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  August/September 2017
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  • Ontario – new vaccine exemption form
  • Worldwide push toward mandatory vaccination
  • The vaccine merry-go-round
  • The state of children’s health
  • Standing Orders
  • Vaccine Choice Canada at BabyTime Show in Toronto Nov. 10-12
Ontario - new vaccine exemption form
As many of you are aware, the Ontario government recently passed an amendment to the Immunization of School Pupils Act that makes life harder for families who make alternative vaccine choices. People in the vaccine choice movement see the new law as coercive and threatening to our most basic Constitutional rights, i.e,  the right to freedom of conscience and religion, and the right to security of the person.  We believe that the new law also violates our informed consent rights as articulated by Ontario’s Health Care Consent Act and numerous international treatise that uphold the basic human right to refuse unwanted medical treatment without intimidation or coercion.

The Ontario provincial government now has the full power to force a ‘vaccine education’ session on parents before they are ‘allowed’ to file a vaccine exemption so that their healthy un-vaccinated or partially vaccinated children can attend school. Most parents who make alternative vaccine choices do so after extensive reading and research, and often after a child has suffered a vaccine reaction or injury. Medically based vaccine exemptions are very difficult to obtain. Many parents report that their doctors won’t acknowledge vaccine reactions and injuries, refuse to sign medical exemption forms, and even refuse to file vaccine adverse events reporting forms (AEFI), leaving families no other option but to file a conscience based vaccine exemption.

The new vaccine exemption form, is a coercive and intimidating document that has many parents worried and angry. Confusion has arisen as to whether signing the exemption “Affidavit” on page 2 also means that the parent agrees with the “Risk of not being vaccinated” statement embedded on page 1, part of which reads as follows:
“With the decision to delay or refuse vaccines, you are accepting responsibility that you are putting your child’s health and even life at risk.”
The second page is clearly titled “Affidavit” and contains the wording of the oath a parent must sign, get notarized and submit to their local Public Health Unit. Many parents are concerned that by signing the Affidavit on page 2, they are agreeing with this self-incriminating statement, inserted by the government on page 1.

VCC has sought legal advice on this. The legal opinion we received indicates that the parent’s signature on the Affidavit only covers the oath on page 2.  The legal opinion also states that the government’s risk statement on page 1 is separate from the Affidavit, and that the parent is NOT agreeing with the risk statement by signing the Affidavit.  We urge parents not to be intimidated by the wording of the new exemption form, and to file the exemption affidavit as you have the legal right to refuse any or all vaccines for your children.

Our response to the egregious assertion in the ‘risk statement’ which basically defines parents as negligent if they choose not vaccinate, is one of outrage. When the government makes a statement that by not vaccinating, “you are putting your child’s health and life at risk”, parents have every right to be concerned.
The VCC response to the new 2017 Ontario exemption form and risk statement is a 16 page Investigative Report that challenges and deconstructs the government’s misinformation and lies.  In the Report, VCC researcher, Nelle Maxey, sets out the science, statistics and conflicts of interest in this review of the real history of diseases and decline in mortality, how vaccines destroyed true herd immunity, and evaluates the real risks of getting the vaccines, or getting one of the so called ‘vaccine preventable diseases”. The VCC response to the 2017 Ontario exemption form provides parents with the ammunition to counter government vaccine propaganda and misinformation.

The government’s intention is clear – to create a climate in which obtaining a vaccine exemption is so onerous and intimidating that people will be frightened into vaccinating their children instead of filing a vaccine exemption form. We urge parents, “Do NOT be intimidated by these tactics!”

Once the parent obtains a certificate from their health unit verifying that they’ve attended the ‘vaccine education’ session, they must then attach the certificate to the new exemption affidavit which must be witnessed (stamped & signed) by a notary public, a lawyer, a commissioner of oaths, a Member of Parliament or other qualified people which are listed on the VCC website. These two documents together are then submitted to their local public health unit.

Worldwide push toward mandatory vaccination
Today we are seeing an unprecedented worldwide movement by governments to make vaccination compulsory. Starting with California, once considered the most liberal state in the US, the abolition of personal belief or religious exemptions in 2015 sent shock waves across the U.S. and Canada.  Similar bills were introduced in many states against which pro-choice vaccine activists fought long and hard to preserve parents’ right to religious and personal belief exemptions. That same year, the 80,000 member Canadian Medical Association started lobbying to abolish vaccine exemptions rights, and in 2016 voted in favour of ending personal belief and religious exemptions at its annual general meeting. "It's time to end all non-medical exemptions for vaccination," said Dr. Tommy Gerschman, a Vancouver physician.  The pressure from the CMA two years running to abolish personal belief and religious exemptions is behind the recent legislative change in Ontario that makes it harder for parents to file vaccine exemptions.

In Australia, the new “No Jab No Pay” legislation removes parents’ rights to file religious  or conscientious objections to vaccination under penalty of forfeiting government benefits for their children. Its intent is that parents who do not follow the Australian Childhood Immunisation Schedule on time, will be unable to claim child-care subsidies and that those who are eligible for family tax benefits will lose that too.

Australia’s, Judy Wilyman PhD has published a scholarly 380 page referenced critique of the history and politics of vaccination.  She uncovers what has led to draconian vaccination policies now being implemented world wide. These repressive policies emanate from the conflicted public-private partnerships struck between governments, public health entities and the mega multinational pharmaceutical industry. Her analysis is sobering.  She says these government vaccination policies are not designed to protect public health, “because they coerce the public into using a medical intervention that is being promoted on false claims of safety, efficacy and necessity. She writes,
Doctors are also paid bonuses for increasing the “vaccination rates” of the population and this is being used as a surrogate measure for the “health” of the population – without assessing the actual health of infants and children after using multiple vaccines at the prime time of their development.
Dr. Wilyman accuses governments and research institutions of not having done the scientific studies to prove that vaccines are NOT causing the 5-fold increase in chronic illness occurring in Australian children over the past two decades. One can extrapolate this to other countries with a similarly aggressive vaccine schedule such as Canada and the U.S.

“Governments globally have not proved that vaccines are harmless. On the contrary, they have proved that they are “unavoidably unsafe” and that they are linked to allergies, anaphylaxis, asthma, autoimmune diseases, tics, neurological damage and autism.  Put simply, governments have never systematically evaluated the long-term health impact of using multiple vaccines on infants/children, and mandatory over-vaccination is not protecting public health.”

“The burden of proof of harmlessness of any procedure/technology is on the proponent and not the general public”
Since early summer, millions of Italian parents have poured into city streets across the nation in protest of new draconian mandatory vaccination laws.  France is heading in the same direction.  Mainstream media outlets in Italy, the US and Canada ignore the record protests against medical coercion and deliberately avoid reporting them to the general public.

In this hard hitting article, Robert Kennedy Jr. discusses the implication of fast tracking mandatory vaccination policies while the media muzzles scientists who raise the alarm about vaccine contaminants.   In every human vaccine analyzed, Italian scientists found “wide-ranging contamination, including minute particles of lead or stainless steel in all the vaccine samples analyzed, chromium in over half, tungsten in over a fifth, and many other varieties of metallic particles.

Rumblings of mandatory vaccination are also stirring in the UK.  The British Medical Association (BMA) is “calling for evidence to be submitted to the UK Government on “the potential advantages and disadvantages of childhood immunisation made mandatory under the law”.  British health officials are a bit more cautious around the question of mandatory vaccination as there’s a long and notorious history of anti-vaccine activism in Britain that reaches back to the 1700s right through to the early 1900s.  There is a dark history of compulsory vaccination in Britain.  After more than a century of public protests, the jailing and persecution of vaccine resisters, whose children had been injured and killed by smallpox vaccine, the government finally had to soften the mandatory vaccination law and allow people to file conscience based exemptions. Several excellent books have been written on the history of resistance to smallpox vaccination: We recommend Bodily Matters and Jabs, Jenner & Juggernauts by Canadian Author, Jennifer Craig.

A thoughtful letter submitted by French physician, Claudina A. Michal-Teitelbaum MD, to the British Medical Journal (BMJ) analyses the questions, “why and for what purpose” is there a desire for politicians and individuals to make vaccination compulsory in European countries?

She writes, “We can’t identify any particular event that puts public health at risk in European countries which are targeted by these measures.”  She also asks whether these initiatives to mandate vaccines is based on any justifiable science or public health grounds since they strongly restrict the freedom of choice of parents.  Vaccine promoters justify these measures by saying, “in order to increase vaccine coverage and reach herd immunity and to avoid an unacceptable public health threat.”

However, she points out, these arguments are based on arbitrary and unproven assumptions, and that this can be proven. Dr. Michal-Teitelbaum provides examples of the increase of diseases like pertussis (whooping cough), invasive pneumococcal disease and meningitis following the introduction of vaccines.  She writes, “Immunization is a complicated topic that needs more reflection and less coercion. It’s time to realize that vaccines, like medicines, are not a mystic panacea and that they are subject to the commercial and political pressure and also to the influence of conflicts of interest.”
The vaccine “merry-go-round

Vaccines change the natural epidemiology of diseases and lead to the vaccine “merry-go-round”  [see chart on page 9 of our new Report] in which vaccine suppression of diseases gives rise to new, more threatening diseases.  Haemophilus influenza B (Hib) vaccine, which suppressed the incidence of the ‘B’ serogroup of the disease has resulted in the upsurge of other strains of the bacteria for which there are no vaccines.  Hib itself arose as an invasive bacterial disease in response to widespread use of DPT vaccines.
While measles vaccines have suppressed the disease from cycling every few years, the opportunity to develop lifelong immunity is lost for children who don’t experience the natural infection, with multi-generational repercussions for both infants and adults. In the pre-vaccine era, babies were protected from measles in the first year of life because of cross placental immunity acquired from their mothers who themselves had measles in childhood. Unfortunately babies don’t receive the same quality of immunity from their vaccinated mothers. Because vaccines do not impart lifelong immunity, there are unknown numbers of fully vaccinated adults whose waning immunity leaves them at risk of the very diseases they were vaccinated against.
Pertussis vaccines do NOT prevent spread of the disease, they only suppress symptoms which has resulted in fully vaccinated, asymptomatic people spreading the disease to the vulnerable.  A new analysis of the dramatic increase of whooping cough has found that “The startling global resurgence of pertussis, or whooping cough, in recent years can largely be attributed to the immunological failures of acellular vaccines.”

The state of children’s health
No one in Canada or the U.S. knows or acknowledges the extent to which children’s health has been adversely affected by the huge increase of vaccines given to children starting in the mid 1980s. A grim picture of chronic diseases afflicting nearly 50% of American children emerged from a U.S. study a few years ago. Because of the similarities in our cultures and the same public health practices vis a vis vaccines, it is safe to assume that these findings apply to Canada as well.

In a 2011 study – published in Academic Pediatrics, an estimated 43% of US children (32 million) currently have at least 1 of 20 chronic health conditions assessed, increasing to 54.1% when overweight, obesity, or being at risk for developmental delays are included. The estimate is derived from 2007 data. Undoubtedly matters are much worse today and could exceed 50% of children being chronically ill,  not counting obesity.

Another study in the June 2011 issue of Pediatrics found that developmental disability was on the rise in the U.S. Between 1997 and 2008, the number of school-age children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or another developmental disability rose by about 17 percent. It's estimated that roughly 15 percent of kids – nearly 10 million – have such a disability. Boys had a higher prevalence overall and for a number of select disabilities compared with girls.

An independent vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study published earlier this year comparing the health outcomes of home schooled children in several U.S. states,  found that children who receive fewer vaccinations are less likely to develop chronic illnesses. The study concluded that vaccinated children were “much more likely to have been diagnosed with a chronic illness (including allergies and learning disabilities) when compared to unvaccinated children. In addition, 7.5% of the 666 children in the study had been diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental disorder (NDD).”

In this powerful interview with world renowned geneticist Theresa Deisher PhD, she talks about genetics, DNA and the rise of vaccine injuries and autism. Her research has found that vaccines grown on human fetal tissue are all contaminated with human DNA debris which can trigger autism disorders, leukemia and lymphomas.  This information needs to reach parents everywhere so they can make well informed decisions when considering vaccines for their children.

Standing Orders
Standing Orders: Vaccine policy makers are busy devising ways to increase vaccine uptake. Recently a physician working at a busy west coast hospital in the U.S. disclosed that hospital policy requires that everyone admitted must get a flu shot.  He writes, “Because of core measures, automatic order for flu vaccine exists on every person admitted to the hospital…….[and]….. nurses “are instructed to administer the vaccine regardless of the patient's mental status or ability to provide consent. They are to give it regardless of medical condition, and patients in septic shock on life support are expected to be vaccinated. Some nurses have been refusing on medical grounds, fearing adverse outcome on these critically ill patients, and they are now being called on the carpet by the hospital.”

The “core measures” this doctor is talking about are actually known as “Standing Orders”, a protocol developed by the “Standing Orders” group, a think tank supported and funded by various medical lobby groups, the Immunization Action Coalition and Pfizer pharmaceuticals. Their purpose is to insure that hospitals and clinics adopt aggressive militaristic vaccine directives that flu shots and pneumococcal vaccine are given across the board to all patients admitted to hospital regardless of the criticality of their health, and without their informed consent. Without vigorous public opposition to these cleverly orchestrated ethical violations, we are all at risk of having our most basic human right to refuse unwanted medical interference violated, with impunity!

Vaccine Choice Canada at the BabyTime Show, November 10-12, 2017

Vaccine Choice Canada will have volunteers and lots of information at our booth #121 at the BabyTime Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, November 10-12.  We’ll be there for 3 full days.  Please drop by to chat with our volunteers and pick up books, flyers, DVDs.
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