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  ENews July 2017
New Maps for the Autumn
Team Roger, Isabelle and Dane have been compiling the updates for the next edition of Gran Canaria Tour & Trail super-Durable Map. Jan Kostura has been adventuring on Lanzarote to complete his research for the new Walk! Lanzarote (4th edition) guide book and Lanzarote Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map. Now all the team’s updates have been incorporated into the map designs, design proofed by the researchers, and final designs delivered to our printers.

Gran Canaria (4th edition) and Lanzarote (5th edition) Tour & Trail Super-Durable Maps will be available to purchase in early September 2017. If you are off to these destinations in Autumn 2017 or later then hold on buying your map until the latest editions are available.
Walk! Tenerife and Walk! Lanzarote guidebooks - new editions update
New Walk! Tenerife (3rd edition) guide book is at final proofing stage so we expect the printed book to be available from mid-September 2017.

Walk! Lanzarote (3rd edition) has been out of print for some time while we waited for Jan Kostura to complete his research for the new 4th edition. Pleased to say we are at final proof stage and expect Walk! Lanzarote (4th edition) to be available from mid-September 2017.

As with our new maps, if you are heading for Tenerife and/or Lanzarote after the new guide books’ publication dates then hang on for the new edition.
Walk! Costa del Sol (Axarquía) guidebook update
If you ask the man or woman in the street where the Axarquía is, most wouldn’t know. Ask them where the Costa del Sol is and most would. Turn away from the Costa del Sol’s coastline and look inland; that’s the Axarquía. Charles Davis has completed his research in this wild and wonderful area which embraces Nerja, Almuñécar, Cómpeta, Frigiliana, and the White Villages of the Axarquía.
We’re aiming for a late September release date for Walk! Costa del Sol (Axarquía), good timing if you plan to visit the area after the hottest summer months.
Mallorca – Valledemossa update
Peter Baylis has supplied his current experiences on Mallorca around the ‘official’ GR route from Valldemossa. Enforcement of the official routes is a lot less than we expected. Read Peter’s report of his experiences HERE.
Adventuring on La Palma
If you’re planning some hiking adventures on La Palma this winter, you’ll be in good company. Walk! La Palma (3rd edition) and La Palma Tour & Trail Super-Durable Map (5th edition) are amongst our best sellers, to such an extent that David is already designing the new 6th edition map. Upgrades to the map design are mostly in using our new highlighted walking trails for ‘Walk!’ (red) and ‘Official GR/S/SL’ green walking routes. If you have the current 5th edition map, hang on to it, but if you’re leaving after our early October publication date, then wait for the new 6th edition.
New website design
At last we are commissioning a new website design. Working with the University of Northampton Changemaker organization, we expect the new site to be ready for the Autumn.
Custom Maps for free download
When the new website goes live, it will also mean that our 2017 policy of making digital maps free to download will apply across all of our digital edition Custom Map versions of David’s Tour & Trail Maps.
Currently our Corfu, Mallorca and Costa del Sol (Axarquia) maps are available as a free digital Custom Map download; LOOK HERE.
The new Gran Canaria and Lanzarote Tour & Trail Maps will join our free downloads when the printed edition is published.

If you‘re thinking of downloading a digital edition Custom Map, then hold on for the new free map policy. If you really need that Custom map now then talk to David nicely and he will probably refund your PayPal £8.99.

When all David’s maps are available for free download, it will mean that you can examine the full Tour & Trail Map in detail before deciding to buy the printed Super-Durable version. 
Kindle-isation of our Walk! Books
It’s been a bit of a wait, but the Amazon techies have now developed reliable software for converting complex books (such as our Walk! Books) into Kindle / ereader files (Kindle Textbook Creator). We’re beginning the conversion process now and hope to offer most of our Walk! Series as Kindle editions within the next few months.
Although we think that most walkers will find a printed walking guide book easier to use, there are times when the availability of a Kindle edition might come in handy (for example, when you’re off on holiday in a few hours’ time and want the book now).
Already available as Kindle Editions are:
Happy adventuring
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