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New Beads:
Purple Rain Flower Stone Skull Beads
Silver Charms for Charm Bracelets
More Silver Charms for Charm Bracelets
Eye-catching Aurora Borealis Crystal Beads
Large Mysterious Crackle Rock
Magical Crackle Rock Rondells
17mm Enchanting Rock Crystal
Titanic Apple-Green Gaspeite Barrel
Refreshing Green Calsilia Rondelles
Dramatic Ocean-Blue 15mm Calsilica
Lustrous Blue Marble Calsilica Beads
Unusual Large Magenta Biwa Stick Pearls

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Bead Polishing Tumbler

To ensure your beads are nice and shiny, we polish them in a tumbler.

The machine vibrates for a few hours at a time rubbing the beads against little rock chips, polishing granules or wood chips and balls of polish. The harder the stone, the more abrasive material we add in the tumbler.

These machines are noisy and make a lot of dust, so we put them outside on our balcony in China!

Shiny beads look much more appealing, and therefore make jewellery that will sell better for you.

Lower Bead Prices!

We know how hard it is these days to make money selling jewellery, so we have lowered hundreds of our prices. If you see anything we sell that you think is too expensive, please contact us and we'll see if it's possible to lower the price.

Happy Easter Beads

Flower beads are great for the spring - so millefiori is ideal. Choose pastel colours and mix them to make a bright, light, design. Pearls are also very suitable this time of year, along with all types of crystal and jade.

These all produce a bright, high-key look. White, yellows, greens and pinks look good, giving a spring-like feel. Colourful seed beads can be used to cover eggs and other objects to give an Easter look. Why not give a loved one a pearl necklace for an Easter present - she will look so good wearing it on Easter Day. Plus, flower bead bracelets and earrings are so easy to make too. Happy Easter!

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