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- June 2001 -

Volume 2, Issue 16; June  2001



This month's edition has a definite poetic slant. Thanks very much to those that contributed the poems. This is what will make our newsletter attractive to the now 450 readers. You responded to my call last month and I look forwarded to your further contributions. Remember: If planing a public social occasion (play, revue or the like) let me know in time for the next edition. Planning a garage/wharf sale? This is the place to publicise it and for free! 

Until next month - keep warm !

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In this Issue:


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Our Island - in Poetry

I love a sunburnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges
Of droughts and flooding rains.
I love her far horizons,
I love her jewel-sea,
Her beauty and her terror&
The wide brown land for me

The stark white ring-barked forests,

All tragic to the moon,
The sapphire-misted mountains,
The hot gold hush of noon,
Green tangle of the brushes
Where lithe lianas coil,
And orchids deck the tree-tops,
And ferns the warm dark soil.

Dorothea Mackellar


I love a suburban island

A land of seeping drains

Of ragged clay-based roadways,

Running rivers when it rains.

I love her aging hippies

A social pot-pourri

Her beauty and her ugliness

The little brown land for me


The squat black re-cycling boxes,

Unsure if it's week A or B,

The Monday-garbage mountains,

Avalanche over rainbow sea,

Un-whipper-snippered sanctuaries,

Where weed on native gain,

And the bi-annual Island clean-ups,

Call down the gods of rain.


Bill Gye

(with apologies to Dorothea Mackellar)



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Ode to  Scotland Island

We're moving to an island I hear Sue say, plenty of room and the kids can play,
It's a different lifestyle and you can come, It's out of the city and will be lots of fun.
I'm off for a visit to this paradise, "Don't bring too much" is the advice.
Suncream, sunnies and fishing rods, I have a few bags, and some odds and sods.

There is a beautiful view across Pittwater Bay, an island of green, just a boat trip away.
Come  on, we'll get there while the tide is in , we can be sailors, can't you swim?
The ferry is sedate and takes the ride slow, or take the pink water taxi for plenty of go,
or what we like best, our little blue runner's a little rusty but it sure is a gunner!

I hold on for life, and enjoy the spray, the engine is loud. What did you say?
It's up and down and side to side, my knuckles are white but I enjoy the ride.
Whew! That was great, let's tie up the boat, that doesn't look easy and can't be done rote.
Marcus balances between boat and pylon, I hope that suit is made of nylon.

Somehow the appropriate knots are tied and the laws of gravity defied,
Now is the best part, just a short climb, there are a few steps, we'll be there in no time!
With bags and pillows under my arms the island beckons with all of its charms.
I start with confidence - but then, How many did you say? Two hundred and ten!

I'm halfway there and out of breath, My legs are jelly and I feel close to death,
My heart is pounding and misses a beat No, I will not accept defeat.
I suppose you are used to this I say Yep,  you get fit when it's every day.
Ah, there's the house, a haven amongst trees, I crawl through the door, on my knees.

I need a drink!  I hear my voice rasp But Wow! What a view is my second gasp.
This panorama of water through gums to view With the setting sun painting a golden hue.
I'm glad we are here and it's worth the climb, now to relax in this world sublime,
But there's some toys scattered about and some clothes on the chairs
Oh and few things to move so you can sleep downstairs.

I'll grab a shower and have a good soak. Sorry, we're on tank water, so you won't.
Well, that's okay I can live with thatchy, you didn't tell me the water is black!
I wake with a start from a blissful sleep A crashing noise disturbs me from the deep.
I rush upstairs to see what is the fray It's just the possums out to play.

So every night 'tween dusk and morning light The possums scratch then run and jump in fright.
The sight of Marcus with the broom To chase those possums from the room.
But they are hardy and are back each night It's just one of those things about island life,
Like spiders and ticks and creepy crawly things. It is part of the fun that country life brings.

How do I get up here with the shopping load? The island taxi is the right mode.
He's always there when you need that ride It's better than the steps I must confide.
And every day there are parrots to feed Justin is very handy with the seed!
There is enough food from morning to night but we never tire of their colourful flight.

Together with Jessie, we make lots of cakes and plenty of cookies for the island fete.
We like to walk to Tennis to play, and back again at the end of the day.
To go off the island is an expedition requiring timing, forethought and determination.
Got the car keys? my purse, and coat? Don't want to do it 3 times by boat.

Church Point is a lovely spot by far, great pub, a post office and friendly milk bar.
The ferry pulls in with great precision, to be back by four is my decision.
We return from our day out on the town, the Church Point car park has wide renown.
Hey I have a sticker and can park my car here, looks like I might be parked on the pier.

What luck, a spot has just become free we squeeze in and run to the pier with glee.
What do you mean the last ferry just went, its pink water taxi and another 12 dollars spent!
The time has come and we must leave the isle, sad farewells, but we'll be back in a while.
Yes it was worth the steps, and a gale or two for island peace and fun, and solitude.

"For Sue"

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Survivor 3 - The Island (a revue)

The Scotland Island Players presented Survivor 3 - the island on June 8th and June 9th 2001, and your editor and his attractive assistant went along to enjoy a night of revue presented by our local talent. The show was (very) loosely based on the television series known and loved by some, and starred MC's Bob Blackwood and Toby Jay. Netty Lodge, Lizzie Brand, Lisa Atkins and Mat Penfold, together with Brian Franki, Robert Dale, Michael Sourial, Tania Carroll and Darryl. With lots of sharp humour, many references to certain on-shore establishments and some fine music played by an augmented SI orchestra (who may need just a little more practice), we thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Please keep up the good work and may we have many more shows of such quality.

Black and White Charity Ball

The Scotland Island Preschool invites you to the Black and White Charity Ball to be held at the SI Community Hall on Friday July 6th at 8pm. Featuring John Brownrigg and Imagine That, this night will sure to be lots of fun. Supper is being provided by Caotic Catering and refreshments will be available. Dress: Black and/or White. Cost $35.00 per person. Numbers are limited and there will be no ticket sales at the door. Inquiries: 02-9997-6768.

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Christmas in July

The Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade extends an invitation to all residents and friends of the Brigade to attend our annual "Christmas in July" dinner to be held on Saturday, 21 July 2001. Join us for a sumptuous traditional three course dinner with all the trimmings, live music, prizes and special guests. Seats are strictly limited so book early - at just $35 each you don't want to miss this fun night out. Call Bruce at the Fire shed to make your booking on 9999 4404.

Guringai Open Water Rowing Club

Have you seen the surfboat rowing around the island and bays? Do you want to give it a go? The Guringai Open Water Rowing Club was formed by a group of offshore residents earlier this year and the club is now the proud owner of that magnificent vessel. We are currently meeting at 9am Saturday, 9am Sunday and 3pm Sunday in men's, ladies and mixed crews. No experience necessary! For more information, call Adrian Chaldecott on 9999 0837 (after hours).

Scotland Island Fair

I know it's only June, but it's time to start thinking about the Fair again. The date this year is Sunday, 25 November 2001. Start planning your stall/display/activity NOW! If you can help at all with the planning and organisation or have any fabulous ideas for this community event, please telephone Jenny on 9979 3777.


Get Fit Now with Circuit Training

Circuit Training is a fantastic way to increase your fitness and we now have regular classes running on the Island. Suitable for all fitness levels - go at your own pace. Only $8 a session (much cheaper than mainland gyms!) and great fun. Classes are held on Wednesdays at 9.30am and 7.00pm at the Scotland Island Hall. Bring a towel and a drink. Call Pam Brooks on 9999 0686 with any queries.

Scotland Island Preschool 2002

Scotland Island Preschool is planning for 2002. You need to be on the waiting list NOW. The proposed days are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We aim to extend the preschool hours and to take children from 2-5 years. DOCS require 6 months notification to change our licence so it is vital that you inform us of your intentions as soon as possible. Contact Glenda or Suzanne at the preschool on 02-9979-7856. The waiting list fee is $10.

Pittwater Water access only homeowners with jetties

A major meeting for all WAO home owners is being held at the Money Mooney Workers Club at 10am on Saturday 7th July. The keynote speaker will be Mr Graham Harding, manager DLAWC, who will also answer question on progress with its review of operations. A special bus is leaving Mitchell's at 8:30am on Saturday. Ring Greg Roberts 9979-9599 for bookings on the bus. This is a critical step on the pathway to getting reasonable jetty fees.

Scotland Island Directory Supplement

The Scotland Island Directory has been a great success since it was first printed in early 2000. Scotland Island Residents' Association has received a number of requests from both current and potential new subscribers to the Directory to be included in any future edition. We have therefore decided to collate and print an update to the Directory to be released to all residents of Scotland Island as well as residents in the Western Foreshores.  The update would include advertisements, both from existing and new advertisers, as well as an updated listing of telephone numbers for Scotland Island and the Western Foreshores.

If you are interested, please reply to SIRA by Monday 9th July indicating that you wish to be part of this supplement and forward your Application and cheque for payment by Tuesday 31st July.  Applications are available from the following people:

  • Shirley Page                            9997 1875                       
  • Barry Haycock                          9979 9025
  • Marion Van Den Driesschen    9979 3993

Please advise us of the suppliers you would like to see listed.

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The Treasurer, SIRA, PO Box 70, Church Point 2105. Please NO CASH. If you wish to pay in cash, contact the treasurer, Shirley Page on (02) 9997-1875 to arrange collection/delivery.

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