August Gardening~

August is the time to plant for the fall gardens.

Any vegetable that will mature before the first hard frost can be planted now. Beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, collards, lettuce, parsley, peas, radishes and name a few.

Parsley is beautiful in the fall; it loves the bit of cooler temps.

Herbs can be cut back to a few inches of the soil line if you desire a second crop. Sage Hill cuts back the last week of July, so we have new growth about 3" high already in the oregano, lemon balm, sage, and chives.

Are you trying but find yourself a bit confused switching to organic foods?

One really good rule of thumb to go by is, meat, dairy, and sweet fruits are the most important products to start with. Not that other things are less damaging, but in most families meat and dairy are the highest consumed and sweet fruit is the most absorbing of chemicals that are used in growing.

Thinking ahead to the winter months is a way to plan for better organic eating when fresh isn't always an option. Freezing, drying, or canning- all are ways to save some of summer and fall foods for the winter.

Canning is time consuming, and many do not have the time or the know requires a certain amount of safety precautions.

Freezing is very simple, as is drying; both will do a wonderful job of preserving the nutrients of most all foods. Nothing’s better than frozen blueberries. Just wash, dry well, spread on a cookie sheet covered with waxed or baking paper, put in the freezer until frozen, remove from tray and place in freezer bags.

They can be taken out a few at a time and eaten for snacks (still frozen) or tossed into cereals-hot oatmeal is yummy with frozen blueberries. They also make a smashing good pie, smoothie or topping for other treats.

Let me introduce you to a gardening friend....

The Sweet Big Time is a new band consisting of composers (twin brothers) Mark and Mitch Flanagan, and lyricist Tommy Ogren. SBT is recording Americana, pop, Western, folk, blues, music for kids, and alternative country western music.

Tommy Ogren, (San Luis Obispo, California) a horticulturist and prolific writer, is the author of five published books (Including Allergy-free Gardening, and also, Safe Sex in the Garden). He spends half the year roaming solo around the USA in his old pickup truck, camping, roughin’ it, looking for interesting plants, rock hounding, prospecting, fishing, watching birds, meeting new folks, listening to music, looking for adventure, and writing lyrics for Sweet Big Time. As such many of our songs have a real basic American feel to them. They’re songs from the road.

Please visit Tom's websites and tell him you were sent by way of Sage Hill Farms. (this one will be up very soon, so keep checking.)

You will love the music!

School will be starting very soon, please drive carefully and consider a school garden project this year. Working in the dirt with little hands and minds is most rewarding.

Have a very Amazing August and happy gardening~
Bea Kunz