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IAHF List:    On Monday May 11th, I will be the guest of Bill Deagle, MD on his radio show which you can hear live from Noon- 1 PM Pacific Time (3-4pm Eastern time) at http://www.nutrimedical.com/ . (If you miss it you can also hear it archived here.)
Dr.Deagle is a Virologist who was approached by the CIA a few years ago. They wanted him involved with a campaign to create a weaponized flu virus for population control purposes.
After reading through a stack of their documents, he begged off and became a whistleblower against them.
In preparation for my show on Monday with Dr.Deagle, today I listened to an excellent interview recently done of him and True Ott, ND by Jeff Rense which I strongly encourage all of you on the IAHF list to listen to here: http://tr.youtube.com/watch?v=tY9xwiDV5V0&feature=PlayList&p=29A47AC6875B3B1E&index=3     
Dr.Deagle has THIS to say about the unfolding weaponized flu situation:
Stating unequivocally that the so called "Swine Flu" is actually a lab created concoction consisting of swine flu, avian flu, and two different forms of human flu, all designed to mutate into more and more lethal strains for maximum killing effect, Deagle's message is chilling, but there ARE steps we CAN TAKE to defend ourselves against our murderous government.
In Deagle's estimation, we could be under martial law within 30-60 days. He states that the most at risk people will be health care workers and police, and that government computer models that he witnessed anticipate that most deaths won't come from the weaponized flu itself, but from civil unrest stemming from it as freaked out people engage in an orgy of looting and rioting, so protecting yourself medically is just one of several things you will need to ponder for yourself and your family if you wish to be among the survivors.
You won't want to miss our radio show on monday, and you need to listen to the archive above of  Jeff Rense's interview with Deagle and Ott because you will need this information to protect yourself and your family. You will need to massively forward this information to help bypass the controlled media because there is safety in numbers.
See Government Template for Mass Vaccination: http://www.infowars.com/government-template-for-mass-vaccination/    Our illustrious government has plans in place to force vaccinate us all under the Model Emergency Health Powers Act and under Executive Orders which trigger Martial Law. Deagle warns us that what the CIA has just unleashed on us has permanently changed the world. This is not going to just blow over.
He emphasizes that they've even gone to the extreme of exhuming the corpses of miners killed by the 1918 swine flu pandemic from the permafrost in Alaska in order to bring this flu back to life so as to include it in what they've just assembled in a lab and unleashed on us.
Can you see the writing on the wall?
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano issued a report on April 10th to law enforcement labelling all military veterans, Ron Paul Supporters, Chuck Baldwin Supporters, and other constitutionalists, anyone speaking out against the New World Order, anyone opposed to gun control, all pro lifers, etc to be "Right Wing Extremists" http://www.infowars.com/conservatives-outraged-at-dhs-assessment-warning-of-violent-rightwing-extremism/  
Massive Efforts are underway via anti second amendment attorney General Eric Holder to strip us of our firearms and ammunition, and I urge everyone on the IAHF list to oppose this Nazi fascist by joining Gun Owners of America and by closely examining their TAKE ACTION section at http://capwiz.com/gunowners/home/
1. Listen to the Jeff Rense interview of True Ott, ND and Bill Deagle MD at   
2. Listen to Dr.Deagle's show on Monday May  Noon- 1 PM Pacific Time (3-4pm Eastern time) at http://www.nutrimedical.com/ . (If you miss it you can also hear it archived here.) 
Study information on Dr.Deagle's site such as: 
The swine flu is common in the agribusiness, and antibodies to swine flu are present in 20% of vetenarians and 5% of pig farm workes, and rarely kills pigs.  However, this swine flu that has presented in Mexico, Texas, California, Queens NYC, London, Italy, etc. has genes of swine, avian, human, and asian flu.
This is without any doubt a pandemic flu with a current case fatality estimated at 10 % plus, and rapidly is leaping across North America and to Europe.  Since 1997, the H5N1 flu has spread to all continents. Genetics showed that six strains had high pathogenic case fatality rates in the range of 70% average from 25 % to 100 % case fatality rates in humans, with some clusters of human to human spread, with close physical contact.
Defiencies in two amino acids needed to allow rapid attachment to human cells was found in all strains, but can be acquired by recombinants with H9N2 or H7N3 or H3N2 etc. endemic human stains that can also coinfect pigs, birds, agricultural animals, and animals in the wild. Until fall 2008, the avian flu did not optimally replicate unless it was at 106 degrees or higher, but now it has acquired the capacity to replicate easily at 98.6 Farhenheit.
Drug resistance to Amantadine, Tamiflu also are the predominant strains.  The current swine flu is analagous to a early 20th century steamer trunk, with stickers showing the visited countries and coastal cities. It has stamps from Asia, North America, Avian, Swine and Human genetics. This is a "Lab Creation".
Now, we must understand that this virus is behaving as if it is more lethal per case that usual flu, and can recombine in pigs, wild and domestic birds, and other animals and can thus acquire PB2 deletions, NS1 gene polymorphisms, and the polybasic six amino acids that allow it to grow in brain and CNS as well as any other target organ in human and animal hosts.
The NS1 deletion of four amino acids bypasses IL4, and thus is much more lethal with massive cytokine release at end stages. Because Avian H5N1 and the 1918 Swine Flu targeted young healthy people, the release of cytokines was more violent in the most healthy. This first wave is likely to recombine and after Phase 1 gene to population insertion, Phase 2 will result in new superstrains with additional genetic polymorphisms allow transfer efficiently to humans. Phase 2 is the bioreactor phase. In the emergent or Phase 3, new viral Clades of Swine /Avian hybrids will then have more efficient spreading and higher spontaneous lethality.    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
WHO UN ROTHCHILD'S FUNDED WITH CDC NIAID PANDEMIC FLU    Human Life International invited Dr Bill Deagle MD to speak, March 1997, to the International Board of Doctors and Scientists.  After my two hour talk, the board sat me down for a presentation of a foot of documents. Included were three distinct biological programs.
The first was a plasmid anti-HCG contaminated Tetanus Vaccine, to cause first trimester sterility by spontaneous induced miscarriage in the target populations of Subsharan Africa, Phillipines, and other target WHO UN high density population countries.   The second program was the US Special Virus Project, with mycoplasma RNA oncogenic viruses to cause immune failure, and premature death. It was knows as the AIDS syndrome, and was a recombinant of Visna, Green Monkey and Feline leukemia retro-RNA viruses carried by host mycobacteria.  
Most important as the large packet of documents on the Avian Flu Project, funded by the Rothchilds and oversean by the WHO and UN. They were in process of obtaining gene fragments from deceased whalers in Alaska with the CDC and Natl Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, supercomputer remodeled and bioengineered resurrection of the 1918 Swine Flu. They planned to insert into the genome Avian genes and spray into Asian bird populations, which would later be a gene pool when spread was complete to all continents for a new Swine-Avian Flu Pandemic.  
We now see the H1N1 flu in Mexico, Canada, UK, Italy, USA and perhaps other locations, rapidly evolving. This wave is quite lethal, but with the H5N1 genetics in the wild, it is likely to come in future waves with yet more lethal genes and more rapid spread.   Certainly, in the next 7 days, the presence in multiple countries, US Pandemic Flu Alert, WHO raised from 3rd to 4th level, and the pronouncements for a decade plus of coming Pandemic Flu, this was totally a UN WHO plot to release a virus that would cull the human herd. Martial law will come with this or future waves in the next several months.   This is the Final END GAME of the Global Elite, to fullfill Global 2000, NSSM 1974 population threat alerts, 1996 UN Population control documents, all calling for massive reduction in World Human Populations. Last week, the UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown called for a reduction from 60 to 30 million.      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
Statement On Allimed and Swine Flu  Although this is a new flu virus strain, it appears to be related to a simple H1N1 virus line. Symptoms in patients infected in the USA and Europe appear to be severe and include high temperatures, sore throat, sneezing and coughing. Swine flu appears to be very easily spread by coughing sneezing or coming into contact with someone who is already infected.
Stabilized allicin as found in Allimed with Allisure AC-23 is an excellent natural antiviral, fungal and bacterial agent that has been proven in double blind placebo controlled studies to both PREVENT the onset of viral disease and to remove symptoms in patients already infected. I would ask patients to supplement with 2 Allimed capsules per day to act as a preventative. All the Allimax, Alliultra and Allimed products are available through www.Nutrimedical.com to get the virus from infecting you!! Otherwise call: 888-212-8871  Dr. Bill Deagle MD DABFP AAEM A4M 
3. Get www.silver100.com This ionic silver has a unique patented delivery system- its been complexed with citrate ions for enhanced bioavailability. It works against antibiotic resistant viruses including staph infections and MERSA. I have an Omron Nebulizer to pump a fine mist of this ionic silver deep into my lungs: http://www.portablenebs.com/  I have been using Silver100 for years, and swear by it. You will too once you take the time to study the information on the website. When you order it be sure to tell Jay Newman at Invision that you came to him from IAHF.
4. You won't be able to go to the supermarket once martial law and rioting break out. Be sure to have a few cases of SPIZ  www.spiz.net on hand as an emergency meal replacement- this complete food is easily digested, and is the choice of elite endurance athletes including Chet "The Jet" Blanton who set the world record for the most Triathlons in one year (27) and one of them included a "Double Deca" triathlon (20 ironmen run as a continuous race, and his only food during this ordeal was SPIZ:  http://www.ronjones.org/Coach&Train/Testimonials/Athletes/MultiSport/chetblanton.html Be sure to tell Randy Ice at SPIZ that IAHF sent you.
5. Use ph strips to monitor your acid/alkaline balance. Start doing this NOW!!! You want to maintain a slightly alkaline ph in order to maximize oxygen uptake which will help protect you when people are dying like flies. Eat raw foods and lots of green veges to alkalinize yourself. Read Flood Your Body With  Oxygen by Ed McCabe http://www.oxygenhealth.com/
6. Get organic sulfur to increase permeability of cell membranes to increase oxygen intake. You can't trust any MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) sold in health food stores because they call contain silicon dioxide, an anticaking ingredient that ruins the uptake of sulfur. Get organic sulfur from Patrick McGean at The Live Blood Study in Utah at 801-290-2013 and tell him John Hammell sent you. Patrick cured his son of Tesicular Cancer using sulfur. I've been using it for years with very noticeable positive health effects especially radically improved energy level, resistance to allergies, alleviation of pain via oxygenation, plus it acts like viagra especially if you also drink kombucha along with it.
7. Megadoses of Vitamin C- I have a lot of C on hand. Join the Life Extension Foundation, order tons of it from www.lef.org take it to bowel tolerance, til you get diarreah, then back off a couple grams til the diarreah and flatulence subside. This is how you know you're taking an optimal dose of C and you can absorb far more when you're under stress. Tell them John Hammell sent you.
8. Pay attention to products Dr.Deagle is selling especially this one: First Line Defense Kit: http://www.nutrimedical.com/ (see right margin) Tell him John Hammell of IAHF sent you.
9. Wildcrafted Oil of Oregano- From the Vitamin Centre- http://www.thevitamincentre.ca/miva/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TVC&Product_Code=oasis&Category_Code=SP  Tell them John Hammell of IAHF sent you.
If you aren't getting regular exercise every day, please START!! It will help reduce your stress levels and will help you sleep well despite stress caused by everything thats unfolding. Take measures to detox yourself including bathing in a tub with red desert clay: http://www.i-amperfectlyhealthy.com/RedDesertClay-HomePage.html  Examine other info about detoxing on this site also. You can get your ph strips there too, and a foot spa detoxer. Tell them John Hammell of IAHF sent you. I have been using their products to detox for the past couple months. We all carry a heavy toxic load which compromises our immune system. Take steps to detox now and be among the survivors because whats coming at us this fall and winter won't be fun. We all need to take steps NOW to fine tune our heatlh, because the NWO is culling the herd- the Hammer has Dropped, all the Ingredients are in the CAKE.
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