Perugia Press Prize
for a First or Second Book by a Woman

Prize: $1000 and publication

Entry must be submitted electronically
or postmarked no later than November 15, 2013.
B E G I N   E M P T Y - H A N D E D
by Gail Martin

 Winner of the 2013 Perugia Press Prize
In her poetry, Gail Martin  rides the hinge between the life expected and the reality of life in process. While she surrenders to hard truths—loss of parent, enduring marriage, daughters in trouble, for example—she changes the subject, she digresses, then she looks straight at the pain.
Sometimes Night Is a Creek Too Wide to Leap

The sky wears black serge pants while
hemming up another pair for tomorrow
night. A bit shorter, but you won’t notice.
Some nights the blue pill brings a dream
where a young girl is trying not to cry
in the sheep pasture, stuck where her brothers
eyed the watery gap and mossy stones and sailed
to the other side. We didn’t know about E. coli
then, how our waders must have buzzed with it.
By the time I was ten, I’d pared my list of things
I was scared of down to four: the high board,
hoods and kidnappers, blue racers, and shaking
hands with Uncle John who’d lost four fingers
in the cornpicker. I pushed the scared parts of me
away, like the two finches my mother watched
nudge a dead fledgling off the edge of her deck.
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Gail Martin has many readings scheduled—from Michigan to Massachusetts.  Check out when she'll be near you.

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