Hello all
The RHLSTP tour has nearly every guest booked now and quite a few venues are sold out, but we have HUGE and UNBELIEVABLE news for HULL.
Bob Mortimer (who has just recorded one episode in London) is going to come up to guest on the Hull gig too. And to make this event even more exclusive and allow us to speak freely, this interview will NOT be broadcast as a podcast. Your only chance to see/hear it is by coming to the actual theatre! Got to be worth a trip from almost anywhere in the world.
There are plenty of tickets (at the moment) but you might want to get in there quick. BOOK HERE
Sadly last night's gig in Bedford has had to be moved to 21st March as the theatre has flooded and The Exploding Heads can't make the new date, but ex Bedford schoolboy AL MURRAY will be stepping in. Again this might mean that tickets start flying out the door (literally) so BOOK NOW.
The Exploding Heads will now be guesting at the gig at Warwick Arts Centre
The Dublin gig is the biggest selling of the tour, but still tickets left and joining Tommy Tiernan is Divine Comedy front man Neil Hannon. BOOK HERE
The tour also now has added Charlotte Church, Fred Macauley, Paul Heaton, though those gigs are all sold out
And if you can't make the tour you can listen to (nearly) all the recordings online. Some amazing gigs coming up including Lee Mack, Davina Mccall, Julia Sawalha and the London one that Bob Mortimer did. Wherever you get your pods. Like here.
And thanks to everyone who has bought tickets to the Can I Have My Ball Back? tour. Again some places are nearly sold out and some places have loads of tickets, but there is currently availability for ALL of them. So BOOK NOW.
Remember,  we've put my last stand up show (from six long years ago) up on youtube FOR FREE. So do watch it. And tell your friends. It's here.
I think that's all for now. Thanks for your continued support.
RK Herring
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