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WELCOME To The NEW OSC Beautification Committee Newsletter!!!
Greetings Neighbors,

FALL Into the NEW OSC Beautification Committee's Newsletter!

The OSC Beautification Committee has been growing! We've doubled in size since our beginnings in July and making great progress towards cleaning up and beautifying OSC. It takes a village to make a real difference and we are ALWAYS recruiting anyone who wants to get involved. NO requirements...just passion for OSC and beautification!

So, please join the current OSC Beautification Committee members and myself as we strive to make OSC, THE BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN CHARLOTTE!
Nathan White
OSC Beautification Committee Chair
The OSC Beautification Committee Goals and Objectives...
  • 11 active members currently
Purpose of OSC Beautification Committee 
Clean up:
  • Regular trash collection and clean up of the community.
  • Address problem areas with long term solutions.
  • Ensuring homeowners and renters are following the rules and keeping their properties up to standards.
  • Stop frequent littering, dumping, and other adverse community behaviors.
  • Working to make improvements to the OSC community that improves the livability and beauty for everyone.
  • Apply for grants and other beautification available funds and projects
  • Evaluate beautification and other proposals
Oversee Relevant Vendors Operations:
  • Landscaping Vendor
  • Proposed cleaning crew/contractor
Areas of focus and frequency 
  • ALL OSC common areas and privately owned lands
    • Special areas of attention below
  • Timber Ridge Road, Back Creek Rd entrance-Trash issues, tall grass, etc.
  • Caldwell Ridge road 3700 block by the trash can and bridges
  • Carleen Way Dr 13800 block
  • 3343 Crutchfield place 3300 block
  • Caldwell Road common areas between entrances
  • Sidney Crest Ave and Ashley View (Dead End Street)-Dumping area and parking issues
  • Erwin Ridge and Frances Glen (Dead End Street)-Dumping area and parking issues
  • National Night Out
  • Communications via Beautification Newsletters
  • Reader Boards
  • OSC Beautification Regular Newsletters and Special Updates
To join the OSC Beautification Committee, get on our mailing list, attend monthly meetings (4th Thursday of every month), volunteer, collect trash picking supplies, propose projects, etc...
Please send an email to
Our Excellent Progess Continues...
OSC Beautification Updates:
  • Erwin Ridge and Frances Glen dead end street clean up has been completed. This is a city owned street and county owned land. It had become a dumping ground with trash and litter everywhere.

    The Beautification Chair contacted the city solid waste department and they came in September and cleaned it up. YIPPEE!!! Smile


  • The beautification committee chairman has requested adoption of Caldwell Ridge from Keep Charlotte Beautiful. A program set up by the city to give out grants and assist communities with clean up and beautification efforts.

  • The Board provided clean up supplies for trash pickups (trash pickers, gloves, garbage bags) has been mostly given out to new OSC Beautification Committee members. We might be able to get more supplies FREE of charge with our street adoption and the Keep Charlotte Beautiful program. Awaiting acceptance and supplies through this program so we don't have to buy more clean up supplies.

  • Charlotte's code enforcement department has opened a case against the property owner on Timber Ridge Road who has undeveloped land close to OSC entrance (Tall grass, overgrowth on property, excessive trash, etc...). We're hoping this enforcement action will bring the property into compliance and make it safe for Beautification members as we attempt to clean up Timber Ridge on a weekly basis. As well as for drivers who have to avoid this overgrowth on the roadway.

  • Consultation held with our landscaping vendor, Terra Green, to pick up trash while the crews are doing work in OSC is paying off. OSC common areas were a LOT cleaner after the Terra Green crews monthly maintenance.

  • Still Awaiting board feedback and budget approvals on multiple proposals and projects. Everything from paid trash picks to beautification projects. Also processes for projects submissions, expenses reimbursement, etc...

Questions/Proposals/Problem Areas...please send an email to
Problem Homes/Violations/Serious Issues...please send an email to
OSC Rules and Regulations...
Living in OSC can be a pleasant, rewarding, and excellent experience if EVERYONE follows the rules and adhere to the guidelines.

A community of this size requires ALL to do their part to keep it friendly, safe, and livable for all residents. So, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the DOS and DONTS in OSC.

It doesn't take much to be a GREAT neighbor

At NO TIME...is it acceptable to park on the grass in OSC. The Beautification Committee has been working with our police liaison and code enforcement to identify these repeat offenders for ticketing and fines.

Here's wishing you ALL an excellent start of fall! This is the PERFECT time to get outside in OSC, walk around the community, and experience the change in color and the beautiful community we call home. Get out and meet your neighbors, start a walking group / clean up group, or just to say hi. Soon it'll be time for spooky Halloween decorations, and trick and treaters throughout the community...FUN TIMES ahead!!! Laughing

Thanks for reading,

Nathan White
OSC Beautification Committee Chair
Old Stone Crossing
16516 Silversword Drive
Charlotte, NC  28213