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IAHF List: See the alert below from Mike Bending of the Alliance for Health Freedom in Australia.
The global genocide initiative that we're witnessing being played out right now in New Orleans as FEMA blocks shipments of bottled water, and diesal fuel from reaching those being murdered, and as FEMA cuts the emergency phone lines forcing the Jefferson County President to order armed sheriffs to shoot to kill any Federal Goons that continue to snuff the life out of those being targetted for genocide, we see the direction CODEX is moving in globally via the hellish scence in Louisiana, and via the Australian Alert Below.....

In the face of THIS information, I still need volunteers to help me inside the FDA Public Meeting in Miami on September 13th. See http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org/action.html to register to participate in this meeting where we're going to READ THE FDA THE RIOT ACT.

Since we only get 4 minutes apiece to make statements before these criminals, I need SEVERAL of you to JOIN me and to EMAIL me if you can be there so we can COORDINATE.

It would ALSO help to have some DEMONSTRATORS to protest the FDA's criminal actions in the STREET in front of the Hotel in Miami where the meeting will take place. I need a volunteer to FILM the meeting so we can put it on the WEB to INSPIRE still MORE opposition to CODEX.

IAHF needs DONATIONS so we can ALSO "PARTICIPATE" in 2 OTHER FDA Public meetings scheduled to take place this fall in Boston and Phoenix, and we'll need to once again push for congressional OVERSIGHT on Codex so that we can GET the hearing we were denied on March 20, 2001 when congress WHITEWASHED the last hearing on this issue, not letting me or any of my witnesses present testimony.

To support IAHF, please purchase the DVD "WE BECOME SILENT" for $24. including shipping.
If you send $30. I'll also throw in a copy of the audio tape of the Hour long presentation I made on this issue this July at the PANLA Conference in Pennsylvania. See IAHF address at end of this alert.


5 Years gaol in Australia for using a vitamin, mineral, protein or supplement that the TGA does not approve of?

Being in the possession of marijuana attracts a lesser sentence here in Australia!

Dear Health Freedom Advocate,

You may be interested to know what our government and TGA is planing to do with regards to further restrictive legislation and tightening access to our supplements. If any of us import a supplement from overseas that the TGA do not approve of then we may soon be gaoled courtesy of the latest TGA Amendment Bill, 17 August, 2005.

This means that if you or I purchase Laetrile (a validated cancer treatment) from Mexico or Cansema for melanoma's, for any friends or loved ones, we can be gaoled for 5 years!

Please read more and send you letter of protest to parliament: http://www.ahf-au.org/tga.laws.htm

Michael Bending
Alliance for Health Freedom Australia
'All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing'
- Edmund Burke (1729-1797), Irish born writer and politician -