-Correction: In previous mssg sent, I incorrectly said that CAFTA had been signed "August 5th 2005" I meant to say "2004", and have it correct below. Sorry about this mistake, please delete the previous mssg and only forward this one. We CAN rally enough people against FTAA to kill it in June.

We have zero leverage over what they do at Codex in July because those are unelected bureaucrats. We have been consistently ignored by our OWN codex delegates here in the US, and the only way that could change would be if we could get a lawsuit against the FDA.
That could still happen if we can wake up enough vitamin companies in time and I'm trying to do that, but even if we stop our Codex delegate from ratifying the standard, it would still apply to us ANYWAY- but we must send a MESSAGE to Bush and to Congress.

We DO have leverage to kill the FTAA, we can do it by getting more resolutions through State Legislatures against it just as UTAH did, see below and take action...

If we can stop FTAA, we can also pressure congress to get us OUT of the UN and WTO, but first things first....

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IAHF List: See the articles below which document the fact that the US congress intends to force us into a hemispheric wide version of the EU Dictatorship in June via fast track.

Even as the Utah State Legislature has just passed a resolution opposing the FTAA, Bush and Congress have ignored them and signed the CAFTA Treaty on August 5, 2004, a stepping stone to the planned signing of the FTAA treaty which our corporately owned Congress expects to sign into law in June via a "Fast Track" process which disallows any debate on the issue.

The pharma dominated vitamin trade associations and the FDA are calling Codex a "non issue." "It can't happen in America" they say.

Oh yeah??? They're denying the reality of globalization. They're denying that a huge push is afoot to force America into a hemispheric wide version of the EU Dictatorship via the mechanism of the Free Trade Area of the Americas which is intended to spawn creation of the WEU Western Economic Union, which is intended to be amalgamated with the EU (and similar regional governments) into a world government.

The people of Utah know the truth. They just passed a resolution in the Utah State Legislature opposing the Free Trade Area of the Americas. (see article below).

Additionally, other Stop the FTAA Committees in Indiana, Arizona, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Montana are trying to do the same thing. We must all join with these people and push against the FTAA in still more states, see http://www.stoptheftaa.org and all articles below.

If we don't do this, we'll not only lose our access to dietary supplements, we'll lose our COUNTRY, we'll lose ALL of our most cherished freedoms and be forced into a global totalitarian state. Read the articles below and learn the truth about how Bush is a tool of the Rockefellers: Read about desperate state efforts to save our country and lets JOIN THEM.

The FTAA And the New World Order

Grass Roots Efforts Go a Long Way

Utah Says No to FTAA


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Don't think it can happen here? It can, and it WILL unless a lot MORE people get off their butts and assist IAHF in spreading the word.

I am leaving today to go to Expo West Vitamin Trade Show where IAHF has joined forces with the UK based Alliance for Natural Health, and the National Health Federation to make presentations at an Emergency Meeting of innovative manufacturers who are being led to the CLIFF by CRN, NNFA and IADSA.

Emergency Donations are needed to continue doing MORE public speaking on the Codex Vitamin Issue. Please help folks, and beyond donating, please get ACTIVE in your own STATE against the FTAA, see above for info on how to do that.

Unless more people do this, America, and all countries, are doomed- they'll be subsumed into a global totalitarian state. This is happening before our eyes. Now is not the time to act like a deer caught in the headlights. Now is the time for all people who love the truth, who love liberty, to take an ACTIVE stand to defend it.