Are you ready for some football?  The Bills get back on the field in actual game action (well, as "actual" as the preseason can be!) this Saturday night, when they visit the Redskins.  

Saturday's game will be broadcast live on the NFL network starting at 7 pm.  As per our pre-season game policy, we cannot guarantee that the Harp will have the game on. Yes, they do have the NFL Network, but on Saturday nights the music/DJ starts at 8 pm, so there won't be sound.

That said, there will be a Backers contingent at the Sports Depot in Allston on Saturday night.  You can find directions at their website,

The NFL Network will be broadcasting each Bills preseason game, either live or on tape delay. Here's the schedule:

Get those Tivo's ready, get some Blue chillin' in the fridge and get ready for football season.  It's training camp for us fans, too!