September 29th 2014

Dear Manton Road Plot Holder,

Manton Road Allotment Site has been without a site rep for some time.
The role involves both helping the allotment officer with managing the site
and representing the plotholders views to the Council.
This is a final call out for nominations for the role of site rep at Manton Road.
The closing date for nominations is October 21st
You can nominate someone with their agreement or you can nominate yourself.
So far we have received one nomination for Ian Dennie, plot 2.
If no further nominations are received Ian Dennie will be elected unopposed.
If there are further nominations, details for the election will be announced soon
after the closing date. If there are none, Ians appointment will be announced.
Any further nominations should be emailed to
The Federation are very grateful to the existing nominee for allowing his
name to be put forward.
 Best Regards,
BHAF Committee.


Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation