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- July 2003 -

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia  Volume 5, Issue 43; July 2003


Many Scotland Island residents have commented that our website needs to be updated. I am pleased to advise that the previous webmaster has handed over the reigns for the site to me and you may look forward to some changes to the site ( in the coming months. If YOU would like to be involved in maintaining the site, adding some text or pictures or just learning how to manage a website, please feel free to contact me ( . Our little website committee, under the umbrella of SIRA, would be a great opportunity to improve your electronic skills and put your writing and graphic skills to good use! We might get to share some coffee!

In this Issue:

  • Summary of the recent Annual General Meeting of SIRA
  • Art Workshops Winter Programme
  • Island Thinking
  • Pittwater Council grants award to Islander
  • Bush Regeneration
  • Phonebox - Soapbox!
  • Engrave your Property
  • Books wanted for Sale
  • Island Baby Sitter - "Miss Viv"
  • SIRA Committee Meeting Highlights
  • Kids on the Coast Holiday Program
  • Summary:Catherine Park Meeting 25th May 2003
  • The Local Guide
  • Archived Newsletters
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    Brief Summary of the SIRA  – 25TH May 2003

    What SIRA has achieved in the last 12 months –
    • Assets enhanced by about $130,000 ($100k – Stormwater Grant for Catherine Park + $ 30k – Community Vehicle). Improvements by volunteer groups eg Tennis Wharf – very significant but hard to quantify.
    • Initiative taken, along with the other 3 Associations, to develop a Master Plan for the Church Point Precinct. $60k has been contributed by Dept of Lands and Pittwater Council, plus a great deal of time by the 2 Offshore and the 2 Onshore Associations.
    Ian Souter and Larry Eastwood (Pres WPCA) gave the meeting an update on progress – including tests for underground car park, position with Pasadena and the Store/PO, the walkway and the commuter boat tie up.
    • Emergency Water, this time last year, was going to be cut off by Pittwater Council – after much negotiation by our Water Committee, this was averted and we are now working with Sydney Water and Pittwater Council to take over responsibility of the subterranean pipe and become a direct Private Customer with Sydney Water, and upgrade our Island pipeline. Rod Smith reported that the upgrade will meet Australian Standards, increase water flow rate, improve reliability and cut down maintenance..
    • A great result from Sharon Kinnison’s team in the improvements to the roads and drainage in the Catherine Park vicinity resulting from the Stormwater Grant. The difference during the last heavy rains was proof of the effectiveness of this work.
    • Public Wharves/tinnie tieup – Jennifer Knox advised that this has been on hold for 2 years, but is now going ahead. Plan to to maximize and regularize tinnie tie up facilities at our 5 wharves. We will work with Council on this. Resident groups are needed for each wharf.
    • Community Vehicle – Harriet Stacey reported that the new vehicle was working well, with some 40 families using it on a regular weekly basis, plus many other 1 off requests. The service runs from 9 am to 9 pm every day. One of the aims of the CV is to reduce the number of cars on the Island. It is also used for emergency support for the RFS.

    The new Committee was advised in the last Pittwater Offshore Newsletter.

    We will be running a six-week course on Saturdays from 26 July (School Term 3.) Classes will be offered in Mixed Media/Collage, Mandalas, Calligraphy, Pen and Wash, and Watercolour (Pittwater Landscapes.) People can sign up for as many classes as they like - but the more you do, the cheaper it becomes! More details will follow in the next newsletter.
    To get on the email list, or to be sent a brochure, contact Jessica on 9999 2054 or email


    Island Thinking.

    "Island Thinking" is an opportunity to share our artistic and intellectual endeavours. We have had 6 very successful gatherings so far encompassing a wide variety of topics - thankyou to all those who shared their knowledge with us. Everyone is very welcome so please come along and enjoy.

    Our next gathering will be on Saturday 26th July at 7.30pm: PRINTMAKING THE ART AND THE PROCESS Jan Melville will talk about her work as an artist/printmaker, touching upon the process of etching and printmaking, her transition to solar plate etching from the harsh acid etching process more commonally used. she will discuss her time as artist in residence in Umbria and her collaboration with the Ernabella (womans) Aboriginal art community. Jan is exhibited internationally, she also teaches at the Warringah print workshop, initially set up by Paul Smith, another Scotland Island resident.

    The Venue is David and Jan's home between Bells and Cargo - please contact David on 9999-5944 or Jenni on 9997 8724 ( for more details."

    Pittwater Council grants award to Islander

    Greg Roberts (Highly Commended)

    Greg has worked over many years, including as President of the Scotland Island Residents Association, to support the island community in its efforts to improve environmental management of the island in the face of challenging issues and problems. Greg understands that caring for Pittwater and Scotland Island requires co-operation and partnership between interest groups in the community and with Council. The past several years has seen steady progress made on difficult issues such as roads and drainage, car parking, erosion and a big-picture vision for long-term environmental management on the island. Greg’s commitment, open-mindedness and caring attitude have been instrumental in facilitating community engagement and change. These efforts have seen the Scotland Island Landcare Group win 3rd prize in the 2002 Metro Pride Award for “Sustainable Communities”. Greg has worked closely with the CEC through a Stormwater Trust project – Keeping the Soil on the Island - and has been active on other community campaigns, including saving Mona Vale Hospital.

    Editor Comment: This was included in the newsletter without reference to Greg Roberts

    Phonebox - Soapbox!

    Last year the phone box at Tennis Court Wharf became a Community Noticeboard while we sorted out a few local issues. As usual, the notices attracted some pretty interesting comments added by people either agreeing or disagreeing with the issue at hand.

    This note appeared one day - no signature - but thanks to whoever it was. If you have any other thoughts please share them with us.

    So... I thought to myself, why shouldn't I join in and share like others at the phone box my 'thoughts for the day'.

    Welcome to Scotland Island

    * A small paradise, a retreat from the dangers and the pollution of the city.

    * A home for a community of people who are bound together by their strength of character and their appreciation for the beauty of Pittwater.

    Here is a place where old and young mix in play and work, a place where people look out for one another and place a high value on friendship, health, and the environment.

    Here are a people bound together by the small hardships they share.

    At a time when others talk of war and show little regard for the fragile earth that is our home, it is possible that our community can prosper, and yet live in harmony with our natural island home. We, the adult generation of Scotland Island, have the opportunity now and in the future to maintain and keep our island home a special beautiful place for our children.

    Scotland Island, some place different, special, better than the rest

    Engrave your Property

    Personal Property Engravers

    These engravers are now available for loan from Mona Vale and Avalon Libraries. By ensuring that your property is easily identifiable and engraved, you can reduce the risk of your personal property being stolen. By engraving your electrical and other equipment with your driver’s licence number prefixed by NSW and keeping accurate records of all your property, you will deter thieves and give the police a better chance of locating your property if it is stolen. Enquiries: Mona Vale Library on 9997 5422 or Avalon Library on 9918 3013.

    Books wanted for Sale
    A few avid readers on the Island are trying to make space in their bookshelves so we decided on a community book stall. All donations of books to be sold for 50c or $1.00 and proceeds to be given to the Garvin Institute for research into the big C.
    If you have spare books lying around bring them down to Paul and Tracy’s boatshed or back yard 127 Robertson Rd (corner of the Island between Tennis and Cargo, it will be sign posted)
    the week before 16th August and we will have a monster sale/ swap meet, charity thingy on the 16th.
    Children’s books and novels only please
    (no magazines)
    For further information contact
    Tracy Smith 9997 4875

    Island Baby Sitter - "Miss Viv"
    If you need your little ones looked after, while you have a night out, or a night in.....
    feel free to call me, I'm 30 yrs old, live on the island on Thompson Street, and have a little one of my own, as well as having been in the childcare industry for many years. I would delight in being Big Sis to your precious ones. I'm available from Saturday July 26th, but you can call me before hand Vivian Leigh, on

    0414 427 398.

    Babysitting done at my place, rates negotiable, or barter.

    Bush Regeneration

    Saturday 5 July is the next date for Bush Regeneration.

    Last month it was wonderful to see 10 keen residents, heads down, tails up, attacking the dreaded asparagus fern which is threatening to take over our beautiful Spotted Gun Forest in Elizabeth Park at the top of the Island.

    Please come along and learn about what's what in our gardens and bushland. Pittwater Council provides a qualified Bush Regeneration Officer for the afternoon who is happy to talk about any aspect of the Island flora.

    We meet any time from 1pm onwards on the road at the top of the Island on the eastern side. Come for 1 hour or more - we pack finally at 4pm. Bring gloves - tools provided.

    If you get lost - call 0418 434 453 - Annette.

    SIRA Committee Meeting Highlights (June)

    • Community Vehicle – Harriett Stacey reported: CV repaired and now back. Work done included aircon fixed, new telephone ($199), rear seat covers ($157), mirror, reversing camera ($2000).
    • Ian Souter: was nominated to come onto SIRA Committee
    • Workshop -Greg Roberts facilitated a ‘brainstorm’ to look at the question ‘What do we want to achieve in 2003-4?’
    • Bayview St: SIRA will send letter to Pittwater Council re Bayview St being returned to bushland reserve.
    • Next meeting 14 July 8pm at Deryn Vokin’s house

    Kids on the Coast Holiday Program

    The Coastal Environment Centre will hold its 'Kids on the Coast' School Holiday program from Monday 7 July to Friday 18 July.  Activities include Papermaking for Kids, Marine Adventures, Waterbug Wonders, Marine Treasures, and Sqirmy Wormy Composters. This program is suitable for children aged between 5 and 12 years.

      Enquiries and bookings please call the CEC on 9970 6905.


    Summary:Catherine Park Meeting 25th May 2003

    The full transcript of these minutes can be found by clicking HERE

    A public meeting was called by SIRA on the 8th June to consult the community about plans that are currently on display for playground equipment, landscaping and other amenities in Catherine Park. Public comment was invited by Council until the end of June. The plans were drawn for Council by a Landscape Architect who was an Island resident, but has since left. 32 residents attended the meeting.

    $25,000 to spend on playground equipment – NOW
    In 2002 and 2003 Council removed two sets of swings, a slide and the 4 bouncing horses from Catherine Park after these were deemed unsafe by current standards. The island now has NO play equipment except for a small in-ground double slide. Council successfully applied for a State government grant to replace this playground equipment and, together with Council funding, there is $25,000 available for new playground equipment.

    More about all these matters can be found by clicking here (you will need to be connected to the 'net)

    • Location of Swale
    • Regrassing of Carpark and Removal of Plants
    • Replacement of Dray
    • Access Path from Tennis Wharf across the foreshore to the steps
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