourself. However, we’re just looking for a small contribution towards costs. If interested, email Nigel at

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