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New Beads:
Unusual 6mm Rose Pink Opalite Moonstone
Irresistible Turquoise Puff Heart Beads
Enticing Blue Turquoise Icicle Spike Beads
Lush Blue Turquoise Briolette Beads - Heavy!
Bone-Shaped Hourglass Blue Turquoise Beads
Silver Magical Swirl Rhombus Bead Spacers
Fully-Blinged Disco Ball Shamballa Bead
Union Jack Crystal Shamballa Bead

Designing Summer Jewelry

Summer jewelry should bring to mind happy times - on the beach, holidays, BBQs, by water, having fun with family and friends. The way to achieve this effect when designing summer jewelry is to use color and certain gemstones.

Any stones that have bright vivid colors are good for summer. Sun yellow citrine, fiery red or orange carnelian, bright dyed coral, or sea breeze natural cooling turquoise and peridot. However, many other stones are also suitable, like some turquoise dyed every color imaginable.

A fashionable new stone should not be overlook because of it's dramatic summer colors: Rainbow Calsilica. Rainbow calsilica is a new material that makes amazingly striking, eye-catching colorful gemstone beads. The stones dramatic variation in vivid colored bands and its short history attract attention everywhere. No two of these dramatic stones are alike - each has its own configuration of color and striping.

Summer Colors
Summery colors come from nature - bright and illuminating. Like happy yellow, vivid orange and stunning red and lime green. As long as the colors make you feel warm inside they are for summer.

Color Trends
However, fashion clothing colors change by the year. The present trend of beach wear is for more subtle colors. So to keep your jewelry ahead, take note. The latest names for these colors are:

Lime Blossom, Clotted Cream, Hemp, Tortoiseshell, Lupine, Foliage, Apple Sage, Formica, Smoothie, Asian Bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth Anemone, Oxygen, Baby Doll, Marshmallow, Rhubarbe Jelly, Grape, Lapis, Canary, Macaroon, Quince Petal.

However, you can never go wrong with the traditional vivid classic summery colors. They will always bring to mind deck chairs, beaches, and summer fun.

Lorrain Cannell of The Bead Queen is doing very well this summer selling at local craft fairs in Norfolk, United Kingdom – a pretty, mostly-rural farming & fishing area with traditional little market towns.

Her “Beside the Seaside” charm bracelt is a particularly good seller at the moment. This is inspired by summer holidays, using calsilica beads and little nautical spacers.

Another popular set designed by Lorraine is her summer-cool lapis bracelet & earring set sporting rectangle and round lapis beads with gold pyrite.

Lorrines original-design jewellery shop is at TheBeadQueen.co.uk or TheBeadQueen.com and beads for these two pieces were from MrBead. To see our Calsilica click MrBead.com or MrBead.co.uk, and our lapis is at MrBead.com or MrBead.co.uk

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Ten reasons why I still prefer living in China, rather than Britain

It's now over 15-years since Britain lost Hong Kong on 1st July 1997. It HAS changed, but not so much!

Hong Kong has become more like Mainland China, and Mainland China has become more like Hong Kong.

There are about 2-million Mainlanders visiting Hong Kong a month, usually to shop for quality VAT-free goods – and many Hong Kong people go to the Mainland in search of their heritage. However, 15-years ago, there was literally only a trickle each way.

One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is how bad HongKongers English has become, especially the young. I put this down to “mother-tongue” teaching after the handover – before everything was in English at all schools.

Pollution in both Hong Kong and the mainland is now really bad – dramatically much-worse than 15-years ago. Sometimes in Guangzhou everything appears in a white haze, and Hong Kong’s famous Peak views have been spoilt by thick haze. However, economic progress must have a price!

Despite all this, ten reasons why I still prefer living in China, rather than Britain:

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