IAHF List: See response below to Australian health freedom fighter Mike Bender. Am trying to put Senator Allison from the Australian Parliament in touch with Canadian Member of Parliament Dr.James Lunney, sponsor of C-420 which just passed, repealing the law that harmonized Canada to Australia's messed up vitamin laws.

Allison is asking (in light of the controversy surrounding the Pan recall in which 1600 safe Australian dietary supplements were yanked from the shelves under false pretenses) if Australia should change their laws, and if so, how?

She wonders if Oz should harmonize to Canada. A short time ago, I'd have said "No!" because Canada had harmonized its laws to Australia's on June 18th, but now with passage of Bill C-420 (see below), I say YES!!! By all means!! Australia should harmonize its laws to New Zealand's, Canada's and the USA, and the rest of the world should too!

IAHF has just relocated to Point Roberts, Washington, right on the Canadian border to better serve vitamin consumers in the US, Canada and around the world- and this is a message we need to forward widely!! See all info below!!

At 04:05 PM 10/30/03 +1100, Mike Bender in Australia wrote:


Rob, Ron, John

I am going to try attending this meeting, a bit short notice but some
good may come from it....

Do any of you have any questions I could pose to the speakers?
(see below update and invitation from Senator Lyn Allison)

I am concerned that the minister is not fully briefed with regards to
Europe, given that she seems to imply Australia could benefit from
a Codex style regulatory body (she did offer other examples also).

The prime question I would like to ask the speakers is how they think
the the consequences of restrictive regulatory systems in Europe will
impact Australia or else where in the world and if they see the
WTO as a threat.

Any other ideas?

Best regards


Mike- Sorry its taking me this long to respond. I just arrived in my new home in Point Roberts, Washington, after driving a U-Haul truck, towing my car behind, to cross the continent and only checked email a couple of times during the trip which took 10 days. Now I'm in the middle of unpacking, just arrived here on Friday.

The minister asks if Australia should model its regulatory system after Canadas. Interesting question seeing as how the Canadian government attempted to screw the Canadian people by harmonizing their law to Australia's last June with new gazetted regs, but this effort to screw the Canadian people was just "undone" by passage of bill C-420, the Foods are Not Drugs Amendment which Friends of Freedom http://www.friendsoffreedom.org True Hope http://www.truehope.com and Strauss Herb Co. worked so hard to pass. A lawsuit was going to be filed, not sure if one still will be since C 420 has passed, you should ask Trueman Tuck about this.

See this email (below) about passage of C-420: As for her statements re Codex, clearly she is grossly misinformed if she thinks harmonizing Australia to a finalized Codex vitamin standard would be something that would be in the best interests of Australian consumers. As for events in the EU, she probably knows nothing about any of that. Why don't you show her my article from the July issue of Life Extension Magazine about the importance of the ANH lawsuit? What I think you need to impress upon her is that Bill C-420 passed in Canada in direct opposition to Canada's criminal efforts to violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Canadian Constitution) by harmonizing Canada to Australian law.

I think you need to put Senator Allison in touch with Dr.James Lunney, the member of the Canadian Parliament who sponsored bill C-420. http://www.jameslunneymp.ca/news_detail.php?recordID=180

http://www.jameslunneymp.ca/speeches_detail.php?recordID=205 excellent speech explains need for C-420 which repeals Canadian harmonization to Australia's outrageous supplement laws.

She should be in touch with Lunney, and in touch with Trueman Tuck of Friends of Freedom, Tony Stephan from True Hope Inc., and Peter Helgason from Strauss Herb Co. See email addresses on cc line. She should also be in touch with Rob Verkerk in England from ANH and with me. We can help her to shape policy in Australia the way it should be shaped. She should also be in touch with Ron Law in New Zealand. What needs to happen is that Australia should harmonize its law to New Zealand's far more liberal food based regulations which allow New Zealand consumers far greater access to supplement products than is enjoyed by Australians. See news below of passage of bill C-420, get in touch with Trueman Tuck and the others on the cc line about its passage so you can put Senator Allison in touch with Dr.Lunney in the Canadian Parliament. I don't have Dr.Mark Donahue's email address, please forward this to him, he's a close friend of Rob Verkerk's in England. Rob used to live in Australia, and knew Donahue at that time. See email below about passage of C-420. I will call some people in Canada today to discuss passage of C-420 to get more up to speed on whats happening with this, but this is clearly an excellent development- now that Canada has successfully thrown off the yoke of Australian harmonization, Australian politicians such as Senator Allison need to grasp that Oz needs to play catch up ball and reform its own messed up laws which no country on earth should harmonize to because they suck out loud.

John Hammell
International Advocates for Health Freedom
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This comes from Anthony Stephan, president of the company that distributes
the True Hope supplements that have been reported in journals as getting up
to 70% of bipolars off of meds. It is reported successful with other
disorders as well. They have been battling Canadian authorities for
several years now and this looks like a final victory for them:

Oct 22, 2003 will go down in the annals of world history. The day that
Canada spoke out and altered history forever...

Yesterday Bill C-420 (A bill to amend the Canadian Food and Drugs Act) was
voted on in the House of Commons. Voting the controversial bill through
were 124 Members of Parliament to the opposing side of 85.The bill was
fostered and promoted by Dr. James Lunney (Nanaimo-Alberni). Dr. Lunney has
worked tirelessly to move the bill through the house, even under great
opposition. He has proved that one courageous man can make a difference
affecting the whole world. I believe in the end Canada will be seen as a
benchmark in the world of Health Freedom.

The parliamentarians carried the bill saying:
1) That dietary supplements, botanicals, herbs, and other natural health
products are not drugs, but rather are foods.
2) That the Sec 3(1) and 3(2) and Schedule "A" are to be repealed. These
sections prohibit claims from being made on dietary supplements and the

Many of the Members of the House voted across party lines to carry the
bill. A historic act itself because while many nations are moving under
pharma pressure to restrict the use of dietary supplements and herbs,
Canada is moving in the opposite direction. The regulator in Canada (Health
Canada) has resisted change and is now under extreme pressure because of
multiple law suits that have been filed against it and some of its
employees. These law suits challenge Health Canada's draconian actions.

Support for the bill was provided by a number of groups, the Red Umbrellas
being one. <http://www.redumbrellas.ca/>http://www.redumbrellas.ca This
is a group of individual ladies that had been previously diagnosed with
depression, bipolar or some other mental disorder but have overcome their
disorders through the use of a dietary supplement called EMPowerplus.
<http://www.truehope.com/>www.truehope.com They have been ignored by Health
Canada and by the minister of health anne mclellan Health Canada has
attempted to block the importation of EMPowerplus and has interfered with
valuable research which was taking place at the University of Calgary with
patients suffering from bipolar disorder. Many of the voting M.P.s were
seen to be wearing Red Umbrella pins at the time of the house vote! .

Providing support to the bill as well were the Friends of Freedom
<http://www.friendsoffreedom.org/>www.friendsoffreedom.org . To date over
100,000 petition names were delivered to parliament to protest the actions
of Health Canada and support the Foods are not Drugs movement.

This is only the beginning of a new day in Canada. More support is needed
to build a movement that the whole world will look to. Many thanks to Dr.
James Lunney and others who gave their support.
International Advocates for Health Freedom
POB 10632 Blacksburg VA 24062 USA
http://www.iahf.com; http://iadsa-exposed.tripod.com
800-333-2553 N.America
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