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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
February 23, 2011
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia


10th May 1955 – 19th February 2011

Funeral Service:
Monday, 28th February, 2011 at 1.15 pm
in the Palm Chapel of the
Macquarie Park Cemetery and Crematorium
Corner of Delhi and Plassey Roads
North Ryde

And afterwards:
The lawns of the Pasadena to celebrate Angie’s life.
(1858 Pittwater Road, Church Point).

Kindy Working Bee
Sunday, 27 February from 9am to 2pm
Hello everyone, the Kindy's second working bee will be under way this Sunday on the 27th February from 9am - 2pm. Our accreditation is coming up on the 2nd of March and we need some braun for the following jobs:
  • removing our sofa
  • clearing out from under the Kindy up to the road (there is some heavy lifting involved)
  • moving an old photocopy machine up to the road (required approx 3 strong pares of arms)
  • removing shade cloth from play area
  •  clearing leaves and debris from around Kindy and the outdoor area - fire hazard reduction practice
You can come down, have a coffee, chat and move a box or two - us mums will appreciate the help.

Feel free to just show up, or give Maria a call on 0410 574 884 if you would like volunteer yourself to a specific job.

Kindy Committee

Free Cupboards  cupboard

Pantry/Linen cupboards with custom made shelf segregation

In good condition for free to be taken from under Kindy - need to be gone by the 27th February, or will be put out for the clean out.
We have dismantled the doors for ease of carrying, but can easily be put back on again.

Farewell Curlew   

February 2011 

Dear Pittwater neighbours,
By now most of you know we will slowly retire our dear old Curlew. It’s a tough decision. She’s got a long history in the community. We felt you should understand why it’s time.


But first, a few memories…
Residents that grew up here all have their own stories to tell. Just about everything conceivable (literally) has happened: from a shoe rescue to, well, the conception of new little residents.
There have been expectant mums going to hospital at 2am, and those passengers that fell asleep, ending up on the mooring. We think the kids on the school ferry are mischievous now, but I’ve been told that for a time in the 70’s a few resourceful souls had the ferry all worked out. Driver Lenny was up front, the steering mechanism was down the back. Yep. On the way to school, these engineers and mechanics of the future disconnected the Curlew’s steering.
Our reminiscences must of course include a younger Mick Miller. He skippered the Curlew for quite some time. Mick was on the daily run one morning, when a voice said, “ummm, excuse me, but my feet are getting wet.” Not easily panicked, Mick started up the bilge pumps and got the passengers on the back deck. But water flooded in faster than bilge pumps could cope. He handed the strongest looking passenger the handle to the manual bilge pump, but it broke.
Unflappable Mick headed to the island and beached the Curlew. He off loaded the passengers and gave the day-trippers directions….

Carols go up to the road and turn left. Tennis, go to the road and turn right. Eastern go right up over the island. Youth Hostel, now that’s a walk, up over the island and then along the road to your right. Lovett Bay, oh then you need to go up to the road, turn left, walk a bit further, take the next road up, and then it’s just down on the left hand side….

Why now is the time to say farewell…
We love the Curlew. Simon and I have tried all avenues to keep her. We listed her on the Australian Maritime Museum’s Heritage Vessel List. We have also spoken to the museum Director (an ex-Lovett Bay resident) trying to get funding to rebuild her. Unfortunately she cannot help us.
I have also contacted Graeme Andrews, an old ferry buff. You may have read his stories in “Afloat” but he wasn’t able to suggest any other avenues or organisations.
Simon and I have slipped her to get the opinions of surveyors and local shipwrights. The advice is all much the same. We would be looking at a cost of at least $250,000 to rebuild her, with $150,000 on the hull alone. This would unfortunately not increase her value to the same extent. It is also impossible to borrow this amount of money from the bank.
We looked at getting a new boat built in the same style as the Curlew. NSW Maritime would not allow us to have her in survey without two crew members and vastly reduced passenger numbers. We were left with few options. We looked at purchasing a second hand vessel, but we did not know if it would be any more safe or reliable than the Curlew, even if we could find one to meet all of our requirements.
So, we decided to take on a bigger project and build a new ferry for the community service. Designing and building a vessel means we will have a low speed, environmentally friendly boat. It is exactly what the service and the community needs – the exception of course is the charm and history of the Curlew.
Fortunately we are able to keep and rebuild the first Church Point Ferry, the mighty Elvina.

More on the new ferry…
The new vessel is built to Lloyd’s standard. The professional design takes into account materials to mitigate the risk of fire, and has improved collision and stability safety. She is ergonomic, and it’s worth saying again, friendlier to our environment. She also has an outside foredeck - And she comes with a warranty!'

We hope that you will join us in welcoming the new ferry to Pittwater soon, and if anyone knows of a well to do person who would love to give an old wooden boat a good home, please do drop us a line.

Yours sincerely,

Penny & Simon

Island Vegetation Collection
Monday, February 28

Please put your material out as described below, and further in attached brochure and the Pittwater Offshore Directory – BY SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 27
  •     A maximum of 2 cubic metres of vegetation for each household
  •     Leaf litter, grass clippings and prunings TO BE PLACED IN HARD SIDED CONTAINERS
  •     Branches to be no longer than 1.2m and BUNDLED AND TIED TOGETHER WITH TWINE
  •     No plastic, hessian or nylon bags
  •     No cardboard, foam or polystyrene boxes
  •     No soil or untied bundles
Any material not complying with collection guidelines will be left on the road side for residents to arrange private collection.

Download Vegetation Brochure here (pdf format)

Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade RFS Logo
Established 1955

Notice of Annual General Meeting

2.00pm Sunday 13 March 2011
Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade Station
Catherine Park, Scotland Island

All members are invited to attend.

Election of Officers
At the meeting, all current officers will stand down and nominations are invited for positions in the
Brigade. All current officers are eligible to stand for re-election. All Financial Members are eligible
for nomination as an Administrative or Other Officer of the Brigade. Nominations for Field Officer
positions are available to Active Financial Members only, with appropriate pre-requisite training if

Nominations for positions within the Brigade must be received by the Secretary at least seven
(7) days prior to the Annual General Meeting, ie by 21 March 2010 at latest. Nomination Forms
(attached) must be signed by the nominee and by two (2) members of the Brigade.

Each financial member present at the meeting, with the exception of probationary members, shall be
entitled to one vote.

The positions open for election are:

Field Officers
Senior Deputy Captain
Deputy Captain 2
Deputy Captain 3
Deputy Captain 4
Deputy Captain 5
Administrative Officers
Vice President
Social Secretary
Other Officers
Training Officer
Equipment Officer 1
Equipment Officer 2
First Aid Officer
Safety Officer
Station Officer
RFSA Delegate
SIRA Delegate

The final list of nominations will be posted on the noticeboard at the Fire Station after all nominations
have been received.

If you have any queries, please contact either the Station on 9999 4404 or Kerry Borthwick on 9999

Membership subscriptions ($10/member GST free) are due and payable at the AGM.

Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
Tel: 02 9999 4404
Fax: 02 9999 4324
Emergency: 000

International Women's Day
Pittwater Community Breakfast 2011

Asking for Your Votes

Jessica Newham of Elvina Bay, has entered a competition to spend 5 months in Borneo, and take part in a movie to raise awareness about deforestation and the orangutans loss of habitat.

Ten young people are going to be selected from around the world, partly based on number of youtube views, votes on the web site, and media coverage.

Would love if people could spare a minute and view Jess's youtube and then vote for her.

View youtube here :

Great if you could like and share.   (No need to keep reviewing - only one hit recorded from each computer).

Then to vote for Jess, go to :

scroll about 3/4 of way down page  - Jess is currently on top right hand side (white Captain Planet t-shirt :-)

Click on her screen to vote for her.

Voting closes on 18th March.  The current leader has 564 views on youtube - as at 19th Feb - Jess is up to 508 views.

(BTW the mispelling of the desforestaction is right).
Thanking everyone in anticipation - will keep you posted !
Alison and Jess


Watermarks 2011Logo

We have such talent in our offshore community!

We want to show it off again and are looking at organising another Watermarks event (Offshore Open Studios).

Ideally it should coincide with the Manly Arts Festival in 2011, so...

…a team of fantastic, enthusiastic community members is required to work together to ensure that it is a raging success!

Anne Palmer has offered to take on the Event Director / Secretarial role, and she needs a support team consisting of the following roles: -
  • Art Director
  • Media Manager
  • Volunteers Manager
  • Studio Manager
  • Transport & Logistics Manager
  • Catering Manager
  • Grants & Sponsorship Manager
  • Treasurer
  • General Support People
Do you love organising things?
Are you good at getting things done?
Is ‘community’ your passion?
Just love art and want to help showcase our offshore talent?

Contact Anne Palmer on 9999 3478 / 0410 574 531 / thepalmers@zenatwork.com.au
Have a look at the attached summary of the description of each role. download here

And / or come along to the first meeting on Monday 28th Feb at 7.30 pm at Anne Palmer’s house (110 Thompson St, on the track above the Community Hall)

Topics to be covered will include: -
  • Date for the 2011 event
  • Lessons learned from 2009
  • Assignment of roles and tasks
  • AOB
  • Date for next meeting

New Life Drawing Club Starting
Wednesday Evenings 7.30 pm – 9.30 pm, Scotland Island
  • pencilDynamic, experienced model
  • Tutorial from Marion van den Driesschen every other week (starting Wed 23rd Feb)
  • Freestyle, experiment with your own ideas, every other week (starting Wed 2nd March)
  • $15 per session
  • Bring your own paper, pens/pencils (no paint please), board/easel, cushion/fold up chair and a contribution to tea break
  • Equipment can be stored at the studio if required
  • At the 112 Thompson Street Studio (on track above Community Hall)
Call or email Anne Palmer for directions and more details on 0410 574 531 / 9999 3478 or thepalmers@zenatwork.com.au

Space Wanted
Have you got an empty space, preferable on the bays, where I could do some movements on my own  most week mornings  ?
I could pay you through babysitting or something that would make you feel that it is fair .

If the answer is Yes please contact Louisa on 9999 4885"

STONE WORKSHOP SALE  - Elanora Heights

- 100 m2 workshop shed $2K
- Air conditioned Portable Office $2K
- Numerous stones - some free
- Pot bellied stove including new flue kit $300
- Bio diesel refining kit including gallons of chip oil $200
- 2 part construction epoxy 16 litre kits $100 (Under 1/3rd retail)
- Work Benches - free
- Garden stones - free
- Freezer - free
- Dishwasher - free
- Numerous industrial acids and oils, free to experienced users

All items exclude transport . Crane truck is $77 per hour.

Any questions Damian 0425 212 852

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