Message on the Georgia Guidestones Warns of Planned Genocide coming at us now. The ruling elite announced through the Guidestones their intention to kill 9/10ths of the world population, and now we see hard evidence that their plan has been set into motion- we MUST band together to STOP IT!!!   
Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009 Special Report by Dr.Leonard Horowitz 
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Speaking of the US Centers for Disease Control, in conjunction with Novavax Inc., in a press release dated April 25, 2009, Dr.Leonard Horowitz implicates an Anglo- American "vaccine pipleline" in committing conspiracy to commit mass genocide.
The last sentence in his press release tells it all: "No other group in the world takes H5N1 Asian flu infected chickens, brings them to Europe, extracts their DNA,combines their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the 1918 Spnaish flu isolate, additionally mixes in swine flu genes from pigs, then 'reverse engineers' them to infect humans."
In this article you will be armed with solid information you can use to protect yourself and your family from your planned extermination.
Watch this You Tube of a marine corps soldier who has to go on a dialysis machine due to kidney failure due to being subjected to an experimental flu vaccine:  Notice how the DoD has done nothing to help himDo you fully grasp now that the Government is your ENEMY?

We need to file injunctions in all 50 states against mandatory flu vaccination, because if we don't stop that, its really going to be bad because biowar has been unleashed on us, and as you can see from the example above, our government has been actively planning on killing large numbers of us first by lab created human vectors intended to trigger martial law, then by mandatory so called "vaccinations" which are obviously intended to kill us. (While this is happening, Novavax's stock is going through the roof.)

Human vectors coming aboard planes, and overland are being used to deliver a lab created biological weapon to America, and the world right now for the purpose of radically reducing world population and the Bilderberg Controlled US government is allowing this to happen- through collaboration with Novavax, the Centers for Disease Control is directly involved in the effort to kill us. 
The Mexican government is covering up the truth about whats happening there right now to protect their tourist industry.Yesterday I was the guest of Bill Deagle, MD on his radio show. If you missed it, you can hear the archive at Dr. Deagle has sources inside all the biggest Mexican hospitals. As of a week ago there were over a thousand dead inside the biggest hospital in Juarez, but you never heard that on the news because you weren't supposed to know about it.
See Swine Flu Epidemic &
Avianized Flu Pandemic
 Recombinant Preparedness Alert

Dr Bill Deagle MD DABFP AAEM A4M

Listen to this archive of Jeff Rense interview with Dr.Deagle and with True Ott ND about this 
Our government has not put HEPA filters aboard all planes coming into the USA, they have not closed the border with Mexico, they have not put sensors in place in immigration lines in airports to detect people's temperatures, and they're not quarantining people who have temperatures who are coming from overseas (as they have been doing all over Asia in airports ever since the SARS epidemic a few years ago) for the simple reason that they're working to DELIBERATELY TRIGGER a pandemic in order to cull our numbers and to trigger martial law.
Grasp that the first wave of this flu strain won't be the worst, successive waves will be more and more deadly as the virus continues to mutate. Grasp that before it was not able to mutate at 98.6 F, but now it can. Grasp that Novavax and the CDC collaborated to create this "Mexican Flu", and that we are going to see serious fallout from it come fall and winter as it continues to spread and mutate around the world unless we take the following steps to protect ourselves:
Computer models have shown that in a pandemic, more deaths are caused by societal upheaval than by the pandemic itself. The first to die in large numbers are "first responder" medical personnel and police.
You will therefor need to take steps to be your own doctor, and to provide for your own self defense. If you live in or near a large metropolitan area, I recommend you consider moving, and if you can't move, consider what it would be like if trucks weren't resupplying supermarkets with food, and if no one were responding to 911 calls for help.
1. Read Strategic Relocation- North American Guide to Safe Places
The Governor of Montana has just signed a law there that repeals all Federal Gun Control legsislation for firearms and ammunition manufactured in that state.  See If the Feds attempt to challenge this law, it could result in Montana seceeding from the Union.
Obama is the most anti second amendment President in history. He is pulling out all stops to try to disarm us in anticipation of martial law. Montana is a place where it would be easier to defend yourself, but it could also become the center of attention in a martial law scenario with US Army troops sent there en masse. I recommend everyone on the IAHF joining Gun Owners of America and assisting with their legislative alerts: Congress is now trying to pass a Medical Records gun ban which would retroactively ban numerous military veterans and others who should not be blocked from possessing firearms.  
Obviously I recommended getting well armed in anticipation of martial law, and I recommend stocking up on food, and other supplies.
2. Go to and get the products recommended by Dr.Deagle to protect yourself. Listen to his archived radio shows. See his First Line Defense Kit containing Nanoparticle Masks with replacement filters, defense wipes, Nutriimmune and Nutridefense  See his Sinus Pulse Sinus Irrigation/ Lung Inhalation Machine If you develop flu symptoms in a pandemic, the last place you'll want to go is to a hospital where pathogens are everywhere and people are dying like flies. Having this machine in your home could save your life.
3. Grasp that the whole Germ Theory of Disease is flawed. Pasteur, who developed it, capitulated on his death bed to his biggest critic, Antoine Beauchamp by saying "Its not the GERM, its the TERRAIN." He was right. By maintaining a slightly alkaline ph, we can absorb maximum amount of oxygen into our cells, and thats the best way to prevent any flu. Read The Battle for Health is Over Ph by Gary Tunsky
4. Sulfur increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing for maximum absorption of oxygen into the cells. If you eat a lot of organic vegetables you'll get sulfur via that means. You can also get organic sulfur in one pound cannisters from Patrick McGean in Utah at 801-290-2013.
5. The most bioavailable silver in the world is manufactured by This is ionic silver complexed with citrate ions for a vastly improved delivery system. It kills antibiotic resistant staph infections, and even the MERSA virus. I have seen thousands of unsolicited testimonials sent to the owner of the company from satisfied customers and have used it myself for years. I wouldn't want to be caught without it this fall and winter when this lab created virus mutates and triggers martial law.
6. Megadoses of vitamin C, Vitamins A & D also have powerful immune boosting properties. The Life Extension Foundation is a good source of supplements and information about them.
A. True Ott, ND sent me a draft for an injunction to be filed in all 50 states against mandatory vaccination. It needs work, and I am helping fine tune it. We will need to approach some public interest law firms such as The Thomas More Law Center, and the American Center for Law and Justice to help get it filed.
Obviously no one should take a vaccine, and if they try to force it on you, you must resist and oppose our criminal government with everything you have. The vaccines are intended to kill us.
You can clearly see that by watching this You Tube to see the marine who had to go on a dialysis machine after flu vaccine destroyed his kidneys:  Notice how the DoD has done nothing to help himDo you fully grasp now that the Government is your ENEMY?
 We must rapidly generate massive awareness of the collusion between the Centers for Disease Control and Novavax Inc. to trigger off this pandemic, and to foist these tainted vaccines off on us for population control purposes:
Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009 Special Report by Dr.Leonard Horowitz 
We must push for Congressional oversight on FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico to defend our access to dietary supplements. This is how FDA is trying to usher genocidal UN Codex vitamin dictates into North America:
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