Richard Herring Newsletter
September 2017
Kickstarter for Christmas!
I survived the Fringe!
I don't know how, but it all went very well. I got nice reviews and sold enough tickets to mean that I lost no money (and maybe even clawed back some of the 2014 losses).
Thanks to everyone who came to the shows and if you want to listen to my four Edinburgh Fringe Podcasts then head here (or iTunes).
Now I am back in England, waiting for the work to be done on my new house, so we can move in and about a month away from the birth of my second child, Donkin Herring (name yet to be approved by my wife).
But I won't let minor life events like moving house or having a child interfere with my comedy output. YOU GUYS COME FIRST.
Here's what is in the pipeline this month:
We're doing another Kickstarter to pay for the filming of series 12 of RHLSTP and the production of a brand new Emergency Questions book for Christmas. It's got all new questions (unless I have accidentally repeated one), with 275 of them with a Christmas theme. But others that will work at any time of year because Emergency Questions are for LIFE.
As always there are loads of levels to join in the fund-raising effort and there's a reward for everyone this time round, even if you just pay one pound (I PAID A POUND)!
Plus the chance to get signed copies, dedicated copies and limited edition books with a bonus question.
And there's also an exclusive Emergency Questions bookmark so that all your books can become emergency questions books!
You can also get your name in the credits or product placement for whatever it is that you do (provided it does not contravene our strict code of ethics).
Check out all the rewards and make a contribution here. And don't leave it too late if you want one of the limited offers. Previous experience suggests that they will go quickly (and remember the limited edition first edition copies with an extra question of the 1st book have been ebaying for up to £175).
The book is all written and will make the perfect Christmas gift (we will ensure everything is delivered in time).
The sitcom that we recorded earlier in the year will be going out on Wednesdays at 11.30am on Radio 4 from the 6th September. The cast includes Alison Steadman, Phil Davis, Emily Berrington, Gordon Kennedy and me. I was pretty pleased with it. There are four episodes and you'll be able to catch up on the BBC radio player thing.
The first episode of AIOTM is now up on my Youtube channel and the other five will be going up on the next five Mondays. The reaction to the first episode has been good so far. This was a hugely ambitious undertaking and we learned on the job, but I think there's enough good stuff in here to justify the time we all spent on it. Thanks for helping us to make this happen.
All six long episodes are already up on the secret AIOTM channel and the monthly badger channel (you can get in on this, either buy a monthly badge or  pay £15 here - you get more stuff with the series pass.
After a brief hiatus for the Fringe we have resumed delivery of series 11 of RHLSTP and a fun one with Dan Skinner has just gone up. You can hear and see it in the usual places:
You can watch the series on video on Youtube
(also vimeo and iTunes)
Or listen at the British Comedy Guide
And series 12 will be recorded on Mondays in October and November. You can buy tickets here. No guests booked as yet, but monthly badgers will find out first! Sorry we had to cancel the podcasts on the 2nd and 9th October due to the birth of selfish little Donkin.
Emergency Questions App
We are working on this right now and it should be out soon. It's a chance to have EQs with you all the time. You'll be able to buy extra question packs and if it's popular enough we will keep adding to it.
Emergency Questions Book
If you haven't yet bought the original Emergency Questions book then get it at
There is now the option to buy signed copies, a limited edition run with an individual hand-drawn  shrek in them plus you can get a book dedicated to you, or the person of your choice or ask me to write in a new question just for you.
Getting loads of great feedback and I am planning on bringing out another book for Christmas. And am working up a panel show based around the idea.
It feels like a mini-phenomenon already and it's exciting to see this do so well.
Remember if you become a monthly badger then you will help us pay for the podcast and you'll get a badge, access to the backstage interviews, a secret email and entry to every monthly draw, with some amazing prizes.
Everything Happens For No Reason
This is still in the mix. I am just trying to rewrite the second episode and am writing this newsletter to avoid having to do so.
Energy Suppliers
This has been working well.
If you want to move to a new supplier who seem to be less of a rip off than the big companies thenI can recommend Bulb.
They will buy you out of any contracts you're in and have great and fast customer service and use renewable energy. Plus there's no contract, so if you think they're rubbish you can leave at any time.
Use this link to get a £50 credit (for yourself and for me). Most people seem to save a fair bit of money on energy too - Bulb have reduced their prices this year, whilst many of the big companies have increased theirs.
  Here's me with one of the Edinburgh Comedy Prize winner John Robins - both of us looking surprisingly fresh for the last Friday of the Fringe. It was a good one this year. Don't know if I will be back next year, but glad I made it this time.
Have a great month my friends, my fine friends.