Children in Weimar Republic Play With Stacks of Worthless Deutchsmarks---
Soon the US Dollar Will Be Equally Worthless Due to QE2 Triggering Hyperinflation in Coming Year 
The Normalcy Bias Causes People to Underestimate The Threat of Disaster- Learning What This Is Will Help You Awaken More People and To Come Out of Denial Yourself! IAHF Offers a Survival Guide>>>>>
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The reason most people won't listen to a word you try to tell them if you attempt to alert them to the fact that we're on the verge of a total economic meltdown and martial law is a psychological phenomenon called "The Normalcy Bias"  Please read the definition at this link. The normalcy bias causes lots of people to underestimate the threat of a disaster, and to not prepare exactly like this pair of ostriches sticking their heads in the sand (!!)

If a threat is something they've never seen before or have not experienced, its very easy for many people to just go into denial. This explains why many normally rational people living in houses right on the beach in the direct path of an upcoming hurricane often ignore all warnings from TV news and police to leave their home and go to a shelter. Many people die this way. Don't you be one of them! Please go here to really study the complete definition of "the Normalcy Bias". Doing so will help you awaken others around you, and that will make your whole community safer!
Here in Point Roberts we have a local group called Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group  As you can see, this group was formed to address natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, winter storms, floods, power outages- these sort of things. It was created as a way for neighbors to help neighbors and to provide first aid training so we can help our volunteer fire dept in the event of an emergency.
I'm glad the group is here and while I think all of this is well and good, thus far, (due to the "Normalcy Bias") the group has been unwilling to even consider expanding their mandate to also include the threat of a man made disaster such as the impending collapse of the dollar as identified in my recent alerts.

In an effort to awaken local people here in Point Roberts to the fact that PREP has been ignoring literally all information about this economic threat, not lifting a finger to even attempt to evaluate or understand any of it, I've posted a couple messages on the website of our local paper following an article about PREP.

As you know, my goal is to successfully awaken Point Roberts so that people here will proactively take steps to prepare for the coming crash so that we can avoid being put under martial law. Ideally, my core group and I will succeed in educating the masses here so that most people will lay in food reserves and plant their gardens early with cannable veges. Hopefully more people will build chicken coops and get into aquaculture. It that were to happen, we could avoid having the sort of looting that would bring down martial law. We're seeking a dialogue with the County Sheriff and his local deputies as well as with the Port Director at the border crossing.With God's help, ALL THINGS are possible!!
 If we ultimately succeed, we could get Glenn Beck to come here and shoot footage the way he did in Wilmington OH recently when he showcased that town and how everyone pulled together to transcend serious economic hardship caused by DHL shipping pulling out leaving 70% unemployed.

I was inspired to initially make the attempt to organize Point Roberts after learning of "the miracle of Wilmington" where they've organized rotating pot luck dinners so no one is going hungry, and where they organized a 24 hour prayer vigil so that any time of the day or night if someone really needs someone to talk to theres always someone around to help. This has helped prevent suicides. They've also organized to help each other with their businesses and to start new ones, often on the strength of a handshake! Now a dynamic couple has stepped in to be leaders so the full burden of organizing people here is no longer all on me, which is great, because it frees me up to write a book I'm writing.

I like all the good things that have been happening in Wilmington, and am urging people here to pay attention to what happened there, but to also look at the all too real threat of total financial collapse, but most people (NOT ALL) have been looking at me like I have two heads. (By being aware of the Normalcy Bias its easier to accept the inevitable rejection and just move on, dealing in volume! By dealing in volume I've expanded my core group and now have this dynamic couple spearheading things which frees me up!)

***The way you can help is like this> Please go to this link which is to an article in my local paper about Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness Group. Below it you'll see several comments by myself and other people that are intended to raise awareness of the very real threat of economic collapse and martial law.
Please read the comments and please consider adding your own which backs me up. This could help create a local buzz in this small rural community of only 1500 people, and that could lead to a community meeting which we could videotape and put on You Tube.

That could catch Glenn Becks attention, and maybe he'd come here to do a story. That could inspire millions of people nationwide to emulate what we're trying to do here!!!  My friends Craig and Carol who are helping me just rented a house on our main street that they are calling "Home of the Heart". They envision it becoming an informal gathering place where local people can come to discuss numerous things we'd like to do to improve Point Roberts, a safe environment where everyone respects everyone regardless of political orientation so we can make plans for the greater good of our community.
They envison different rooms in the house serving as offices for things like creating our own LETS system (Local Exchange Trading System), another room could house the "Skill Bank" where people could connect with others here who have various skill sets, people who can help with their gardens, etc.
I like their idea very much. It means we wouldn't be vulnerable to the ruling elite trying to force us into line to get food and microchips because that will be happening in areas where people didn't prepare. The elite will be using food as a weapon to force people into line. They'll be trying stunts like giving you food in exchange for your gun. All the conditioning we've been receiving in airport security lines is being done for a purpose and now you know what it is.

All of you can help us launch our campaign bigger if you go here and add your own two cents to back us up (scroll below the article to see comments and to add your own), and after that, who knows? We just might save this country from its planned NWO destruction!! When you throw a rock into a pond, the ripples travel all the way to the shore. Maybe this effort we're making here in Point Roberts can have a catalytic impact nation wide that will shock the Illuminati scum and really give them pause!  I was sure encouraged today to see a Florida judge shoot down Obamacare calling the entire bill unconstitutional. That scam can't be ruled on by the Supreme Court fast enough to suit me, and if the court doesn't back the constitution we just might have to DO something about that!

Do yourselves a serious favor, go back and re-read my previous recent alerts and start preparing.** It could save your life and the lives of your family members. If you're still in denial, please read the "The Normalcy Bias" and really think hard about the things I'm saying!

Remember- the best thing you can do to preserve your access to dietary supplements is to help defend America from its planned destruction. If we fail, FDA will destroy DSHEA by harmonizing our Food and Drug regs to Canadas and Mexicos and we'd be forced into the CFRs planned NAU Dictatorship. I forced FDA to give me their internal documents on this via the Freedom of Information Act, so I know their strategy. We're going to monkeywrench their evil genocide campaign by working together!


I have created a list of carefully thought out questions we're asking local officials, the Sheriffs and the Border Guards. Following these questions (which you could adapt to your area so you can help lead people there, I've got a survival guide you won't want to be without as TSHTF.

I'm offering this Survival Guide for a donation of $50. which you can send to IAHF via paypal  or by sending a check or MO to IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA. Its worth every penny being chock full of valuable information that could mean the difference between life and death for you and your family. I'll email it right out to you, and the money will help me keep IAHF in business (we're dangling by a thread.) Please encourage more people to sign on to the IAHF list HERE because theres SAFETY  in numbers and because the NWO is muggable!
Let me know the things you're doing to prepare, email photos of food storage, greenhouses,  gardens,
chicken coops, aquaculture, solar arrays, windmills, and anything else noteworthy that I can use to inspire others!
For Freedom
John Hammell