A bittersweet goodbye from Rachel and a new beginning for the Ménage...
We've got some big news: after six years as a three-some, Ménage à Twang is sad to announce that Rachel Levy has decided to leave the band. We will certainly miss her sassiness, her singular vocal stylings, and her sense of humor, but we wish her well. The Ménage lives on, however, starting with a fabulous show on Friday, June 1st at the Bell House, when we'll be joined by Woodpecker, Doll Parts, and a host of fabulous guest musicians, including vocalist Liz Davito and pianist Emily Khan. We'll also be unveiling some brand new songs as we celebrate the next phase of the band we love. Save the date!
A note from Rachel:
After six wonderful years with Ménage à Twang, it is time for me to take my leave from the band and focus on other projects. But before I do, I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you to my bandmates - two of the most intelligent and creative women I know - for an amazing run of writing and singing ridiculously fun music. And thank you to our fans for not only giving us audience, but for singing along! You've made performing a total blast. Please stay in touch - you can find me on Facebook (of course). - RAL
June 1st at Bell House and beyond!
In addition to the Bell House show on June 1st, Jess and Emily are hard at work on a children's album, and on lining up some fun summer shows, including afternoon park shows for kids and evening club shows for kids of all ages (with proper ID, of course!). We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can find our music on iTunes and CD Baby, see videos on Youtubefriend us on Facebook, visit us on the web, and keep in touch via Twitter, too.

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