C-51 Tyranny in Canada Would Migrate to USA Via Harmonization Paving Way For CODEX

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Canadian Health Minister (Dictator Tony Clement) has a track record of openly endorsing genocide. (See Health Minister Tony Clement fully supports enforcement actions causing the deaths of Canadians
 http://www.stopc51.com/enforcement.asp  See Birth of a Dictator: http://www.stopc51.com/bod.asp

Clement's effort to ram C-51 through Parliament must be viewed against this backdrop, and Americans had better take note of whats happening north of the border due to FDA's Harmonization efforts via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter via which they're clandestinely creating one harmonized set of food and drug regulations for Canada, USA, and Mexico as if a North American Union were already in existence.

Americans and Canadians should take note that Codex has a Coordinating Committee on N.America and the Southwest Pacific which has held meetings in Vancouver http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/intactivit/codex/consultation/committee_rc_n-america_sw-pacific-comite_cr_amerique-n_pacifique-so_e.html, although Health Canada denies it, C-51's introduction undoubtedly stems from this.

Americans and Canadians should also take note of the fact that C-51 is a direct effort to harmonize Canada with Australia's draconian laws which enabled the TGA to utilize their police state powers to crush PAN, Australia's largest manufacturer of Natural Health Products: http://www.vialls.com/subliminalsuggestion/vitamins.html 

Canadians should take note that New Zealand has successfully thwarted an IDENTICAL effort to harmonize THEIR very liberal Natural Health Product laws to Australias: http://www.nzhealthtrust.co.nz/index_anztpa.html  http://www.nzhealthtrust.co.nz/news_stories/ANZTPA_consultations_suspended.html 


On Wednesday I attended Health Canada's dog and pony show about bill C-51 after learning of the so called "stakeholder" meeting less than 24 hours before. Due to demonstrations held across Canada against C-51, Health Minister Clement dispatched a team of spin doctors to hold these "Stakeholder" meetings in several cities across Canada which only a small percentage of the consuming public were able to even find out about.

The bureaucrats on Health Canada's panel attempted to employ a vast array of spin and obfuscation in an attempt to slip away from the hostile crowds dogged attempts to pin them down with questions. Only 1 person in the audience of 40 people openly spoke up in favor of the bill. Croft Woodruff, Inge Hanle, and Kurt Luzny all did effective jobs of pointing out the hypocrisy of the idea that C-51's true intent was to protect anyone citing such obvious and blatant health problems which Health Canada is ignoring such as cigarrettes, aspartame, and MSG.

At one point I heckled the panel declaring that the whole meeting was a FARCE due to the complete lack of discussion regarding bill C-52 which is lurking in the background as a "sleeper" threat. Attorney Shawn Buckley has analysed C-52 and has declared that with one minor alteration to schedule 1 of the bill it could be turned into C-51 and impact Natural Health Products http://nhppa.org/?p=26 

 I also announced that although Harper has dismantled the Freedom of Information Act in Canada, its still operational in the US and that I'd gotten FDA's internal documents re the Trilateral Cooperation Charter via which we know that the food and drug regs are being harmonized between Canada, USA, and Mexico- so C-51 poses not only a threat to Canadian citizens but also to Americans.

On Thursday, the day after Health Canada's "stakeholder" meeting, I attended a "Town Meeting" on C-51 hosted my MP Mark Warawa in Langley BC. A friend of mine overheard Warawa's staffer tell him prior to the start of the meeting not to call on me. (She's been at the Stakeholder meeting.) So I sat in the front row realizing that everyone would see my hand shoot up many times wanting to be called on but he wouldn't do it. So at the end, when Warawa announced that the meeting was "over", I rose to my feet, and announced that we could continue to use the room even if Warawa decided to leave, then I gave one of the most inspired off the cuff speeches I've ever given and was able to provide a deeper perspective on C-51 than anyone else had all evening.

Afterwards I was mobbed by people wanting to talk more and to get my card. Warawa and his staff didn't leave when I got up to speak because they noticed I had the crowd's rapt attention, but the second I finished, they beat a hasty retreat for obvious reasons. During the meeting Warawa went through the motions of listening to constituents while regurgitating all the spin on C-51 originating from Clement's office.


Statements proceeding from MPs offices, Justice Canada and Health Canada are indicating that seizures under Sections 22 and 23 of Bill C-51 are legal and just under Canadian law. The following case law from the Supreme Court and Federal Court trial division refute warrentless seizures and declare them to be illegal. As follows:

 1) In the Supreme Court of Canada 1950, The Lord Nelson Hotel Case. Unanimous decision, Chief Justice Rinfret presiding

 "The Constitution of Canada does not belong either to Parliament, or to the Legislatures; it belongs to the country and it is there that the citizens of the country will find the protection of the rights to which they are entitled."

 Parliament does not have the authority to enact law in violation of the Constitution . This constitutes an act of treason.

 Further section 52(1) of the Constitution act states:

 "The Constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada and any law that is inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution is to the extent of the inconsistency, of no force or effect."

 Health Canada’s enforcement policy ignores the courts, the Charter of Human Rights and violates the rights of citizens by unlawfully seizing Natural Health Products without court authority (warrant).

 In 1987 Jamison (vitamins) sued Health Canada in the Federal Court of Canada over a seizure that had taken place in 1984.

As follows:

2) In The Federal Court of Canada, C.E. Jamison and Co. vs Canada 1987, Justice Muldoon presiding.

 The stated decision of the court was:

"...the seizure of articles conducted on December 17, 1984, by the defendant Director, and the inspectors, officials and any other public servants who were then members of his staff or otherwise authorized to effect such seizures, was and is illegal, null and void in particular, in that said seizure was unreasonable and contravened section 8 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms" 

Heath Canada continues to violate the Charter by ignoring this court ruling and breaking the law.

Now Minister Clement would put in place legislation that was already declared illegal and unconstitutional.

In reviewing Bill C-51 there are numerous infractions of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

 Sect. 2(b). freedom of expression and communication

 Sect. 7. the right to life, liberty and security of the person

 Sect. 8. protection from unlawful search and seizure.

 Sect. 15(1). equality without discrimination. 

We are demanding the resignation of Tony Clement for attempting an act of treason against the citizens of Canada.

 Any MP voting for this unlawful bill is an enemy to the country and its citizens.

 Many immigrants come to our Canada to escape what this government is now  forcing upon its citizens.  

 Don't give up your constitution... Demand Clements resignation!!

To Stop C-51 Go to http://www.stopc51.com

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