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August 2011

We will start the August 19th meeting with a potluck at 6pm.

Dr. Nelsen will speak 6:45-8pm


Table of Contents

·      Donations

·      Gluten Free 101

·      Meetings are at the Heart Hospital Annex Building

·      Sharing information *please send recipes reviews and more*

·      Calendar – GIG of Central Arkansas

·      Children’s Corner - Tips from Sherri

·      FDA open for comments concerning labeling GF foods

·      GF food sightings and reviews by members

·      GF Vacations

·      Whole Foods printable coupons

·      Recipe Corner – Lasagna, Sour Cream Pound Cake, GF recipe app

·      Articles and Abstracts – Iron Deficiency Anemia and Gluten Intolerance



Please send donations to our GIGCA treasurer, Terri Murdoch. Make checks payable to GIGCA until we change our name with the bank also.

11 Berwyn Dr

Little Rock, AR 72227  

Phone: 501-312-1689


Gluten Free 101

Gluten Free 101 (GF101) classes are held on demand. Please contact either Terri Murdoch or me for more information on classes in Little Rock.  LaDonna Brock has moved. She is now available for GF 101 in Hot Springs. She can be contacted by email at or by phone 501-262-4299


Meetings are at the Heart Hospital Annex Building

Please feel free to bring in home baked or store bought foods you would like to share with the group.


Each month Drug Emporium is kindly donating GF food for us to try. 


This room is located in a building behind the main hospital. When you drive in from the stoplight, you will be facing the hospital. Go to the right. When you come to the stop sign, go left.  This takes you behind the hospital.  The building with the Fireplace Room will be on the right with a sign that says ANNEX. There is convenient parking in front of the building and we can ignore the HR ONLY parking signs as it is after hours.


Arkansas Heart Hospital

1701 South Shackleford Road

Little Rock, AR 72211


Going south on I-430, take exit 5 and turn right onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


Going north on I-430, take exit 5 and turn left onto Shackleford. Hospital is on the right.


For questions contact

Anne Luther                                                                                                                                      



Sharing information

We would love to hear from you. Here are some subjects that would be of interest:

1) Recipes

2) Product reviews

3) Restaurant reviews

4) Information on GF traveling

5) Your story

6) Anything you would like to share with the group



Calendar for GIGCA


Monday, August 15th, 6-8pm- Dr. David Nelsen is a staff member of UAMS Family Medical Center. In 2002 his article, Gluten-Sensitive Enteropathy (Celiac Disease): More Common Than You Think, appeared in the journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians


Dr. Nelsen will be speaking from 6:45-8pm. Topic to be announced. Come early, bring a dish to share and join us in a summer potluck starting at 6pm.


Saturday, September 17th  10am-noon  topic to be announced. Dr. Lisa Hendrix will be speaking.


Monday, October 17th, 6-8pm – Tony Pipkin, RD will be speaking. Topic to be announced.


November and December – To be announced. We will have a Holiday Potluck in December. Watch your newsletter for the date and time.



Children's Corner by Sherri

Comments or questions about The Children's Corner?  Contact Sherri at


As you walk through any store, it's obvious that it's Back To School time, which can be tricky for a gluten free child.  Just about the time I got it figured out, my daughter moved up to middle school and the rules changed, dramatically!  In elementary school I bought a few thermoses, put hot water in them and sent things like Amy's Macaroni, or GF chicken nuggets that I warmed that morning in the toaster oven.  I also made my own version of Lunchables in a cute divided Tupperware container.  Now, we can only take things that are disposable in a brown paper sack.  When she was younger, I always called the party mom to find out what they would be serving so I could send something similar.  The party I volunteered for at school was Valentine's Day so I could bring ice cream and all the toppings, which the kids LOVED.   I learned to keep cupcakes in my freezer to send anywhere at the drop of a hat.   Now, if I were to call a mom to ask what they would be serving at a party, it would be the kiss of death!  But the older she gets, the more I realize that not eating at a party isn't the end of the world.  After all, we can always stop at McDonald's on our way home for a hot fudge sundae! 



Heading to college in the fall? You might want to download the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness GF guide to college. It can be found on this page along with other resources for children.


The CeliAct Blog also has some tips for a successful GF college experience.  click here


Send your comments to the FDA

“The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today reopened the comment period for its 2007 proposal on labeling foods as “gluten-free.” The agency is also making available a safety assessment of exposure to gluten for people with celiac disease (CD) and invites comment on these additional data.


One of the criteria proposed is that foods bearing the claim cannot contain 20 parts per million (ppm) or more gluten. The agency based the proposal, in part, on the available methods for gluten detection. The validated methods could not reliably detect the amount of gluten in a food when the level was less than 20 ppm. The threshold of less than 20 ppm also is similar to “gluten-free” labeling standards used by many other countries.”


If you want to comment, go to comments will be accepted for 60 days from August 3, 2011.


Please read what Tricia Thompson, MS, RD has written. Concerning the FDA’s Federal Register Notice on Reopening of the Comment Period on the Proposed Rule: Gluten-Free Labeling of Foods


GF foods

More mainstream foods are carrying the GF label. It was not long ago that Nathan’s hotdogs were not gluten free.


Liana wrote, “I have found the best hot dog I have ever put in my mouth. Nathan's hot dogs are gluten free and they are the best. I found them in Kroger. Just thought you would like to share. Also John Murrell bologna also says Gluten free on the package.”


Many people have mentioned how good the new GF Rice Krispies taste. Sharon says, “Just a note to mention the new gluten-free Rice Krispies. They taste like… Rice Krispies!”


Sherri said that the Chocolate Chex cereal can be found at Target on University.


GF Vacations

Mary wrote, “We just spent a week in Gulf Shores, AL and thought we would share a couple of places there that are Gluten-free friendly.  Lulu's has a GF menu (also has other food allergy menu).  Great food and a fun place to wait for a table.  We also found a place in Foley, AL called the Mellow Mushroom that has GF pizza crusts.  These were the BEST pizzas we've ever had.  It's located on the Hwy. coming into Gulf Shores from Mobile.  Just before you get to the outlet malls.  Definitely worth the drive from Gulf Shores.  Most of the restaurants there have steamed or grilled seafood that's safe.  The grocery stores there had GF sections with bread.  The bread was Schar brand.  Not quite as good as Udi but worked for a week.”


(There are no Mellow Mushrooms in Central Arkansas but there are some in NW AR.)


Julianne said, “I am just filling you in on my recent GF restaurant adventures while vacationing in Florida.


There was an awesome restaurant in Orlando- Seasons 52, with a dedicated gluten free menu. Its menu is seasonal and based on the food in season (as the name implies) with every dish under 500 calories.


I reluctantly ventured out in Jensen Beach, FL and went to a restaurant I found on a GF iPhone app called Jan's place. When I asked for the GF menu, no one had a clue and they were surprised to find that they had been reviewed to have a GFmenu. The cook came out and talked to me about my needs and we were able to get me the best omelet I've ever had (squash, zucchini, broccoli, onions & tomatoes). When I left, the staff thanked me for alerting them to GF because they had had 3 patrons that same day ask for it, but no one took the time to educate them about it. As a result, they are working on a GF menu.”


Whole Foods Coupons

Every week Whole Foods has printable coupons and some are GF.


Recipe Corner

I know you have some great recipes – please email them to this month you will have recipes from past newsletters.


 Lasagna from Beth 4/2007

1 box Tinkyada lasagna noodles

2 bottles of traditional GF spaghetti sauce (she used Ragu)

Spices to add: garlic powder, oregano, basil, salt, pepper and 1 ½  teaspoons of sugar

1 container of ricotta cheese (whole milk)

2 pkgs of shredded mozzarella cheese

2 lbs hamburger meat (browned and drained

Optional – grated Parmesan cheese


Brown ground meat in skillet and drain fat. Add both bottles of spaghetti sauce and the spices and simmer very low. Cook lasagna noodles exactly according to package directions. Drain and then let soak in cool water until right before you use them. I blot them with a paper towel before I put them in the casserole.


Spray a 13/9 pan with GF PAM or butter. Put a small layer of meat/sauce mixture on the bottom and spread around. Lay 3 dried lasagna noodles down in the dish. Add another layer of meat/sauce mixture. Top with spoons of ricotta cheese. Spread the ricotta with a spoon. Add a mozzarella cheese layer. Keep adding layers of noodles, meat/sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella. You can also add in the Parmesan cheese if you want. The final layer needs to be mozzarella cheese.


Bake at 375 for about 30 minutes or until bubbly. Let cool 15-20 minutes or it will be runny.


Sour Cream Pound Cake from Terri

½ pound butter (2 sticks) at room temperature

3 C sugar

6 egg yolks, beaten

3 C Gluten Free Pantry All Purpose Flour

Pinch salt

½ pint sour cream (8oz)

¼ tsp soda

6 egg whites, stiffly beaten

1 tsp vanilla flavoring

1 tsp almond flavoring


Sift the flour 3 times with salt, set aside. Add the soda to the sour cream, set aside.

Cream butter and sugar, then add egg yolks. Add the flour alternately with sour cream (that contains soda). Fold in stiffly beaten egg whites, vanilla and almond. Bake at 300’ in greased, floured tube pan for 90 minutes or until golden and crusty on top.


Are you looking for a GF recipe app for your iPhone?  “So Simple Gluten Free Recipes” from Jen of Gluten Free Life might be what you want.


Articles and Abstracts

 This is an important article.

Ninety-eight patients with anemia who were unresponsive to oral iron supplementation were put on a GF diet even if they did not test positive for celiac disease.  Of these 98 people, 90(92%) showed improvement with the GF diet.


1. Serum for antibodies; 5% were positive

2. DQ2 and DQ8; 68% were positive

3. Histological (small intestinal damage); 13% were positive, with 13% more showing an inflammatory pattern, so 26%; all remaining 74% had no visible damage to the intestines


All patients were placed on a gluten free diet (even if their tests were negative) and followed for a median 3.6 years. Ninety patients (92%) improved on the diet. Of those who did not show improvement, five people were not compliant with the diet and 3 had other gastrointestinal pathology.


This is HUGE! You can see from the numbers that many people would have "fallen through the cracks" with any of the tests:

blood test: 92% - 5% = 87%

genetic test: 92% - 68% = 24%

small intestinal damage: 92% - 26% = 66%


Gluten intolerance without CD is real and it can cause severe health problems. Gluten damages more than the gut.


Refractory iron-deficiency anemia and gluten intolerance - Response to gluten-free diet.


Introduction: refractory iron-deficiency anemia has a multifactorial origin related to various gastrointestinal conditions, with celiac disease plus malabsorption and IBD together with isolated gluten intolerance being most common.Objectives: to determine the prevalence of serum, genetic, and histological markers for gluten intolerance, and to analyze the response to gluten withdrawal from the diet in these patients.Methods: a number of patients with refractory anemia were prospectively and consecutively enrolled. A protocol to measure serum (TGt-2), genetic (HLA-DQ2/DQ8), and histological markers for celiac disease was applied. All followed a gluten-free diet for a median 3.6 years. Sustained remission of anemia during follow-up was interpreted as positive response.Results: ninety-eight patients (84% females) with a mean age of 54 years were studied. Anti-TGt2 antibodies were positive in 5% of cases. A total of 67 cases (68%) were haplotype HLA-DQ2 or -DQ8 (+). We found villous atrophy (Marsh III) in 13% of patients, and an inflammatory pattern (Marsh I or II) in 13%. All remaining 72 patients (74%) had no histological duodenal changes. Age, anemia duration, number of transfusions, number of parenteral iron doses, and time on a gluten-free diet were all compared according to the presence or absence of villous atrophy and HLA-DQ2/8 positivity, and no significant differences were found for any of the analyzed variables. Response was positive in 92% of subjects. Conclusions: celiac disease with villous atrophy is rarely a cause of refractory anemia. Gluten intolerance with no histological lesions is seen in almost 75% of patients, and therefore plays a relevant role in its development.

PMID: 21770680

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