Stolen Art and lots of Fu*k Fingers
If somebody had told me, we would spend this month making copper sculptures of fu*k fingers, I would not have believed them. But this has become reality.
It all started with an art happening called 'Fu*k Dobbel Standards' where Jens Galschiot made a big fu*k finger sculpture for a national charity event. The sculpture focus on the hypocritical Danish politicians, that cut Danish foreign aid, while cheering and promoting themselves at the charity event (which will only collect around 2% of the amount that they cut!).
We followed up by making a small version of the fu*k finger sculpture and asked our facebook-followers to tell us who deserved the ‘fu*k you’ message and why.
But the fu*k finger sculpture went viral and now everybody wants to by one for themselves or to somebody else. The sculptures are pretty expensive and difficult to make, but it is also quite funny so now we made a large number of the small sculptures to sell.
On the more serious side we ran into a stolen painting of ‘ours’ on ebay and the case now involves the Danish police department and INTERPOL.
In 2011, our Mexican friend and super-painter Alberto Aragon Reyes lost a DHL shipment of paintings with a value of 100,000€. We thought they had disappeared forever, but this month one of the paintings appeared on eBay for $8,999.
It is for sale with the original name of the painting, so it was not difficult to find. Apparently it sold from somewhere on the American continent, but it is difficult to find out exactly where.
Not even ebay has the right to sell stolen art. So we have been in contact with the Danish police who is working to get the painting back and the thief captured. However, it is not so easy. Interpol has to take care of the case abroad, and ebay is hiding behind thick walls of laws, formulas, missing telephone numbers and lack of responsibility.
It is insane that it is so difficult to stop ebay from orchestrating the sale of stolen goods and as you can see the painting is still on sale. So we cross our fingers, in hope to get it back before it is too late.
On the other hand, it’s difficult not being an optimist as spring time has finally come to Denmark and things are going quite well.
Galschiøt has been invited to the Danish Parliament, to lecture about his view on arts societal influence in the future. From Galschiots point of view the established art world is marked by too much white wine networking at fancy art halls and too little engagement in the real world. So this will probably be the message to the Danish parliamentarians. 
We also have some really radical art happenings up our sleeves - I look forward to write about them in the next newsletter.
Best regards
Lasse Markus Cand. Soc. – Exhibition Manager at Gallery Galschiot
Other activities
Fuck Double Standard
The Sculpture ‘Fuck Double Standard’ was sold for 3.370 Euro through a national charity event 'Danmarksindsamling' in favor of the world's poor.
The sculpture was actually quite critical towards Danish charity (or rather the lack of it). It is a comment to the fact that Denmark has decimated its national development aid with an amount that is 50 times higher than what we can ever hope to collect at this charity event. These cut downs happen while the Danish people and Denmark get richer every year.
The sculpture created a lot of debate and we are very satisfied with the outcome of the art event. The buyer of the big finger was Morten Jeppesen from the presse bureau
Fundamentalism exhibition
The Children of Abraham/Fundamentalism is exhibited in Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus from March to June. The sculpture shows the 600 darkest and brightest quotes from the Bible, the Torah and the Quran.
Now the city's schools, libraries and cultural institutions will get involved in order to make a constructive debate about Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the religions’ differences and (many) similarities and their dark and bright sides.
COP24-climate summit in Poland
In December 2018 we once again exhibit our climate sculptures. Galschiot has a long tradition for exhibiting just outside the official UN climate summits, and we already have an agreement with the Polish officials.
Climate art is often used by the press to express some of the complicated issues in a single photo. Also, news reader are easily bored by photos of men in suits and conference rooms.
In a way, media helps us communicate the sculptural messages throughout the world.
Alberto Reyes
The sculpture Fuck Double Standard
The Sculpture Fundamentalism
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