Volume VI, Issue 5                                                         August 15, 2012

In The Spotlight:
While there was only one new ride added in 1977 (which was actually a very old ride), changes were happening all over the park. A really big change happened behind the scenes which would change everything for the park's future. 

In The Spotlight:
Great Adventure's Safari Park has been the "World's Largest Drive-Through Safari Outside of Africa" since opening in 1974 featuring dozens of species and hundreds of animals freely roaming the 450 acre site.  
The Safari was as big a draw as the theme park initially and many of the animals that today are considered too dangerous were free to walk up to and sometimes onto the passing vehicles.

In The Spotlight:

A look back at the characters, clowns,
 and other street performers
from the 1977 season. 

The latest photo updates
from the park are now posted:

Updates from the Theme Park,
Wild Safari,
and Hurricane Harbor!
The Fender Bender bumper car ride is now open, and preparations for Fright Fest have already started! Check it all out.
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