IAHF List:
In this alert I've got hard evidence that Harvard University is directly participating in the effort to kill us all via chemtrails, and I hope you'll join me in complaining, see the phone script and complaint form below Harvard's want ad where you can learn about Harvard's Geoengineering Policy Fellowships... (Geoengineering is the polite term for chemtrails, we're all supposed to believe these people are "protecting us" from "global warming". Yeah, thats right, they're trying to "protect us" by radically culling our numbers so the ruling elite can take over the planet after wasting all of us "usless eaters".

I've got 30 lbs of chemtrail antidote sulfur coming tomorrow or tuesday, and 26 pounds of it has already been sold because people don't like bein' sprayed with toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, barium, strontium, aluminum or with Morgellons disease causing antibiotic resistant bacteria.
I'm going on a trip for 10 days leaving February 20, coming back March 4th, and If some of you want more I need to know if I should order another shipment or not before I go, so if you want some you better order it NOW!!
I don't want my only option to be to keep living here, I want to have the option to move to a part of the world where they're not spraying chemtrails and have a place in mind that I'll be travelling to in order to scope it out. I might divide my time between that country and this one, or I might boogie on out of here entirely because I am not willing to subject myself to this genocide.
Its amazing to me how so many people are being so easily brainwashed into buying into this scam called "global warming". Its amazing to me how so many people never even look up to see the death vaper that is being rained down on us. Its amazing to me how blind the masses are as the Bilderberg Group and Club of Rome make their genocide moves to implement UN Agenda 21 popluation control measures via Codex, Chemtrails, GMO Foods, Water Fluoridation,etc, but via the IAHF list more and more people ARE awakening to the fact that a serious attempt is underway to weaken our immune systems so we can be more easily controlled....
As word gets around that organic sulfur helps protect us from the death vapor being rained down on us I can't keep it in stock. Every day I'm bagging it and shipping it out, but I won't keep doing this indefinitly because I am not willing to live my life this way. I want out of here.
So if you want me to order more, if you want me to ship you some before I split for a country where they're not spraying that I'm serious considering relocating to, please let me know. If enough of you want me to get another 20, 30, 40, 50, 100, 200, 300 lbs this week, I will- since I'll be gone for 10 days- so please let me know.... In the meantime, please join me in complaining about the genocide to Harvard University which is part of perpetuating this madness under the guise of so called "Geoengineering" to stop so called "Global Warming"....
Have a gander at this "Want Ad" from Haaaahhhhvuddd for "Geoengineering Fellowships" and please join me as I give these smarmy New World Order Fascist Bastards a piece of my mind!! In this "want ad" you will see email addresses and phone numbers of people who I am sure are quite well meaning and very clueless about what they are a part of. In other words, they are no doubt robot automotons on autopilot who fail to understand any aspect of how they are being used.
So lets EDUCATE THEM!!! Lets SCHOOL them!!! Don't they realize they're causing Morgellons Disease by spraying antibiotic resistant bacteria on us?
Few places on this planet are more arrogant than Ivy League Universities, especially Haaahhhhhhvudddd and Yale- the two biggest bastions of the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati. They've got Skull and Bones  and Scroll and Key at Yale and something similar at Haaaahhhhhhvudddd, so I have always regarded both ruling elite bastions of snobbery with equal measures of contempt and disdain, you should too- because these schools are the lowest, darkest, most evil tools of the smarmy ruling elite, our would be overseers, our would be exterminators.
The people who run Hahhhhhhvudddd no doubt regard you and me to be "useless eaters" who must be culled, and if they don't, its only because they're too ignorant, or perhaps too busy being cogs in the machines to even realize how they're being used.
Some of the morons involved in so called "geoengineering" no doubt regard themselves to be "planetary saviors" who are "saving us from global warming", but I, for one, have a serious problem with the rational of people who seem to think that they have to kill us in order to "save" us, and I get real ticked off when I contemplate the actions of fascist nazi swine such as Bill Gates and his efforts to massively push vaccines on the masses and his involvement with the Doomsday Seed Bank in the Arctic....
If you WANT SULFUR, Please Go Ahead and Order Some, I Suspect I'll Have to Order Another Shipment Since the 30 Pounds That Will Be Arriving Tomorrow ot Tuesday Has Mostly All Been Sold Already- I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger filling orders here.....
This "Geoengineering Policy Fellowships" garbage ties right in with everything being told to us in "What in the World Are They Spraying"
Also see Coalition Against Geoengineering
Remember the warning of Hopi Elder Dan Elvehema "We will see a Mist, as a WARNING, telling us people of all color must unite for survival and that we must uncover the cause of our dilemmas." Warning given by the late Chief Dan Evehema of Hotevilla, Arizona, Hopi Nation
Chief Elvehema- Hopi Nation
Geoengineering Policy Fellowships
Belfer Center's Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group at Harvard Kennedy School
Geoengineering is the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the Earth's climate that might be used to partially offset the climate risks caused by emissions of greenhouse gases. Solar Radiation Management poses complex challenges for climate policy and for global governance more generally, not least because it appears that many if not most individual states could readily use these tools to alter the global climate. Geoengineering policy research fellows would be expected to work in collaboration with faculty at Harvard Kennedy School along with international organizations such as the Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative to improve understanding of the options for governance of geoengineering.
Required Education, Experience, and Skills
Applications for these Research Fellowships are welcome from recent recipients of the Ph.D. or equivalent. The ideal candidate will have academic and/or professional experience of 3–5 years minimum. Candidates will have excellent skills in presenting complex material to a wide range of audiences and will be able to take initiative in interacting with other researchers and policymakers. Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in engineering, the physical sciences, public policy, economics, political science, or a related field, with a clear focus on environmental, resource, or energy policy.  Those candidates holding technical Master's degrees and have extensive experience, will also be considered. Candidates must have relevant language skills.
Selected fellows will be working under the supervision of Professor David Keith and will be expected to produce at least one publishable article, present his/her findings before internal and external audiences, and play a substantive role in the dissemination process of any findings, which could include interactions with policymakers.
All application materials should be emailed directly to patricia_mclaughlin@harvard.edu
Application Requirements
  1. CV/ Resume
  2. Research statement (3–5 pages)
  3. Writing sample (less than 50 pages)
  4. 3 letters of recommendation to be emailed directly from recommenders to      patricia_mclaughlin@harvard.edu
 Applications will be accepted until April 12, 2012.
For more information about this publication please contact the STPP Program Assistant at 617-495-1498.

Please take this letter and flood it into Professor David Keith c/o patricia_mclaughlin@harvard.edu
and lets jam their phone line with angry complaints by calling 617-495-1498. using the phone script below
Professor Keith: You're such a smarmy low life fascist feces eating scum bag that you no doubt actually believe that spraying toxic heavy metals and antibiotic resistant bacteria on all of us "useless eaters" via chemtrails is a damn good idea.
After all, the 13 satanic families who control Harvard University and the Bilderberg Group think so and you get your paycheck from them, so we understand that you're just a cog in the machine taking a paycheck, but we want you to know that we oppose your efforts to kill us and make us sick.
We're putting you on notice that Harvard is in violation of the Nuremburg Code  Who the hell do you smarmy bastards think you are anyway? We never gave our consent to be sprayed with toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, barium, strontium, aluminum, or with antibiotic resistant Morgellons causing bacteria, but that is what you are doing. You are trying to kill and sicken people for UN Agenda 21 societal control purposes, but we are not taking it laying down. We are onto you and we are pissed!
We are in communication with the media about this, and we are plastering our warnings to mankind all over the web so people can take steps to protect themselves from you murderers! We will not stop forwarding this message to the masses, to our friends, our neighbors, our families. We hope it reaches as many Harvard Alumni as possible also because they should stop contributing to Harvard as long as this is going on! We also intend to read this message to whoever answers the phone at  617-495-1498 and Harvard's President Drew Faust Tel: (617) 495-1502 Fax: (617) 495-8550  and  we will flood it into  president@harvard.edu  with the demand that he watch "What in the World Are They Spraying?" " and the demand that Harvard immediately stop its involvement with genocide!!!
 Please donate to the IAHF WOK FUND to help us fabricate some huge stainless steel woks so we can make lots of coconut honey and transport it across the Pacific to America! That will help make the sulfur more palatable and its only 35 on the Glycemic Index!! We don't want to use aluminum woks to make our coconut honey because aluminum is bad for the brain, we will only use stainless steel but its very expensive, we need to raise several thousand dollars to fabricate several huge woks. This is a project I am working hard on right now and I need your donations to make it happen, the life you save could be your own!!!!
Please mass forward, and take action!!! GOT SULFUR???