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That shows the huge satanic, masonic influence in the creation of the EU.
Please don't talk crap ! Masonry is a philanthropic, non-religious brotherhood which is only available to honest upright people.
There is nothing sinister about it or I wouldn't belong.
Sydney J Bush

Hi Sydney,

Thanks for contacting me and for sharing your views. I value your input very much. Are you by chance any relation to Dictator Bush, the scoundrel in the White House who is doing everything humanly possible to destroy America by sending our troops all over the world, enmeshing us in senseless wars so they won't be here to protect us when the Illuminati decide to pull the plug on the economy?

If you are, or even if you're not, how do you feel about the Nazi connections the Bush family has? Witness Shrubs grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush being heavily fined for violating the Trading With the Enemy Act during WW2 for his fiscal involvement with the Third Reich.

Please study this website very carefully and let me know your thoughts after you've read the whole thing http://www.startiming.net/cave/wdc-1.html The street layout of Washington DC is laid out on a grid of Masonic Sacred Geometry, and the implications of this are deep, disturbing, and profound- especially when you ponder the evil intentions of such people as Admiral Poindexter with his "Total Information Office" of DARPA whose logo is the Luciferic all seeing eye of Horus atop the unfinished pyrimid illuminating the planet as we all come under minutely intense Big Brother scrutiny supposedly to "protect us" from "terrorism":

Go to http://www.iahf.com and scroll down on my front page til you see the "Information Awareness Office" logo with a red slash mark through it. Click on that and you will go to a site that turns the tables on Big Brother where we put THEM under surveillance.

I am certainly not "ignorant", and having made an in depth study of Free Masonry I have an abundance of reasons for fearing it and all other non transparent secret societies such as Skull and Bones to whom many elected officials belong. Whenever a new President is elected, or dies, the Masons ring the bell at the Masonic Temple across the river from Washington in Alexandria, Virginia. Whenever a new President is sworn in, he is sworn in with his hand on a Masonic Bible. I don't like all the secrecy, not when it comes to an elected governmental official. Its very dangerous when a President, Senator, Congressman, Member of Parliament or Judge has secret allegiances to a secret society whose interests are clearly inimical to those of the people of the world.

When Herr Bush became a "Bonesman" at Yale, he was forced to lay naked in a coffin during his initiation ceremony and to tell the others his deepest innermost secrets so they could be used to blackmail him if he ever tried to leave Skull and Bones. He was forced to roll around naked in a pile of excrement, mud, and urine inside the "tomb" and be "reborn" as a follower of Satan. Skull and Bones is a secret, satanic society with a blood oath, an illuminist society with German Nazi origins, and so is Freemasonry with which it is closely linked.

I have no doubt that there are many very good, and very well meaning people who belong to Masonic lodges world wide. I have no doubt that you are a public service oriented man with only the most noble of intentions, and it is not my purpose in writing to you to in any way insult you personally, so please don't take this the wrong way, please take what I am saying in the spirit with which it was intended and please keep an open mind and make a serious personal effort to examine what I am telling you in this email, because you just might be surprised at what you discover. http://www.trosch.org/bks/msnc/masonry-exposed.html

Through no fault of yours, people in the lower echelon of Free Masonry don't realize what is going on at the top most levels because they are actively kept in the dark, and that information is actively withheld from them. Lower level initiates only rise to higher degrees in Free Masonry as they prove their ability to keep secrets, you are being gauged on this all the time by those above you. The Masons cultivate a front of public service and good works to shield from public view the evil deeds of those at the top most levels- 33rd degree and higher, who aspire to force us all into a global totalitarian state and whose lust for power reflects their worship of satan. http://www.bibleprobe.com/WWWBoard/messages/362.html

The truth is far more important to me than winning any "popularity contests".

Commend me if you will, condemn me if you must, no matter, my path will always be my own.

If you want to badmouth me and IAHF and urge all your fellow Masons who might happen to be on the IAHF email distribution list to unsubscribe, that is your perogative, and all of you are certainly free to unsubscribe at any time. I'm not forcing anyone to sign on, and I'm not stopping anyone from leaving. All that I ask the people on the IAHF list to do is to not follow the herd, it just might be leading them to the cliff and often is. All I ask is that people think for themselves and never stop asking questions. I am not seeking to condemn you as an individual. All I ask is that you take a much closer look at what you are involved with, because things often aren't as they initially seem on the surface. I realize its never easy to leave a secret society like the Masons. I also realize that some who have quit the Masons have been murdered for doing so, especially when they have divulged the group's secrets.

If you value your access to dietary supplements, please make a donation to the Alliance for Natural Health's lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive. We have a deadline of the end of September to do this. Donations can be made via a secure form on their website at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org

If you are a Mason who uses dietary supplements, I guess you'll just have to decide if your dislike of my attitude towards Free Masonry is enough to outweigh your apparent appreciation of my effort to defend your access to dietary supplements, but don't EVER presume to tell me what I can and cannot send out to people on the IAHF list, because I'll send any damn thing I want, and sure as hell don't need your approval or anyone elses.

If I had a plane and a bomb I think it would be a huge public service to bomb the Masonic Temple, and blow it off the face of the earth. Gee- does expressing that view make me a "terrorist"? Whatever.

Now you know why I get followed by the Washington Capital Police every time I set foot inside the District of Criminals. Clearly, I believe firmly in free speech- get used to it, or get lost, because I'm not on this planet to live up to your expectations and every email I send via the IAHF list has an unsubscribe link.

Guess I'll soon know how many Masons were on this list by how many unsub. Whatever- everyone- please forward this massively and encourage more people to sign on to replace all the Masons who unsubscribe. Anyone can be on the IAHF list- sign on at http://www.iahf.com

Donate to the lawsuit to overturn the EU Food Supplement Directive at http://www.alliance-natural-health.org Deadline end of September

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