John at Sulfur for Health Booth- NTA Conference.....Have You Warned Your Family, Friends, Coworkers About Chemtrails & HAARP?
IAHF List: is doing a good job of alerting us to the planned poisoning of humanity. I did a double take a week ago when surfing their site when I stumbled upon this old IAHF alert from a few years ago that they reposted.

Are we being covertly microchipped by nanotechnology covertly contained within the chemtrails?
Are the ingredients in chemtrails being used to covertly create antennas in our bodies?

I've often wondered if the whistleblower who leaked all of this to me was still alive or not? He never responded again after emailing me all of this information. 

When I wrote this very useful alert a few years ago I had a lung infection from the chemtrails. It was before I had started selling sulfur, and wish I'd been aware of its detoxing capabilities back then. If I had realized how deficient we all are in sulfur, and if I'd realized how useful this highly reactive mineral is for chelating all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us for population control purposes, I would have started taking it years ago!

Did you know that sulfur neutralizes acid caused by stress so that we smile and laugh more and the more we smile and laugh, the more your body produces natural painkillers called endorphins, and also the more your body also produces the feel good neurotransmitter serotonin? The more we smile the more we lower our blood pressure and also stimulate our immune system! Its true!

Smiling is contageous! When we smile, we light up a room, and people want what we have when we explain to them all the good things sulfur does to help us overcome, and thwart the NWO's evil population control agenda and plans to chip us from the inside via nano technology!

Did you ever see this interview of my old friend Aaron Russo? He made these comments about his meetings with attorney Nick Rockefeller in which he exposed that evil families detailed plans to microchip humanity. Those plans are in motion inside all of our bodies right now.  I strongly urge you to read my old alert which has a lot of very valuable info in it.

Please forward this alert to a lot more people! We must warn everyone we possibly can! People don't realize the danger we're all in from this spraying! Please urge people to watch "Why in the World Are They Spraying?"

Please direct people to my old alert now reposted on aircrap where a whistleblower did his best to warn us about the plan to microchip us from the inside via nano technology. Please share this with your pastor, and with anyone who believes in freedom! I am in the Hall of Honor for Freedom Force International. I urge you to join this organization via which you can help spread information that helps more people live free in an unfree world.

I also urge you to tell more people about the free IAHF e-alerts and about my archived alerts which contain a wealth of information!

Got sulfur?
You can order up to 4 lbs on this site, or sign up for monthly autoshipping, but if you want to order 10 lbs at the discounted price of just $32/ lb (like getting 2 pounds free plus FREE shipping to US) you can order that from the IAHF paypal link here.

As summer allergy season clogs sinuses, remember, there IS an antidote!
If you are depressed and need to smile and laugh more, there is an antidote!
If you suffer from the pain of inflammation and arthritis, there is an antidote!
If you need help oxidizing the fat to burn off that spare tire, you do have help!
If you are an endurance athlete, and are tired of going into oxygen debt, you do have help!
Do you have wrinkles, crows feet, fine lines and want to look younger? Now you can!

If you REFUSE to go along with the satanic New World Order, the easiest thing you can do to thwart their evil control agenda while TRASHING the profits of Big Pharma is to consume this mineral in water twice a day!

Remember- if you are married, or have a significent other, get them drinkin' it too! I can't be held responsible for any libidinous imbalances caused by only half of a couple drinkin' my sulfur, so be sure to stock up, beat the rush, before I run out!