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IAHF List: I had a very interesting mix of responses to my last alert, everything from "thanks for telling it like it is" to "you're a no good anti semetic jerk". (The person who accused me of being an "anti semite" I regard to be a Zionist, and asked her her view on the website of Jews Against Zionism (http://www.jewsagainstzionism.com/) which has a very thought provoking website.

I, for one, totally oppose the Neocons and regard them to be Trotskyites. They're trying to start Armageddon, right now. Stock up on whatever you think you might need including potassium iodide, because the 4th Reich which is running Amerika right now will stop at nothing to manufacture consent for an attack on Iran, including exploding a suitcase nuke or two or three in one or more major cities in the USA.

Read the article below and pass it on. Call Con-gress, and while you're calling those traitorous scoundrels, you might want to increase your awareness of whats going on by reading the article below, and also a copy of a great book called "One Nation Under Israel" which is all about the frightening level of power wielded by AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee).

Now, am I an "antisemite" for saying these things? No, I'm not, I just CARE about everyone on the IAHF list regardless of race, creed, religion or national origin and I oppose WAR and Nazi/Trotskyite swine like Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Kristol, and the rest of these whores who are trying to take our planet down right before our eyes, RIGHT NOW!!!

If enough of us raise bloody hell about this, maybe we will be able to dissuade the Commander in Thief from nuking our cities in order to manufacture consent for an attack on Iraq that is sure to start WW3. And any of you who want to try accusing me again of being an "anti semite" I'm not, hell, I'm a non Jewish member of JPFO http://www.jpfo.org because Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants.....

Down The Middle - Aug 9, 2005
- The Sun Also Rises
by Down The Middle
The Sun Also Rises

By Down the Middle

In an August 1 article for the American Conservative, retired CIA officer Phillip Geraldi revealed that Vice President Dick Cheney has directed Strategic Command (STRATCOM) to prepare contingency plans for a nuclear first strike on Iran, in the event of another 9/11 style terrorist attack upon the United States...and went on to say the strikes were "not conditional on Iran actually being involved in the act of terrorism directed against the United States".

The Islamic Republic of Iran, the Eastern hub of Bush's "Axis of Evil" has always been the prime threat...and the prime target of this administration's Middle Eastern crusade of liberating oil and installing "democratic" control of the region. With it's land mass four times that of Iraq and it's population of 68,000,000, three times greater (half being considered "radically fundamentalist", compared to the Sunni insurgency in Iraq which encompasses only twenty percent of that country's population of 26,000,000,) a "Shock and Awe" air strike, followed up by a ground invasion would be doomed to the same style of resistance, only on a much larger scale.

From the beginning, it was obvious to me that, although a daunted prize on it's own, Iraq was, more importantly, situated on the Western flank of Iran and its capture would effectively close the perimeter "noose" of U.S. bases that now surround that country.

Beginning several months ago, reports of U.S. aircraft flying reconnaissance missions into Iranian airspace , along with other reports of U.S. Special Forces and Israeli commandos, including Iraqi Kurds and Iranian exiles of the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), covertly penetrating Iranian territory to "mark" target sites, could only mean only one thing. We're going!!!

Only last February, Scott Ritter, a U.S. Marine Gulf War veteran and UNSCOM weapons inspector in Iraq, during the nineties (who tried to tell the American public that Iraq had no WMDs and was rebuked as a "traitor" for his trouble), told an audience in Olympia, Washington that President Bush had already received and signed off on plans for air strikes on Iran. He said the strikes could begin as early as June.

More recently (July 27), Lyndon La Rouche issued an international alert for the month of August, as being the likely time for the U.S. to stage a tactical strike, with Congress adjourned for vacation and Bush chopping cedar brush in Crawford, leaving Cheney as the "maestro" of Washington. La Rouche also identified reports from congressional, military and intelligence sources confirming that these are not just contingency plans but have operational "intent". It is even said that senior Air Force planners are truly appalled at what's happening but are going forward with the planning of this unprovoked, nuclear strike, because they are not willing to overtly object, at the risk of losing their positions.

CONPLAN 8022, part of the doctrine of preemptive nuclear war which was originally conceived by Cheney, Wolfowitz, and Libby (when Cheney was Secretary of Defense under George H.W. Bush) has already placed the relevant "mini-nukes" under the control of military theater commanders. If this wasn't enough to worry about, on January 5th of this year, Congress quietly passed the (unconstitutional) "Doomsday Legislation" that allows for only a handful of the elected legislators to be able to create or change laws in time of natural disaster, contagion, attack by another nation.......and yes, that would include TERRORIST ATTACK! Therefore, not only is this administration prepared to go nuclear, in the event of another "terrorist" attack...but they are in position to use such an attack to "restructure" things, at home, too.

The fact is, I always presumed this administration would nuke North Korea, to avoid another costly war on the peninsula...but after seeing the failures of Iraq, I now have no doubt that we will deploy low-level nuclear weapons against Iran's hardened bunkers, deep below the ground, and we will also use conventional weapons against other targets in a massive bombing campaign that will proceed the invasion. As the 4th Infantry and the 101st Airborne are once again rotating "to Iraq", allowing another "overlapping" of forces as we saw during the elections, plus having other forces already stationed in the surrounding countries, the invasion of Iran may well be imminent.

While the world is watching media reports of Rumsfeld going berserk over the Iranian production of shaped charges, designed to kill U.S. troops in Iraq...and the reports of Iran's final refusal to curtail the enrichment of uranium, our leaders are preparing for nuclear war. All they need now is one more big terrorist attack upon U.S. soil.

Is that the sun, rising over Iran?


Has the Revolution Begun?

by Down the Middle

Russian Intelligence analysts are said to be reporting that an apparent coup is taking place in the United States and one of the top coup leaders, General Kevin P. Byrnes was relieved of his command, after an investigation into what Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld labeled "misconduct". Almost immediately, speculation began frothing out of the corner of the "Media Monster's" mouth that the charges were probably "sexual" misconduct, slandering General Byrnes to the American citizenry before any investigation is made public or any defense can be mounted.

The claim is being made that large numbers of military forces are being moved within the continental United States, while forces loyal to the coup are being redirected to Iraq, getting them out of the country, and Bush loyalist forces prepare for Martial Law, here at home.

Speculation about a coup rests with the recent story of the preplanned nuclear strike on Iran, as retaliation for large a "terrorist" attack, within the United States. Many analysts, foreign and domestic, believe such a strike would actually trigger World War III.


UPDATE: Wednesday, August15, the United States military begins the training exercise, "SUDDEN RESPONSE" with the scenario of terrorists smuggling a "back-pack" nuke into the U.S., via Charleston harbor...and detonating it.

With multiple reports of all military leaves being canceled, beginning September 7 and the recent firing of four star General Kevin Byrnes, said to be involved in a coup to stop the exercise from "GOING LIVE", as is said to have happened with other "false flag" attacks, during the "exercises" of 9/11 and 7/7, could this "exercise" lead to an "incident" requiring nuclear retaliation and invasion of Iran?

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