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bear I Want to Play in the Snow!
     And I might get to! The weather here in Georgia is calling for some frigid and snow ready temperatures!
     This is an old piece of art I did when I was working for a children's clothing company about 20+ years ago (gulp). I'm going through old artwork in preparation for this move to Scotland and I'm coming across all sorts of old treasures. I always liked this one - hope you do too!
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by Jon and Pamela (Craik) Voelkel

     The Voelkel's recently stopped by my blog with a fascinating guest post about their love for ancient Maya history, how they turned it into an engrossing series of books, and the latest in their series - THE LOST CITY. For lovers of Percy Jackson, delve into an action packed adventure in this equally mythologically based society. CLICK HERE to read the guest post.

Writing Feature: Guest Post "On Switching Gears"
     Chug on over to Janice Hardy's Fiction University where I talk about "On Switching Gears" in creating children's books. This image is a hint.
"If you don't make time to read, your brain will rot."
- Delia Ephron
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     I have to give a shout-out to WHEN HURRICANE KATRINA HIT HOME by Gail Karwoski. It is an eye opening look into what happened to people during the hurricane. And while it's a fictionalized version, it is based on many real-life experiences. I think it's an important read - especially for young readers who weren't here when it all went down. It's from a small publishing house, so may not be on your radar. I hope you'll seek it out. Speaking of seeking, I'm also reading SEEKER by Arwen Elkys Dayton. I was lucky enough to get the digital arc for this one and am diving in with relish.
Video of the Week...
      Still in the glow of Valentine's Day, I share "Missed Connections" brought to you by The Strand Bookstore in New York. Apparently folks meet in the Strand all the time and try to reconnect via Craigslist. But lo, most do not reconnect. The folks at the Strand have created romantic reenactments of these missed connections, starting with this one (click the image to watch the series on YouTube):

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     Coloring Page Tuesday - Eskimo Kiss
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      I create my coloring pages for teachers, librarians, booksellers, and parents to enjoy for free with their children, but you can also purchase rights to an image for commercial use, please contact me. Meanwhile, if you have questions about usage, please visit my Angel Policy page.

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